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Chapter 4
Sparks Fly
In one of the ladies rooms…
Belvedere was powdering her face with her make-up unit looking at a mirror as she had a discussion of the latest gossip about men with one of her fellow crewmembers.
“Did you hear the latest rumors? I heard that men seem to have some strange tube stuck between their legs."
The reaction of the other pirate was rather obvious. “No way! Are you sure it's not some kind of antennae? Gross!"
“If that rumor was true, then I wonder if that 'thing' there between their legs makes it difficult for them to walk?"
They were not aware that there was someone else listening on their little gossip session as a certain redhead was all ears to that little rumor.
Dita listened eagerly to her comrades as they discussed the latest gossip about men. As soon as she understood what Belvedere was talking about, she looked on her own body and noted that she didn't have that said appendage on her. She smiled and then decided to find out whether this rumor was true about her Mr. Alien
“AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGHHH! WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" Kyo asked in shock and embarrassment, as he was about to drop his pants in front of the toilet, but he couldn't do that as a certain someone was inside the restroom with him.
Dita said nothing at all, as she continued to stare at Kyo with a twinkle in her blue eyes and a smile on her face, totally unaware what her presence was doing to the young man.
Kyo tried in desperation to contain the embarrassment in his face from showing, in a flash he pulled back up his pants, grasped Dita by the collar of her jacket and hauled her out of the men's restroom. As soon as he opened the door leading out, he dumped Dita on the floor. The female now found herself planted outside of the room as Kyo slammed the door and activated the electronic lock.
Dita turned around and spoke to Kyo through the door. “But why can't I watch Mr. Alien?"
“I can't go with someone watching that's why!!" He shouted back.
Dita looked down and sighed in disappointment.
At the medical bay…
Duero gazed in interest at the images he was viewing. “Peculiar… this organ doesn't even exist in a man's physiology." He remarked as he further studied the computer displays showing the gestating baby within Ezra.
Ezra looked at the young medic and explained what they were viewing. “It's called a uterus."
“Hmmm… a reproductive organ… most interesting."
Ezra rested on the bed comfortably, as she began to explain to Duero and Kyle what else they were looking at. “I wanted to have a baby, so I decided to carry the seed."
This made the young medic curious even more. “What's the seed?" Duero asked.
“It's when an ohma donates an egg and has it spliced with the genes of the fahma. Then it is implanted into the fahma's womb to be nurtured and to grow. Where I come from, anyone who wants to be a fahma can be one."
“Hmmm…. So that means I can become one?"
Ezra developed a rather large sweat drop as she tried to find a way to explain. (Lots of luck doing that.)
Parfet was busy holding a contest for which a new name would be given to the fused ship, since everyone agreed that the name Ikazuchi was a rather lousy choice for the ship. All of the crew would contribute and the winner would get a year's supply of food coupons that will be redeemed at the Trapeza. With the Navi-robot, now being called Pyoro, logging in all the suggestions, Parfet would then give the list to the Captain for her to choose the name. One of the suggestions offered was the name 'Nirvana' which was BC's suggestion. Parfet hoped that the captain wouldn't choose that one.
Meanwhile… at another section of the ship…
Buzam had just finished inserting a data disk into a message pod, when she was suddenly contacted by the captain via Comm-link.
“BC, is everything ready?"
“Er, yes Captain!"
Magno nodded as she then spotted two pods were in the launch ports. “Why are there two pods?"
“Well… this second one is for Talark. I thought it would be prudent to warn the men of the threat as well, as they are also the enemy's target."
Magno considered this and her first officer for a moment, and agreed with her plan, as the men too were a target. “Very well. Launch the pods."
BC nodded as she activated the launch ports. Twin cylindrical objects were shot out at the bottom of the ship and sped towards their designated coordinates of the distant planets of Talark and Megele. However, before the pods could even reach a full two hundred kilometers, they were engulfed in a massive explosion. BC looked in surprise as she viewed the two pods' destruction through her screen, and in an instant later she spotted a quartet of enemy fighters came into view.
Alarms were going all out throughout the ship, as Dread pilots began scrambling to respond to the incoming threats. Their record for rapid deployment was a full forty-nine seconds. Meia and Jura were already on their way to their own Dreads when they saw Dita standing near her own ship.
“Dita, what are you waiting for? Board your Dread!" Meia cried out as soon as she got close to her apprentice pilot.
Dita faced both her and Jura as she spun in pirouette as she stated why she was still standing around. “It was Mr. Alien! He got into his partner and flew right out of here! WHOOOSH! They were SO fast!"
“What? He's out there already?!" Jura exclaimed. They had only gotten the order to scramble just fifteen seconds ago.
Out in space…
Kyo and Freedom streaked out into space, as they were now ready to engage the threats.
Kyo looked at the tactical displays and determined them to be the same fighter type, though he was a little curious why there were only four of them. He was even more curious when there was no sign of that support ship that he and the pirates had dealt with previously. He decided that this was probably a scouting party and they decided to test the defenses of the ship.
<They won't be reporting for long. I'll make sure of that.>
The first fighter was slashed into two as Kyo struck with Freedom's beam saber while nimbly dodging the attack made by his enemy. He then deployed his shield as he deflected the shots fired by the next enemy fighter and quickly fired his assault guns and diced the moving fighter into junk with well aimed shots. Kyo then placed away his beam saber and took out his dual beam rifle and turned the third fighter into junk.
