Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ What's happening to me? ❯ Shuichi and the Band ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Before we start im going to apologize that I am changing K`s nickname for shuichi from Shu-chan to chi-chi. It was cuter and sounded like it would annoy shuichi more than Shu-chan. So I apologize about that before the story starts.
Chapter 3 - Shuichi and the band
Hiro's POV:
When Shuichi grabbed my hand I could feel my heart speed up to almost match that of a humming birds wings. And I could feel my face heating up like a furnace. I was as red as a Christmas tree ornament. And K saw my reaction to Shuichi. All I saw was K leaning over to Shuichi and kissing him on the cheek and I was pissed.
Shuichi's POV:
I didn't see much but out of no where K kissed me on the cheek!!! But what's even weirder was that Hiro pulled me closer to him as if he was protecting me from something that wasn't there. Like Yuki does sometimes.
K's POV:
I saw my chance to toy with Hiro when he turn the color of a new Christmas ornament. So I took it. And kissed Shuichi. Hiro did something I never expected him to do. He pulled Shuichi into his chest as if protecting him from me. Shuichi was as confused as ever I could tell that from his face but man was all this funny!!
“Hiro, don't forget Chi-Chi has a lover.” I said with a wink.
“K!!!! I am going to kill you!!!!!” he screeched. And came at me fist in the air still holding onto Chi-Chi I winked at him again and ran and jumped out the window landing on one of my many helicopters.
`Chi-Chi's' POV -
with Hiro and K both screaming at each other I didn't get the chance to even hear Yuki calling. I later figured out that he called and he was pissed I didn't answer because and I quote “he go so worried about me that he could spit nails!” that kinda scared me to I decided that it was a good idea to do something about Hiro and K's rambunctious ness so I could get away from Hiro's grasp. Even though I was never going to tell Hiro much less Yuki, that I kinda liked it when he held me. But that wasn't the problem. Yuki was going to get even more pissed if I don't call him back or go home.
“Yuki, im going to head home now. Ok? Im sorry I worried you……are you still mad at me??” I said into the phone
“Shuichi…you had better get home before I blow a gasket. I am seriously pissed at you right now!” Yuki screamed back at me.
“what did I do??? I don't remember doing anything bad...other than annoying you this morning. But that's all I remember.” Ok so now I was just scared that yuki was going to like kick me out or something.
“you damn brat! Just get you ass back here. NOW!” after those parting words Yuki slammed the phone down.
“im scared……what if Yuki is going to kick me out?!?” I said out loud.
“Chi-chi? Why would Yuki kick you out??? You haven't done anything have you?” K asked me. My response was…well it wasn't good.
“K, im not in the best of moods right now. So I suggest you eather leave me alone or ignore me. Because I am this close,” then I put up my finders about a centimeter apart and comtinued. “to freaking out and most likely hurting you. Don't underestimate me.”
“uhhhh. Sorry chi-chi.” K said looking from me to Hiro.
Oh! Hiro I forgot he was there too. Then my heart started to speed up and I could feel my face heating up. `oh no. why am I having this reaction to Hiro?? I love Yuki!!' I thought to myself.
Hiro's POV:
After Shuichi was almost scary and threatened K I noticed a girl standing at the end of the hall with her phone out. Taking pictures!! `oh shit!' I thought `she probably got a picture of when I was blushing and holding Shuichi. Maybe that's why Yuki was so mad at Shuichi. SHIT! I need to get him to Yuki as fast as possible.'
“Shuichi. Do you see that girl over there at the end of the hall?” I asked Shuichi.
“yeah” he replied “why?”
“because I think she is the reason Yuki is so mad at you.” I told him. Then I saw the inevitable happen. Shuichi cried.
“Hirooooo!! Can you take me to Yuki's!! I need to explain to Yuki what happned!! And figure out why he's so mad!” great now he was begging and using the puppy dog eyes that I couldn't resist.
“Of course Shuichi.” How could I say no to him. I love him. Always have, always will. Damn, it's about time I admitted it.
“Thank you!!!!!!!!” Shuichi cried. Then me and Shuichi got on my motorbike and went to go and try to calm Yuki down so Shuichi could find out what was wrong and figure out how to keep himself in the house as to not be homeless.