Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Sexy no Jutsu ❯ Chapter 1

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MATA!!!: I know I said I wasn't going to write anymore Gravi oneshots for awhile but this thing just popped into my head while writing A Week With Ryuichi and I just though it was really cute so I decided to write it down. You'll see why this came to mind once I finish the last chapter...Ehehehehehe...
"Yuki! Yuki! Yuki! Yuki! Yuuuukkkkiiiiiii!!!!!!" Shuichi cried as he ran excitedly to the study that held the blonde author.
"What the hell damn brat, I'm working here!" Yuki yelled as Shuichi glomped him.
"Yeah, I know but I just had to show you something!" The singer squealed, he could barely control his excitement.
"Well I don't want to see." Yuki answered turning back to the computer, continuing to type away, trying not to notice that Shuichi was still clinging to his head.
Shuichi let out a puff of frustrated air before he continued, "Ano Yuki, but this is something you'll really like." He gently nibbled on the blonde's ear for emphasis. Eiri's eyes were wide open and his hands ceased all movement at the intimate touch.
"All right, all right, let's see it." He finally muttered, wondering what it could be if Shuichi was trying to get him all hot and bothered.
"Yatta!" Shuichi squealed and jumped off the blondes head. "Okay, Yuki, you ready?" Shuichi asked.
"Yeah, yeah, just get on with it." Shuichi was in the classic defense position as he looked at Yuki seriously and then suddenly his hands were making weird signs and he called out, "OIROKE(Sexy) NO JUTSSUUU!"
Yuki stared at Shuichi, eye twitching, what the hell did the brat think he was doing?
"Aw man! Why didn't work that time?!" Shuichi whined to himself.
"It didn't work because you're A DAMN BAKA!!!" Yuki yelled turning back to his computer.
"No, Yuki I can do it I swear! Naruto did it!"
"Naruto's not real!" Yuki yelled, clearly annoyed at his boyfriend.
"But, he's a ninja, and ninja's are real so the technique works! And I just.."Shuichi trailed off as Yuki interrupted him.
"But you're not a ninja!"
"So? I could be one!" Shuichi yelled.
"No you can't!" Yuki yelled back.
"Yes I can!"
"No you absolutely can not!"
"And just why not?!" Shuichi asked, angry.
"Because, ninja's are quiet; you're louder than half of Tokyo, ninja's are precise; and you get paper cuts using toilet paper; ninja's are smart and you...We'll just skip over that one shall we? Ninja's aren't afraid of anything; you scream over baby spiders; ninja's are stealthy, and you're about as graceful as an elephant near a mouse." Yuki concluded, a but smugly.
Shuichi stared angrily at a spot on the floor next to him, "Fine, I didn't want be a ninja anyway."
"There's one other thing," Yuki said, not looking up from his computer but sensing Shuichi's mood and unspoken word's anyhow, "Ninja's aren't allowed to have emotions, so they aren't allowed to love...Or be loved for that matter." Shuichi's head snapped up with hope at Yuki's words about love. He watched Yuki stalk towards him predatorily, and husked "Now, let me show a sexy technique that really works."
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