The last fighter charged in and was greeted by Kyo's other beam saber right in the eye, and was diced up as Kyo ignited the second blade and chopped up his target.
Kyo nodded as he got into contact with the bridge.
Magno nodded with awe as the fight ended as quickly as it started. She then got a call from Kyo as soon as the alien fighters were now nothing but junk.
“Kyo here, Captain. I'm not picking up anymore signs of the enemy. It seems that they only sent this small a group. Apparently this was a scouting party and they decided to test the reactions of the ship"
Magno nodded as she got confirmation from Belvedere and Amarone. “Good work. Not as impressive as the first but not bad at all."
“Thank you Captain." Kyo smiled as he spoke. “With your permission Captain, I will be heading back to the Hanger bay."
Magno smiled at Kyo. She had originally thought that the young man was arrogant with all his skills and his Gundam, but surprisingly he was very respectful to her and her crew, though on occasion he could be a little rude at times. “Very well, you can return to the Hanger Bay."
“Thank You Captain." Kyo saluted as he directed Freedom back to the Hanger Bay.
As soon as that was over, Freedom returned to the Hanger, where the three Paeksis enhanced Dreads were stored, as soon as the alarms went off. The Gundam landed and deactivated the P.P.S Armor, and Kyo found himself in front of Meia, Dita and Jura as soon as he got out of Freedom and got to the Hanger floor.
He then took of his helmet and smiled. “You ladies can take a break, the threats out there are nothing but space debris now.” He then wondered why he was getting some rather unfriendly glares from a certain female
Meia's anger was rising at being upstaged by this…man! “JUST WHAT DID YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING?!"
<What's her problem?> Kyo thought mentally as he directed his attention to Meia, he then shrugged his shoulders as he replied. “I thought it was my job to help protect the ship."
“You went out there without any authorization!" Meia called out with a little unrestrained anger.
Kyo sighed as he tried to resolve this little oral sparring match without any resulting fights as he didn't want to get into an argument with the Megele pirates who were now his allies, though he could tell they weren't willing to consider or acknowledge that fact yet. One of them being the girl who was in front of him.
"Considering that any further delay would have placed the ship and the crew in danger, I assumed that the faster the threat was neutralized then all the better. I'm only trying to lend my support and that of my Gundam as part of the ship's crew. I figured that I could save you all large amounts of needed fuel, spare parts, energy, and lastly ammunition."
“We don't need your help! And you are NOT part of this crew! Have you forgotten that you are still our prisoner?"
< Man, this one sure has a high temper. > Kyo thought to himself as he gazed at Meia. He then cocked his head in thought as he tried to find a way to resolve this without fists being launched. "Correct me if I'm wrong here, but as I recall, your Captain did state officially that me, along with Bart the navigator and Duero the doctor were to be part of this crew for the duration of this voyage."
“Don't give me that! You're just a showoff! You are nothing without that Gundam!"
Kyo tensed up a bit and became a little bit angry as he gazed at Meia. <Okay, that tears it. >
“Oh really… are you challenging me?" Kyo said with controlled anger as he gave a slightly forced smile on his face as he put his helmet aside. Despite his anger, he had to admire her fiery spirit and her inner strength. She had the potential and the heart of a good warrior. However, she had unwittingly challenged him, and as a soldier he NEVER backed down from a fight.
Meia's own temper hit another high notch and reached it's boiling point as she glared at the smirk on Kyo's face, she wasn't aware of the fact that the smirk was hiding the small amount of anger in the man's face. It was bad enough that men were now serving alongside her and her fellow pirates, but this man in particular infuriated her! And now he was daring her!
“Ah, ah! The warrior who loses her control over her temper has already lost the battle." Kyo smiled even more as he could tell that Meia was losing her control due to anger. Despite his own slightly flaring temper, he had no intention of harming the girl, as she wasn't his real enemy, so he decided to goad her a little bit to end the conflict quickly.
His attempt to goad Meia worked, as it had made the normally levelheaded Dread squadron leader lose her control. "AAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!" Meia cried out as she leveled a fist, intent on knocking Kyo's head off.
Kyo however moved with super-human speed as he side-stepped the fist which was only a centimeter away from his face, grabbed hold of Meia's extended arm and with a simple throw tossed the woman and flipped her like a pancake tossed off the baking pan. Meia found herself being thrown at least a dozen and a half feet before landing painfully on her posterior.
Both Dita and Jura gasped at the sight of their leader so casually tossed, and they directed their looks to Kyo.
Kyo shrugged his shoulders and spoke, “She attacked me first. What I did was merely in self-defense." Without another word he walked out of the room.
Dita turned and looked at Jura. “Mr. Alien… has a point."
At the bridge…
“He's a danger to the ship and to the morale of the crew!" Meia complained to her Captain. It was rather obvious that her pride and ego were bruised along with her posterior. She would not be shown up by anybody! Namely by that… that MAN!
“I take it that you don't approve of the newest addition to our crew?" Magno Vivian asked her Dread squadron leader.
“That's putting it too mildly… captain. He's not following orders, he's absolutely reckless, he won't work with others, and he's so…so… infuriating!" Meia said as she tried to rein in her temper.
“I see. Well… I'll admit that he is a bit reckless and a little hard to work with. But he's already done us a couple of favors. Furthermore, his skills and the power of his Gundam are quite helpful assets, considering our current situation. However, if you really believe that he is hampering the Dread teams' performance, then perhaps he will accept a reassignment of duties?"
