Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 58

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
After Dinner Shuichi was showing his mom, sister, Hiro and Ayaka around.   Mika of course as Eiri figured was the first to speak up. “Eiri aren’t you rushing things?”   “Didn’t we have this discussion?”   “Eiri I’m serious.”   “So am I and in case you have forgotten I am… over 21 and more than capable of making my own decisions.” Eiri almost said his age but then backed off fearing that if he was wrong even by one year it would really validate Mika and Tohma’s suspicions.   “I’m simply concerned Eiri. You’ve known this boy only a few weeks and yet you’ve already bought this new place and allowed him to move in with you.”   “That was the plan all along. You know if you’d spent half this much energy into your marriage you wouldn’t be in-between separation, divorce and reconciliation. Also had you allowed Tohma, whom I’m sure has known for quite some time about Yuki’s death, have simply told me then I’d have had more time.”   “So your saying it’s my fault? That had I allowed Tohma to tell you you’d have worked harder on your marriage.”   “I knew you’d finally get to the true point of this conversation. You’re still trying to figure out how I could throw away my sham, oh excuse me, my wonderful marriage to Ayaka for Shuichi.”   About that time Ayaka and Hiro returned as Shu was currently busy trying to fight both his mom and sister who were determined to look and smell everything of Eiri’s and possibly even steal something.   When no response came he sneered, “What no come back?” Surprising his sister almost always had a comeback to things.   “Now, Eiri I’m sure Mika is only thinking of your best interest.”   “Stay out of this Tohma.”   “Eiri I have seen you and Ayaka together. You’re a wonderful couple. So warm and loving and affectionate towards each other. How could you possibly say it was all a sham?”   “Tell me when were these supposed loving caring times?”   “Well when we’d visit father or Ayaka’s parents. We could all just see and feel the warmth and love.”   “So, tell me…I’m sure you visited Ayaka quite often in her apartment. Where was I during these times? In my office working or in my apartment working or screwing someone. And on days I was there did you still feel this same warmth and loving?”   “Wha? I uh…”   Well if that didn’t tell Eiri this worlds version of himself had no feelings for Ayaka nothing else did. “No, then tell me. If I was such a loving caring husband then why did I have another apartment? Tell me Tohma, before Mika kicked you out did you have an apartment or something to go to when you wanted to be alone or when she kicked you out?”   “No, Eiri. I didn’t. Usually I’d just go to my office.”   “So, Mika how many loving caring husbands do you know have an apartment of their own and one they share with their wife?” It was then Eiri caught Ayaka out of the corner of his eye, so instead of allowing Mika to try to answer the question he said a lot louder, “Tell them how much of a wonderful husband I was, Ayaka.”   “Tell him he’s wrong, Ayaka. I saw the way he looked at you. I saw the love there.”   At that Ayaka shook her head sadly, “I believed that too till I met Hiro. He opened my eyes to the truth.”   “What truth? What about all those loving caring times I saw with my own eyes?”   “It was an act nothing more. The only times he was like that was when your father or my parents were around. Even at night on days when we visited Kyoto he hold me close and let me cuddle close, at the time I didn’t think anything of it but now…”   Hiro squeezed her hand, she smiled and squeezed back. Mika was stunned by this. She’d never once seen Eiri do that.   However Eiri too caught it, “Let me guess, your just now noticing that I never once did anything like that out in the open with her?”   Mika wasn’t  about to give in, she turned her head and crossed her arms in a huff, “That still doesn’t prove anything.”   “Ayaka continue with your story.” Hiro encouraged.   “As I was saying, when your father came to check on us Eiri would pull me closer and the minute he was gone, Eiri’d push me away and turn over onto his stomach.”   With Hiro’s encouragement she began telling Mika all the things she’d told Hiro about what Eiri would say or do. Mika though shocked still refused to believe the truth.   z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z   Meanwhile Shu was still fighting his mother and sister.   “No Mother put Eiri’s shirt down. He doesn’t like people messing with his things.”   “Oh but can’t I have just one? He’ll never miss it!”   “No!”   “Well how about just the top button then?”   “Defiantly not!” Shu said snatching the shirt away from his mom.   “Hey mom look I found Eiri Yuki’s cologne!”   “Maiko put that back before you spill it!”   Maiko pouted, “All we’d want is just a little.”   “If you want some like Eiri’s then go out and buy your own.”   “But that wouldn’t make it Eiri Yuki’s, Aho!” Maiko said sticking her tongue out.    “What?! How would you like it if I started calling you that!”   “Now, now, Maiko you apologize to you brother.”   “Fine, you’re a baka then!”   “Maiko you know better than to call people that, where did you learn that?” Sayoko asked.   “Oh I have a friend who just moved to Tokyo from Osaka.”   “Yeah well you’re a baka too! Now give me that!” Shu demanded. They started to struggle for the cologne only to spill it all over the shirt Shu had wrestled away from his mother.   “Now look what you did!”   “What I did?! This wouldn’t have happened if you’d just let me take a little!”   “Yeah and what would you consider a little the whole bottle?!”   “Of course not!”   Then they were distracted when Shu noticed his mom holding a bath towel to her face. “MMM… this must be Master Yuki’s!”   “Mom!”   “Hey, hey mom look his tooth brush.”   At that Shu sneered “Actually that’s mine Eiri lost his when we were moving.” It was a lie of course but if he’d told her the truth she’d have stuck it in her pocket.   “I thought you only used an electric one?” Maiko asked suspiciously.   “It’s out of batteries at the moment.” That wasn’t a complete lie he did need new batteries.   But at least it had the effect he wanted as when she heard it was his she threw it back in the cup.   Shu’d had enough and started to drag his mother out of the bathroom after again wrestling that bath towel away from her. Then he took the hair brush Maiko picked up laid it down and pushed her.   “This isn’t fair! We need something of Master Yuki’s at least let us have the hair brush!” Maiko whined.   Shu sighed, “Fine if I give you guys the hair and promise you can have any of his cigarettes and beer cans you want then will you leave his things alone?” Though Eiri may kill him for this at least it would get rid of some of the cigarettes and beer cans and keep his mother and sister from taking off with everything Eiri owns. So reluctantly he went back to the bathroom and brought the same hairbrush he took from Maiko and took out the hairs and gave it to them. They started to sequel with joy over it.   ‘I may be obsessed with Ryuichi Sakuma but I seriously doubt I’d have gone that mad over just some of his hair.’ Shu thought pushing his mother and sister back into the dinning area where everyone was.   z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-zz-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z  A/N: I made a small mistake last chapter. No biggy, but I said Tatsuha and Shu wouldn’t have been allowed any sake but that’s not true as Maiko’s younger than Shu. I’m not positive on her age but I do know that she is younger than Shu so that makes her not able to have any either.   According to Tsubasa manga 2: Aho and Baka both mean Fool. Oddly Aho which is Osaka dialect is not terrible insulting in Osaka, but Baka which is Tokyo dialect is and the opposite is true in Tokyo.   A boy typically gives the second button of his uniform to a girl he likes or is dating when he graduates high school. Info from a fan fic I read. Though in Shugo Chara Anime it was the top button of his school jacket. Though Eiri doesn’t have a uniform I figured the same thing could apply here.