Gokusen Fan Fiction ❯ boys girlish things ❯ My new manga imaginative teachers! ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

To say I was nervous means to say nothing. Beside that this was my first day at school (all male school, if to mention) which was in a completely foreign country (put away my Japanese roots), this stupid Oji-san didn't bother at least to show me where my new school is situated.
Hey Ji-Ji!I asked.
Haiii…he hummed.
With his arms and legs stretched upon the bed and with his head buried in the pillow, covered only by blanket, he looked like an octopus.
Wouldn't you mind to show the way to my school, if you can, please? I tried to be polite.
No…he answered in a lower voice, but I can give you a map. He pointed in the air, place where the map was supposed to be.”
“Screw you! I exclaimed.”
“Hey don't you dare bad mouthing in this house!
End of Flashback
The same thoughts where popping in my head as I decided to make a step in the school yard. What if they discover the truth about me? Ohh, how did I get here? I still can't believe it. Why of all the schools, this one? I wonder, will this two idiots (mum and dad) come to me if I get discovered. Wow I'm such desperate optimist…Everything seems ok, I have almost got to the stairs. This old-man was right after all. People aren't interested in other. Everyone seems to mind their own business. Whoa! This baldy short man, why is he staring at me ?It's not like he…no…no. Huh and now this friendly smile. Japanese people are really something…(sigh). Ok, I should control my behavior, because I look like a crazy monkey. Naturally, naturally act naturally.
Hey You stop! I heard some one .Yes you, chibi-san.
I turned my head a little bit, a man who looked like Elvis Presley's mad grandma in glasses was drilling me with bulging eyes.
Are you a new student? he asked me.
Goro Sawatari I read on his badge. What a nerd. I smirked.
Hey you! What was this? Huh… he began waving his and gesticulating nervously. Your look
Your eyes, their form… he was staring closely at me.
What is with them? I asked him . He was getting on my nerves.
Have you ever consulted a psychologist? Seems you used to be quite antisocial, with suicidal tendencies, right?
You know when the dog is sick with rabies all the pain she feels is reflected in her eyes. What a comparison !
Look man! I didn't want to get in argument, since he was some of the teachers. My eyes is exactly as yours, because we are Japanese. Just because I came from America doesn't matter…
Huh Jesus Christ! He exclaimed another one. Another one…Osamu sensei…
What , what happened vice-president? Asked Osamu-san.
Another, another…he was pointing at me with his finger delinquent in this school.
No way… said Osamu sensei.
Yes, in our beloved school! There was so much bitterness in his voice. Tss. He is overacting a little bit, but still, this man has style.
Ohaio, a young woman in tracksuit entered the hall skipping.
Yamaguchi-sensei, started the drama-king, why are you so happy? While you are spending your happy time, not seeing anything under your nose, the roots of the evil are taking over Japan. This time, from America.
Whoa? She looked at me closely. Really close.”
I swear Japanese people like to stare, and know nothing about the distance which should be kept between unknown people.
Are you the new student, she asked smiling. Ahh what a cutie, she petted my head, which was already, in a complete mess.
Anyway, concluded the Japanese Allen Delone , he is in your class, 3D.
“Hai! Answered Yamaguchi-sensei and then turned to me. Shall we go!?”
Then she lead me through the hall to my new supposed class.
Honestly, you should show this man to the doctor at times. I said”
I was still thinking about mister Overacting Queen. That's how he pierced my heart”.
Here we are, she said, I will tell you without hiding…ohh, but still you are so small compared to them, ohh, sorry I `ve accidentally jumped to another topic This guys may appear rude and cruel, but in reality, they are good people.
She is like the teacher from manga and anime, this Yamaguchi-sensei. Whoa how kakoi. Anyway I don't get scared so easily. Back in in America, I have had occasion to visit the communities of black people. So I'm quite experienced. I chuckled in my mind.
The door opens. The most important and excited moment…
“What is this? Someone said.”
“Where did you get this kid, from kindergarten?
“What an asshole!”
“Go Home!”