Meia felt a surge of accomplishment and smugness as she nodded in agreement with the suggestion of her captain. She'll show that MAN her place!
At the medical bay…
“You really shouldn't have angered the Dread team leader, Kyo." Duero warned as he had Kyo lay down on the beds to have them go through a routine medical check-up. He had gotten wind of what had happened between the eldest of the space warriors and the leader of the Dread squadrons when Duero had questioned the young Mobile Suit pilot earlier when he arrived a bit late for the medical check-up. “We all have to work together to get back home, and I rather doubt that starting fights with the women is going to help us."
Kyo sighed, as he understood what Duero was getting at. “Yeah I know that Duero… well, that girl… what's her name again?" He asked as he breathed deeply for Duero to check his respiration rate.
“Meia. Meia Gisborn."
< Meia, huh? Not a bad name. Fits her nature. > Jin thought. “Yeah, Meia. She's got a good deal of spirit and potential, but her attitude kind of grated on my nerves. I help them and she thinks that I'm not supposed to do anything about the enemy. I just don't see the logic there. Though I can tell that she's got a lot of pride over her skills as a pilot."
Duero nodded. “Most people who take a great deal of pride in their accomplishments are very stubborn and resent asking help from others. She no doubt has been in countless battles as part of the pirates, so it's no surprise that she resents you three, mostly you since you are well trained and skilled."
Kyo nodded as he got up. “So what's the word Duero.”
“All the anatomical data has come out showing nothing special. There are no foreign organisms or mechanisms. All extremities show nothing unusual in the scans. Heart and respiration rates are all at top condition, and all vital functions are all showing stable conditions. You are perfectly… normal."
“That's supposed to be a good thing, isn't it?”
Duero nodded, as he logged in the data. “I'll need to do some more scans and research, the reason is that I got the performance records of the first battle you had with those unknown forces, and it was astounding, so I wanted to see if you had some enhancements. But right now I can't see what those are, so I'll have you know now that you've got a clean bill of health. That's pretty much all for the examination.”
It was then that the door to the medical facility that had opened, revealing Meia who entered the medical bay with a rather unfriendly smile directed at Kyo as she held a computer pad in her hands.
Kyo knew one thing, whatever she had in mind, he wasn't going to enjoy it.
Duero wasn't aware of it, but he wasn't the only person who was mystified by the Gundam pilot's abilities and had the desire to find out more. But in this case, this person wanted to know more about the former Yamato's Gundam, Parfet was still trying hard to determine how the Gundam's combat system and OS worked. She had already spent the last three hours staring at all the compiled data she had gathered from her study of the mighty Mobile Suit, along with the totally unknown power-source that was already making this unit quite the power-house. The combined data made absolutely no sense at all to the young engineer, as she couldn't even begin to guess as to how this one machine could have the power to rival four squadrons of her planet's best pilots and Dreads of her home-world.
The only relevant bit of data she had gleamed from her study was that the second power source seemed somewhat similar to the Paeksis crystal reactor core, which also stumped the engineer. However, the spunky woman had no intention of giving up. There just had to be an answer to the mystery of the Gundam's formidable powers! If she could somehow duplicate the systems and weapons of the massive war-machine and integrate it with the Dreads, then it would give the pirates a powerful edge in terms of fighting ability.
As she continued to ponder about the mysteries surrounding Kyo and his Gundam, she decided to explore the other sections of the ship on the men's side. As she wandered about in the hanger bay where the three transformed Dreads, which belong to Meia, Jura, and Dita respectively, were stored, she came across a massive room, which was adjacent to the Paeksis Reactor Room. She opened up the room's door and found it flooded to the roof with crystals, as she switched on the room's lighting system she became aware that there was a massive object in the floor imbedded in massive Paeksis crystals.
At the Register…
< THIS is where I'll be working?> Kyo thought to himself as he stepped in the ship's supply depot and center. Everyone in the center's staff were all dressed in white and red waitress outfits.
Gascogne was busy giving her staff the orders for today when she spotted the Gundam pilot; she smiled a bit as she recalled the young man who helped her out from that wreck a few days before.
“Ah yes! The new arrival! Girls, what's our motto?"
“SMILE! SMILE!" The girls said in unison as they faced the young man and simultaneously gave them a wave.
Kyo looked at the scene with a raised eyebrow. < (Just what the heck have I gotten myself into anyway?!>
“You have GOT to be joking!"
Kyo looked at himself in shock as he took stock of his new uniform that were worn by every woman on Gascogne's staff. The frilly apron and skirt may look well on a woman's curves and body… but on a man's frame… (Use your imagination on this image… (Barf!)…)
Gascogne smiled and tried not to laugh at the looks of anger and embarrassment on the face of the man who was now under her supervision and also took stock of their appearance. “Now that's better. Now you truly look like part of the stagehands."
Gascogne nodded as she decided to explain. “That's right. It's our job to make certain that all the supply orders or filled… with a smile of course. Don't think that the actors have their own up on the stage."
Kyo was still in a deep state of shock and embarrassment over what he was now ordered to wear, when the chief supply officer came up to him. He couldn't resist giving out a growl of annoyance and irritation, but Gascogne shook her head at that.
“You should remember our motto here. Smile, smile!"
Kyo's snarl turned into a forced smile as he tried to keep his temper in check.
Gascogne smiled and then motioned for him to follow her for his first day of work.
