Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 56

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Shuichi dragged Hiro into his room and shut the door. Shu had done just what he promised Eiri he’d do and made the house including his room spotless.   “Wow, it’s a pretty good size.”   Shuichi distracted from what he was originally going to ask said, “Yeah, is it great! It’s almost the size of my old apartment!”   “What about the rest of your things at your parents place?”   “I’ll have to see if Eiri has time next week for us to go get them. Once Mom and Maiko have meet him maybe they won’t be so bad that we can’t get the stuff and go within a reasonable amount  of time.”   “I won’t bet on that one.”   Shu sighed, “Yeah you’re probably right. I’ll probably be dragging everything out. While mom and Maiko talk Eiri’s ear off.”   “So what was it you wanted to talk about Shu?”   “Huh, how did you know?”   “We’ve only been best friends since 11th grade. Besides that, you practically dragged me up here and slammed the door. That’s not something you’d do if you just wanted to show me your room.”   “Oh, well…you see Hiro, Eiri will start kissing me and then start kissing down my neck and then…”   “Ah, that’s okay Shu you don’t need to go into detail of what all you guys do.”   “That’s just it Hiro, for some reason when Eiri starts kissing me down my neck he’ll suddenly stop for some reason. I don’t know am I doing something wrong? It’s fine one minute and the next he just calls a halt to everything but wont explain why!”   “Really that’s strange. I wish I could tell ya that all you had to do was this. But truth is I don’t have a clue as to what’s wrong. It doesn’t sound like you’re doing anything wrong. Have you thought about asking Yuki what the problem is.”   “No, but I doubt he’d tell me. That’s the other thing that’s strange he has…” Before Shu could tell Hiro about Eiri’s lighter Ryuichi burst in. Shu looked surprised and shocked, “Y-your Ryuichi Sakuma!”   “That’s me! You must be Shuichi, I’ve heard a lot about you from Tohma.”   “Seguchi was talking about me?”   “I’m surprised Tohma’s even giving you a chance from what I’ve heard.”   Shu looked at the other person and if he hadn’t known better he too would have thought it was Eiri. “You must be…”   “Tatsuha Uesugi, it’s nice to met you. I still can’t believe out of all the women in this world my brother finally decides to get serious with someone and it turns out to be a girly boy.”   Shuichi though insulted didn’t respond as it wasn’t the first or probably the last time someone would call him that. His own family sometimes calls him that.   Hiro deciding to distract Shu said, “I’m surprised Mr. Yuki’s been able to keep the fact that he has a twin out of the public eye. I did a little more digging than what I already knew into his past after he started dating Shu and nothing ever came up about a twin.”   At that Tatsuha laughed. “We’re not twins.”   “Uh, your-your not?” Shu asked surprised.   “Nope, I’m 16.”   “Let’s hurry and get downstairs before they start eating without us!”   “But Ryu we just ate.”   “That was a lifetime ago!”   Tatsuha rolled his eyes and looked at his watch, “Actually it was just a little over two hours ago. And you’ve been munching on snacks since then.”   “Exactly! Snacks don’t count. So let’s go I’m hungry!”   No one wanted to argue and followed them downstairs.   z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z   “Please wont you come in.” Eiri said opening the door.   Sayoko was the first to snap out of the haze and pushed Maiko inside. “Thank You.”   “Will you husband be joining us later?”   “What? Oh uh no he had business to take care of and couldn’t make it.”   “What do you see in my brother?”   “Maiko that’s rude.”   “We’re big fans of your books. Do you happen to know when the next ones coming out?”   As much as Eiri detested the last book that he’d seen and forced to allow published he could only pray he could get around answering to many questions.   “Any time now.” He planned on keeping his answers as short as possible.   Eiri was spared from answering anymore questions when Shuichi and the others returned.   Shu looked up and smiled seeing his mother. “Mom, Maiko I’m glad you made it.”   “Thank you for the invite.” Sayoko said.   “This place is way too neat. What did you do make poor Mr. Yuki here do all the work?” Maiko asked.   “For your information I did it all!” Shuichi told them.   They both looked skeptical. Eiri decided to come to the boy’s defense. Using his best ladies man voice he said, “Ah, but it’s true. He wanted this party so badly that he cleaned the place up and unpacked and straightened up. He wanted to make sure you’d see how lovely his new place was.”   Maiko and Sayoko however heard very little after its true. They were mesmerized by Eiri’s looks and voice to pay attention to anything else.   Ryuichi interrupted, “Neh when do we eat?”   “Yeah, come one big brother we’re starving over here.”   Eiri rolled his eyes, then he made introductions before setting down to eat.