Gokusen Fan Fiction ❯ boys girlish things ❯ Let's take a shower! ( Chapter 10 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

We had taken a fifteen minutes break, after what we started to train over again. To all the struggles I was facing, added another one named, Shin. What made him join the team. What about his principles? Anyway not my problem, but I suggest him not to approach to me to close. Don't know why but I feel a great anticipation toward him. Let's return to our muttons, now. And at this time, Uchi hasn't given up the idea of hitting the goalkeeper in the gate. Now his attempt grew to unexpected size, so every time he was trying to hit the ball, and every time he failed, he screamed in an animal voice, saying something like.
“Damn, Kuroda, you are tenacious like a cockroach. Shit!”
From the other side I was hearing the angry voice of the coach.
“Hey, Kuma, if you're going to tan them like these, we won't have any players on the field, when the competition comes. Look, even the substitutes, you've killed them all!”
“No worries, coach-sensei, two hours and they'll be normal.”Kuma said confidently.
“Hey, guys, moderate your passion. I don't need problems.” The coach said, pleading.
“Minami!” He shouted, looking left where Minami kept flirting with girls from cheerleading team. “Same goes to your passion.”
“Hey, why won't you make him the leader of cheerleading team, girls what would you say?”
“Agree! Agree!” The loud voices of girls were heard, so we turned our head toward the place they were staying.
I didn't realize, at first, why was everyone looking at the tribune, when suddenly I saw:
“Noda!” I shouted.
The answer came in less when one second in the form of a soccer ball. “Bang bang, he shot me down
Bang bang, I hit the ground Bang bang, that awful sound”.
Well, may be it wasn't this pathetic, but that was what I thought. I opened my eyes, slowly. Everybody crowded around me.
“Yuki-chan, are you ok?” It was the cheerful voice of Noda.
I looked at him for two seconds, then at everyone else. I jumped sharply yelling like an insane.”
“Hey, why won't hit your own balls with it?” I stared at people in front of me. The prolonged silence started to look odd.
“Argh!” The coach interrupted the embarrassing moment. It was false alarm, let's go!”
Muttering something under their breath, everyone returned to the game.
“Hey, are you ok Yuki- chan?”Noda asked.
I turned my head to answer him, when, suddenly, the coach announced:
“Everyone, who doesn't have anything in common with the game, please leave the playing field.”
“Yuki-chan, let's talk later!” Saying this Noda went from playing field.
Ah, my head still hurts. Who hit this ball? If I catch him I will break his legs. The game has started, so I hurried to take my position. Again I felt how a ball hit my back.
“Argh, not again? Just you wait, scum, if I don't tear your balls off…” I was about to look to at the future victim, when he suddenly appeared in front of me.
“Why would you be so interested in my balls? It's already the second time.”
It was Sawada, with an usual, cold expression on his face, yet an ironic smile was drawn on his face.
“Hey Sawada, what the hell are you doing. Have you planned to kill me on this field? By the way , what made you change your mind? It seems to me that you didn't' want to be a used by our ambitious coach?” These were the words, the vibes of my soul wanted, desperately, to express, but thinking that I've exposed myself, enough, as a fool, I said:
“Sawada, let's return to the game. Please be more careful next time…, I told him, moving toward the gate, or I will wring your neck.”
“Kuroda, I will wring your neck, if you don't hurry up and drag your ass to the gate.” It was coach. How does he manage to move around the field so fast, fantastical?
“Just stop talking, and start to play.” Sawada, he said, I am glad you join the team, though I have no idea what made you change your mind.”
I too wanted to know what made, our principled and stubborn leader change his mind. But he didn't answer.
We finished our every day trainings and were tired like hell. And it was just the first day. I don't want to know what will happen next. I was heading toward the school building, when I suddenly heard a voice with a horny element in it.
“Yuki-kun, now you can't escape. Finally, we can make our secret desire, come true.” Minami put his on my shoulder.
“What secret desire?” I asked.
“Argh, you've got such a short memory, Kuroda-kun!”
“Sure, Kuroda is a brainless hen!” It was Uchi, who walked behind.
“Shut up!” I roared.
“Nee, Yuki don't get distracted. We are, finally going to take a shower together.”
“What? I thought to myself. Didn't he forget? After all this tiresome trainings he still thinks about this.”
“Hey, who want to join me and Kuroda in today's shower process? It's Kuroda's first time.”
“Yack, someone said, you look like a pair of fagots.”
“I know, Minami answered in a playful way, want to join?”
“What?” I screamed.
“Uchi, join ?”
“Yeah, sure, don't forget to drown Kuroda!”
“Hey, what happening…”I tried to escape from Minami.
“What about you, Shin?”
What the hell is he doing, asking everybody about this, especially Sawada?
"Look,I think'll take the shower later."
"What?Why? Really, how can you bear this smell?"
"Well, I haven't seen Noda for so long..." I tried to find an explanation.
"A? If this is the problem, then don't worry because Noda is already waiting for us in the shower?"
"What?" I couldn't believe my ears. All the circumstances today where against me." What for is he taking a shower?Is hegoing to wash away the remnants of the defunct dust?"
"What? Kuroda, showm me a normal person who hoes to public baths to have wash. Don't you have a bath at home, for this? Enough, you've talked too much." He clutched my arm tightly and began dragging me in the shower room."
"No, no,no!"
He kept on pulled me in the direction of showers, neglecting everything I was begging to him. In another statement of events that would have looked like an attempt of coercion. But in reality it was shown like, two young men, who want to take a shower together. It sounds more pervert, then in the first case.
We were close to the shower room, Minami opened the door. Noda was already there meeting us. Though he was covered by a towel, I still screamed. Judging by how quickly the vice president come upstairs, my scream has a strong effect.
"Oh, Yuki-kun! You are screaming so loud. No way! Do you think I am that sexy? He made a cute expression. What a pity, girls don't have the same reaction."
Certainly, my heartbreaking (or it rather was hear breaking) scream hasn't just aroused interest for vice-president. Everybody else too left their showering to see what happening.
"Hey, what's happening, here? Your cries can be heard up to China, Kuroda? And you, is this a striptease bar?" He pointed to the guys, who crowded near at the door.
"Striptease?" I thought, and then I slowly turned my head to the crowd. I got numb. "If I scream, now, they can guess what happens! So, I decided to near it by myself!"
"Kuroda, Kuroda, Kuroda!" The vice-president was tugging at my shoulder. «What's wrong?"
"Nothing!" I answered.
"Kuroda doesn't want to wash! Kuroda, this is not a barn." Someone tried to make a humorist out himself.
I bet, it was Uchi, but i was too `far' to distinguish the voice.
"Well, if Kuroda doesn't want to have a shower..., I "woke up" when I heard this sentence, when don't force him. Let him take a shower wherever he wants."
Hearing this from vice-president was really something unreal, but then he added:
"Kuroda, I completely understand you. When I was in your age, I too was ashamed to undress in front of people..." Everybody was listening to what he was saying.
"But, he lift his index finger, you shouldn't be ashamed by your body, because your body is something, given by God."
After half o a minutes everybody where rolling out laughing on the floor. In other time and if this case didn't happened to me, I would find the words of vice-president quite reasonable. Anyway my reputation was worse then it could be, so in reality nothing changed.