Elsewhere on the ship…
“Wow! What is all this?" Dita asked as she and her companion the Navi-bot Pyoro explored the other sections of the men's side of the ship. She had already given her suggestion to Parfet that the ship's name be Roswell (after that place in New Mexico.), once she did that she went on a little trip to the men's side deeply interested in learning all that she could about her Mr. Alien. The two of them had come across one of the food storage compartments and were now gazing at the massive flood of variously colored nutrition pellets.
“This room is where the men keep their food supplies." The Navi-robot explained to the young redhead. “One of these pellets is good enough for a full three hundred hours worth of labor."
Dita knelt down and took one of the pellets and began to nibble it. She grimaced immediately and spat out the pellet as her tongue's taste buds were subjected to the pellet's foul taste. “Ewwwww! Mr. Alien actually eats this stuff?!"
“Well…." The robot spoke out as it decided to tell the redhead on what it had learned about Kyo. “From what I've been able to gather, Kyo doesn't care for the taste either, but these pellets are all there is to eat on Talark."
At that bit of information, Dita perked up and smiled as she thought up an idea on how to get closer to Mr. Alien.
At the Register System…
Though he absolutely hated the idea of having to wear a skirt and apron to work, Kyo had to admit that Gascogne ran a very effective and efficient operation. The members of her crew were completely professional, though they kept on offering those somewhat annoying smiles. However his assigned tasks were even more demeaning than when he was back on Talark. He had been demoted from being a Mobile Suit pilot to scrubbing toilets and mopping floors. He was now a janitor.
Kyo's anger was at the high notch at this treatment, as he had a VERY accurate idea on why Meia had removed them from the combat roster. < Hmmph! Now I understand why Meia was so happy when she was given the authority to have me reassigned. She's probably gloating right now. >
Kyo knew that he was MORE than capable on countering this new assignment; however he knew that Meia had some justification to do what she did, as he had no doubt injured her pride as a warrior. Not only that, he knew that if he did ignore this new assignment, that would cause discord on the fragile and questionable alliance on the ship, and in effect cause a morale drop in the crew. He had decided not to risk this problem from escalating just for the sake of his pride, and not to cause any injuries for that same pride. They were all doing their jobs, after all. Though he made no bones on showing how much he HATED the dress uniform of the Register System.
Gascogne had arrived and spotted the sour look on Kyo's face, so she decided to have a chat with the only male member of her Register staff.
“Well now, it seems that some people don't remember our little motto."
“Hmmm?" Kyo turned from where he was while scrubbing the Launching Bay.
“Smile, smile."
Kyo gave a slightly icy glare as he gave a growl as his only response to the woman. It was then that Gascogne gestured for him to follow her. She wanted to show him something.
“Don't start thinking that the jobs you were assigned to do aren't as important as destroying the enemy." The head supply officer as she and Kyo stood in a small projection viewing room. “We all have to do our part to help keep the ship running and keep everyone alive. Don't think that we have it easy down here."
“I hear you, but you might want to get to the point as to why you brought me here." Kyo said as he faced the supply officer.
Gascogne noted that she had a part of the man's interest, no matter how small. She then reached over and pressed a small button. “Take a look at this."
A holographic image appeared on a screen, which caught the Gundam pilot's attention. He saw the women's home-planet of Megele and what seems to some sort of apartment complex in the residential areas. As the images continued to play, Gascogne began to explain.
“This is our home planet of Megele. On the outside, it seems to be a rather beautiful and peaceful world. However, appearances are very deceiving. The people of Megele are more concerned with their appearances than on practicality. They constantly waste precious energy and resources on very trivial pursuits, like who has the better garden. Often, these personal contests have gotten in the way of the more important things and what is needed to be done. One time, there was a massive power consumption and as a result… one of the residential units had to be shut down."
Kyo nodded with disgust on his face as he watched the image of a housing complex became dark as it was stripped of power. Gascogne continued further with her explanations.
“Our captain had lost her home as a result of what had happened and that was when she started this pirate gig. It was the perfect solution for those who had nowhere to go. In piracy, there was no difference between males and females. Everyone had to work hard, but everyone shared in the rewards. Don't get the idea that certain people reaped the rewards while others did all the work."
Kyo said nothing, but he had a good idea where the head supplier's conversation was hinting at. The former Yamato respected the views of the supply officer, as they were perfectly valid ideas. No person should be forced out of his or her own home, just because of the foolishness of one's neighbors.
“You know, you should be considering yourself lucky. If it had been the Megele military that had attacked the men that time, then you would have been dead long before you could have even said mercy."
“I doubt that." Kyo said as he simply shook his head at Gascogne. “You've already seen what I can do, haven't you?”
Gascogne gazed at Kyo as she thought about it for a moment. She had to agree that the military of her home-planet would have been devastated if they did encounter Kyo, considering his innate abilities and the sheer power of his Gundam. " Yes, I suppose that would be true in the case of you, but not everyone is highly trained in all forms of combat and blessed with such a fearsome war-machine."
“True… But I can already get what you were trying to tell me anyway." Kyo replied as he exited the room.
Gascogne smiled a bit as she watched the young man leave.
Gradually, Kyo became very familiar with the workings of the Register. He found it to be… a rather simple and relaxing change of pace from his life of constant battles since he had began his sojourn through the cosmos. Though the young warrior was forced to sit out from several battles, he dealt with it, and still he worked hard in their assigned duties, and in some instances, he proved to be VERY helpful.
A week after Kyo joined the Register System…
The women scrambled back for cover when the anti-gravity fields failed as the huge payload of missiles started falling. They had been moving the ammunition to one of the loading bays for the Dreads, when the lifters malfunctioned. The massive loads of ordinance that was being moved shifted and began bearing downwards.
A young member of Gascogne's staff, a pretty girl with long braided brown hair, screamed after she had tripped and injured herself, and saw that the missiles were now bearing down on her. She knew that she was now going to die, either from being crushed by the tons of ordinance heading for her, or to be blown to bits when those weapons exploded on impact with the floor.
However, that disaster was quickly averted when one individual dropped his mop and headed for her. In the fraction of a heartbeat Kyo arrived and got her out of the way from the falling weapons, which made a loud, dull clang on the floor. Fortunately the missiles weren't armed, so they didn't detonate.
Kyo collapsed on the floor, on his back as he tried to shake the gongs and bells in his head and groaned in pain, he slowly got up on his knees, still shaking his head slowly. Gascogne quickly rushed up to him and kneeled down.
“Are you all right?"
Kyo nodded and gave a weak grin. “N…No problem. Besides… we still have to… keep smiling… right? Though…I'm going to be…hearing…quite a few…gongs for a while.”
The muscular woman couldn't help but laugh along with the young man as she helped him to his feet.
Nearby, the young woman saved by Kyo continued to glare at the young Gundam pilot while being tended by a co-worker with a first-aid kit. However, the woman didn't appear to be at all thankful to her rescuer. Instead she gave a deep glare at Kyo as she openly showed her hatred for men.
Gascogne hoped that this would not cause any more conflict
“Here. I thought you need a break after what happened today." Gascogne said as she reached the table where Kyo was resting as she handed him a glass filled with orange liquid.
Kyo nodded as he accepted the drink form the muscular woman and he sat down near the main console. “Thanks." Was the only word he gave, but Gascogne nodded with acceptance.
“I have to admit this much; you are a very hard and efficient worker… for a man."
“Sort of a back-handed compliment, but I'll take it." Jin said nonchalantly as he gulped down his drink, once he finished his drink Kyo posed a question. “So how's that girl I saved earlier."
“Mai's doing fine, thanks to you Kyo."
Kyo nodded as he sighed a bit, and cradled the cool glass.
Gascogne noticed this and became rather curious. “Kyo… are you all right?"
Kyo nodded as he looked up. “Yeah, I'm fine. Just took a little mental breather. What's her full name anyway?"
“Her name's Mai, Mai Miazaki."
“Hmmm, not a bad name. From what I've seen, she's a good worker."
The head supplier nodded. “Yes, Mai's one very dedicated worker, though her dislike for men's a little too high than most of the other crew."
“Yeah, from the moment she joined up with us, she's never made any attempt to curb her hatred of men. She despises men totally."
Kyo shrugged as he took a refill of his drink. “So what? I was under the idea that all women of Megele despise and hate men… no offense intended to anyone on the ship."
Gascogne smirked. “None taken. However, it's not the propaganda films back on Megele that make her hate men so much."
“Really… then what's the reason? If I'm not prying in too deeply." Kyo asked as he finished draining half the liquid in his newly filled glass.
“Well… she never gives me much in the detail department, but she stated that a tragic event that happened to her distant ancestor was done by a man. From the day she was born, she had been raised to hate all men in general, though the full reason had faded over time, long ago. I rather doubt that she even KNOWS the reason anymore for her trained hatred."
“I don't want to pry. But personally, I think that it's totally stupid to be raised to hate someone without any reason to validate that hatred at all." Kyo said as he drank what's left in his glass.
Gascogne nodded as she poured another round of orange juice to her only male worker, and somewhat, friend. “On that one Kyo, I totally agree."
Mai Miazaki continued to glare hatefully at the three men who were now part of the Register crew.
Mai's ancestor had a good reason to hate men. As over the last four hundred years ago back on Earth. Her ancestor had been a simple woman who had planned to be married, but on that day when she would be married, her fiancée had run away with another woman, who had been his mistress for some time. When she had found out about it she began to grow hateful of men and had in time made it a pact to forever despise men and have nothing to do with them. Since that sad betrayal by the man she had loved dearly, her family line had reproduced through the use of artificial insemination or invitro fertilization, any male child was immediately given up for adoption. When the time of space colonization came and the later founding of Megele the Miazaki clan totally embraced the new asexual reproduction methods, therefore ensuring that no man would be born to soil their proud (though rather misguided) lineage.
Little did Mai know that soon through this voyage, she and her crewmembers were about to learn things that her ancestors had totally forgotten about men.
A couple more weeks passed, and the crew soon fell into a normal routine. Kyo had found work in the Register to be rather relaxing, he namely found his work to be the best way to avoid that crazy UFO girl, though the Mobile Suit pilot never disliked Dita at all, in reality he found her to be really attractive and she had a good and kind heart. But it was her constant calling of him by the name of Mr. Alien that had grated his nerves and had been a source of annoyance.
During this span of time, the ship had been under sporadic attack by the alien forces, but they were merely small skirmish teams, and that gave the Dreads no difficulties in repelling the attacks. Meia became even more confident that they didn't need the skills of Kyo and the power of his Gundam Freedom. However… that idea was soon to change…
“This is the thing you've been working on for the last couple of weeks?" Gascogne asked as she gazed over Parfet's newest project, which was in a specially made hanger. “That's a LOT of firepower for just one machine."
“Yep! You got it right Gasco!" Parfet nodded as she closed a panel of the machine she had been working on for some time. “The captain and the first mate had agreed that the last few attacks we've faced were merely probing missions; like they were merely trying to find out our strengths, weak points, and our current battle tactics. So they asked me to come up with something or in this case, some things to give our Dreads a needed edge. I modified this machine to act as a support vehicle."
“Just how many times must I remind everyone that my name is Gascogne, not Gasco! But back to this machine. It seems to look like…" Gascogne continued to stare at the one of the huge machine in front of her.
Parfet shrugged her shoulders as she gazed at her latest creation. “Hey, what can I do? These were the only sources of spare parts I could find to work with. All the other available parts and materials were reserved for Dread maintenance and repair. Though I have to admit it looks quite powerful."
“What gave you the idea on using this anyway?"
Parfet began to explain. “Well, for starters, we've already seen how effective using the powers of the Paeksis can be against the aliens. This particular machine was close to the reactor when I found it, once we where transported away, and also when our ship merged with the Ikazuchi. The machine got transformed along with Dita, Meia, and Jura's Dread fighters. The machine is also giving of low key energy emissions like the Paeksis and the secondary power source of Kyo's Freedom Gundam."
“What did you mean by the Gundam being somehow linked to the Paeksis? I was able to read the reports, and the reports said that the Gundam didn't emit energies as contained as the Paeksis."
“Well, the preliminary reports showed that at first, but when I did a more through scan, it showed that the reactor and the inner circuits of the Gundam each emitted massive wavelengths that were similar to the energy signatures released by the Paeksis. Though those energy patterns were in a more raw form. I've also determined that Talark scientists originally intended for this machine to act as an advanced combat support system for their Vanguards, and this one was the first prototype." It was then that the young engineer snapped her fingers as an idea came to her mind. “Hey, wait a second! I want to try something. Press that switch on the console Gasco."
Gascogne cocked her head to one side in puzzlement at that and decided to do what Parfet asked of her, not bothering to remind her of calling her by her proper first name. “What do you intend to do now anyway?"
“Testing out an idea." Parfet explained as she directed a small relay rod to a certain circuit relay network that had been infused with crystals infused with Paeksis on the massive machine. “Up until now I haven't been able to get to the machine's main central processors and the vital access circuitry, because all of that was infused with the Paeksis crystals. The mechanisms, central core program boards, and relays are all functioning normally on it, but it seems to reject all attempts to controlling them by others. Now let's see what happens when I do this…" She nodded to Gascogne to flip the switch as she guided the relay rod on the circuit panel of the machine. The circuits immediately came to full operation as the crystals in the boards glowed with power and came to life. She then moved the relay rod away and the circuit went back to being inactive. She did it again, bringing in the rod closer and got the same result as the systems came back to life.
“Well, that seems to be really interesting. So what you're trying to say is that the machine won't become active unless a machine with the same energy wavelength is nearby?"
“No… not quite." Parfet shook her head as she pondered the new events carefully. “This little test proves my theory. This machine responded to the recorded energy pulse, since they appear to emit the same wavelength, but in order to control this machine, we need some people who's machine is also linked to the Paeksis."
Gascogne thought back to what had happened before, during that day when the Paeksis imploded and had merged both ships. “As I recall, Meia, Dita, and Jura were near the reactor along with their respective Dreads when the fighters were transformed. Would they be able to combine and control this machine?"
Parfet shock her head. “No can do, I tried that before and had them brought down here. They tried to get the machine to work when we used data link cables to the machine and each of their Dreads, but the machine never responded to any their commands."
It was then that the supply officer put two and two together and came up with another idea. “Then that would only leave Bart and… Kyo."
“Well you can scratch that idea of having Bart here, since I had tried that, and he couldn't get the machine to respond to him when we tried rigging up an audio command system. The only likely candidate would by Kyo and his Gundam."
“Kyo and Freedom?"
“That's about the long and short of it. The facts that supports that is that the machine is responding to FREEDOM, namely from the wavelengths Freedom is emitting. The next as that this was designed to merge with a Vanguard, and though Freedom isn't technically a Vanguard of Talark it seems to have a built-in attachment system that the machine can easily fuse with, and Kyo is the best one who can use Freedom to full power. Which makes Kyo the only possible operator, and Freedom as the only one this machine will fuse with."
“So the bottom line is that this machine could give us a needed edge, but they can only be operated by Kyo and could only fuse with Freedom."
“True, but mind you, this is all just in theory. I can't guarantee one hundred percent that it will even work and…"
Parfet's discussion was cut short…
The hanger shuddered with tremendous force and nearly caused the two women to fall flat on the floor of the ramp overlooking the hanger.
“Enemy attack!"
Magno nodded as she got confirmation from both Belvedere and Amarone, as she and her bridge crew prepared for the latest assault of the enemy. All throughout the ship, crewmembers rushed to their assigned posts, as the Dread pilots rushed to their waiting fighters. In a full thirty seconds squadrons of Dreads were now in front of the ship ready to engage the enemy. After the many previous encounters, Meia was confident that she and her comrades would be able to handle this new threat without the help of the males, namely Kyo and his Gundam.
The enemy group comprised of at least several dozen of those strange-looking fighters that the pirates have accurately dubbed as Cube Fighters, two more of the ships that spouted out the Cube Fighters that they tagged as Seed Ships and one very large machine that seemed to be one massive sphere which comprised of globes on the surface. The alien forces maintained a fixed distance in front of the pirates, as if they were daring the women to make the first move in this little encounter.
On the command bridge, Magno ordered Bart to direct the ship in some evasive maneuvers, which the helmsman did without any hesitation, (his specialty is running away after all). However, for every maneuver the ship would attempt, the alien forces countered effectively, keeping the distance between them and the pirates in deadlock. After several more attempts that were easily countered, the pirates halted and decided to face off with their alien enemies.
The Register…
“They're just standing there." Kyo said as he watched the situation unfold along with the rest of the pirates via monitors.
“What do you think those aliens are going to do now? They should have attacked us already, not keep us in this deadlock." He said to himself as he gazed at the image. “I've got a REALLY bad feeling about this."
Normally he would have already been out there, fighting these new attackers, but since he had been reassigned, he was now just a spectator. It wasn't as if he couldn't disobey, but he respected Gascogne and the Captain enough to not break the rules.
Though he could tell, that in the next few moments, the rules were about to change for the worse…
In that sudden instant, the enemy attacked…
Meia immediately placed the Dread squadrons into the fray. The agile pirate fighters darted in and out of the mess, blowing up a small number of the Cube Fighters to junk while trying to engage the alien's main attack ship. However the strange craft was evading the first wave with speed that contradicted its massive size. Then the globes on it's surface began to rotate and extend out massive purple tendrils turning into massive razor sharp spikes, making the machine look like a…
“Sea urchin? How disgusting!" Jura commented as she directed her Dread into a strafing pattern attack against the new alien ship. She was immediately followed by her best friend Barnette who also launched her own barrage of missiles against the target. However, the spines immediately became jagged and started rotating even faster. The missiles fired by Barnette were immediately brushed aside by the spines leaving the main body unharmed, as the missiles exploded harmlessly into space.
“No good! We can't get close enough to it for a direct shot!" Barnette called out as she moved her Dread away from the fray for move maneuvering room along with Jura.
Then the spines became straight and were suddenly launched outward like over-sized high velocity darts. A few of the Dreads were caught unaware by the sudden attack, getting hit and placed out of action. Meia thought that now was their chance as she directed the still operational Dreads to immediately attack. However, the machine rapidly extended more spines and began spinning them again, causing the next barrage of missiles to totally miss and explode without any effect.
“Damn!" Meia swore as she evaded the barrage of fire from a few Cube Fighters that rushed in to protect their main system of attack. But it didn't help matters when those Seed Ships were spewing out periodically more Cube Fighters.
“Let's get Mr. Alien!" Dita called in her communicator as she also managed to evade the incoming barrage from her own pursuers.
“But he's a good alien, he can really help us out!” Dita countered as she dodged more shots from the enemy.
Meia gritted her teeth as she directed her fighter teams once more. < I WON'T ask for anyone's help! Namely from that MAN! > Meia mentally said furiously as she remembered…Kyo.
Though Meia was confident of her skills and abilities and that of her fellow Dread pilots. She wasn't aware that she was breaking the most important rule in battle, and that was… `Never let your pride override your better judgment'
Back at the Register…
Kyo shook his head in disgust as the fight continued. “The situation doesn't look good."
Gascogne nodded in agreement as well as she watched the battle through her tactical monitors. With the Cube Fighters running interference and defense, and the Dreads being unable to attack the new alien attack ship due to it's defenses, it seemed that the pirates were now fighting a one-sided battle with them at the losing side. She checked her monitors again and noted that several of the Dreads were knocked out of the action. It wouldn't be long when the enemy would make their assault on the ship itself.
“Those Dreads aren't going to last much longer. Not to mention the fact that the current battle tactics they're using are now useless." Kyo said as he sighed and shook his head at the scene.
“Oh? What would you suggest then?" Gascogne asked as she gazed at the Gundam pilot.
The young warrior nodded as he pointed at the urchin like vessel of the aliens. “That new ship was designed specifically for the Dreads. The spines were designed for at least three functions. The first being to act as a form of defense, with the spines being jagged and in fast rotation and considering the flow of energy in them, they then would deflect the incoming barrage of missiles, as they now know that the Dreads are only effective on long and medium range attacks. The second is for ranged attack, the design is similar to that of high penetration rounds, and with them fired at extreme speed, they're very hard to dodge, even more so with those Cube-Fighters around, and to make things even more hazardous, there's two of those Seed Ships causing interference. The last will probably to act as melee weapons, as soon as they break through the Dreads' ranks, the aliens will use their main ship to attack us."
He began accessing the computer with amazing speed and did more calculations. “The only possible weakness of the new attack vessel is due to the fact that it relies too much on its spines for defense. From the way it has a fast recovery rate of spines, it would mean that it has light armor, which probably explains it's speed and reaction time, and uses the spines extensively for defensive runs when it's attacked."
Kyo then pointed at the image of the urchin ship as it once again fires it's spines at the formations of the Dreads. He then pointed out the now spineless ship. “The ship can be destroyed only when the spines are out of the way, and not from long range as that would give it the needed time to regenerate its spines. That would mean that the machine can be destroyed only when attacked in point blank range."
Gascogne nodded in amazement at Kyo as he had already discovered the weakness of the current attackers. “Getting up close with that ship, with all those fighters guarding it and those spines shooting out? Sounds real risky."
It was then that the Register System began receiving delivery orders from several of the Dread fighters that were now running low on ordinance and ammunition.
Kyo nodded as he was now wearing his normal clothes for this new occasion. “Well, off to work." As he followed Gascogne for a delivery run.
The bridge…
“It appears that the enemy has adapted to our current battle tactics." BC remarked with a dark frown. She too had been watching the battle unfold through the tactical display as the Dread teams were reduced to half their original number. Several of the Cube Fighters have now broken in through the ranks of the Dreads and were now attacking the ship itself.
Magno nodded. “Yes. It's as we thought would happen sooner or later. I thought that those battles we were in before were too easy. So they were actually probing our strengths and weaknesses. They now know how we will react and they've learned how to counter us. Well then, let's give them something they haven't encountered yet or know anything about." She then got into contact with the engineering section. "Parfet, is that new weapon ready yet?"
The engineer shook her head as she responded to the captain's inquiry. “Captain, you're not really thinking of using it now, are you?"
It was then that the ship shuddered violently. The large alien urchin vessel, much to Kyo's predictions was now using it's spines' third ability as it had broken through the defensive lines and now used it's spines which were still jagged to attack the pirate vessel. That one pass made by the ship alone had caused massive structural damage to both the port arm and the hull as it raked through the ship. In the navigational well, Bart was screaming in pain as a large gash appeared on his left arm, as the cybernetic-neural link to him and to the ship was still active.
“We don't have much in terms of choice now, Parfet. The Dreads can't take much more abuse any longer and we are now out of options here. Is it ready or not?"
“It's completed, but it hasn't even been tested!" Parfet responded. “And besides that, we don't have a pilot and a machine for it!"
It was then that Gascogne cut into the communications. “Oh yes we do have the pilot and the machine."
“What?" Magno asked her supply officer.
The head supplier nodded and winked. “Have Parfet load it into my ship. I have some deliveries to make anyway. I'm sure that the pilot I have in mind would like it."
“Wait, who's the pilot anyway?" Both the captain and the head engineer asked in confusion.
“You'll see." Was Gascogne's only response.
The Dreki, Gascogne's supply ship, detached from the main ship and made it's way to the battle zone. The ship resembled a deep gray metallic ladybug and was protected by high-density armor plate and had several grappling arms located on the undersides. As four Dreads came in to be rearmed and refueled, she then extended the arms and then grabbed the fighters bringing them closer so that the ordered weapons could be loaded on the ships.
On the main bridge of the Dreki, Gascogne sat with Kyo and watched the procedures.
“Okay, we're going to get all this done in forty seconds, tops. Let's go all this in one go."
Kyo nodded as he efficiently and systematically loaded the Dreads with their newly ordered ordinance of missiles and power packs. The head supplier nodded in satisfaction as she watched the Gundam pilot's amazingly flawless efficiency, and the calm look in his face as his hands literally danced over the consoles.
In less than a full minute, the Dreads were now ready to go into battle once more, with some of the pilots itching to go back to the fight.
“I'm so full!" Dita called out happily.
“Give them Hell, girls." Gascogne said as they launched away from the Dreki.
As Kyo watched the Dreads reenter the battle, they gave sighs. Kazuki spoke at this. “Not that I'm saying that being a stagehand isn't a good job or anything, but we all need to change tactics soon. Unless the Dreads can take out that urchin vessel before it can make more spines, then it won't matter just how many times they shoot at it all and how many times they reload."
Gascogne nodded. “I couldn't agree more. However, the reloaded fighters can buy us some extra time."
“What are you getting at?" he asked.
Gascogne gestured to the display. “That's the reason why we brought these along with us."
The Gundam pilot then noted that one of the cargo bays was still loaded with two more items. Jin looked at it. “Hey, you still got two more deliveries."
“That's correct." She then access ed cargo manifest. “It's our latest weapons against the enemy, but only you and your Gundam can use it. Parfait gave it the name ATCISS or Advanced, Tactical Combat Interlocking Support System. It's voice activated so you'll have to make your commands loud and clear when you get into contact with it. Give them Hell K."
Kyo looked in puzzlement. “K?"
“I got the idea from your name, since you have a short name, I'd like it better if I just used a single letter, it kind of works well don't you think?"
Kyo merely smirked as he took his combat uniform and helmet. “Thanks… Ms. Gasco." He all called out as he headed for the cargo bay.
“It's Gascogne!"
Kyo looked in amazement at the machine which was near his Gundam. So this was the new weapon of the pirates?
The machine looked like a combat enhancement platform, which resembled a combat fighter until the Paeksis had reformatted it. Parfet had modified it and it now had more armor and firepower and it was now a full forty meters across from cannon barrels to thrusters and thirty meters across from wing tip to wing tip. The new machine however was sleek in form and resembled a Dread with two massive blaster cannons on the front.
<Well, let's see just what this machine is capable of doing.> Kyo thought to himself as he went to his Gundam and began activating Freedom, he patched into the weapon system's combat computer and began to issue commands to it.
The machine spoke back in a computerized voice as it recognized the power signature of it's new pilot and it's fusion partner.
“Commands accepted."
Kyo nodded as he got on his helmet and got into contact with Gascogne. “We're all ready for deployment." he called in as he gave a thumbs-up sign.
Gascogne nodded as she used the arms to maneuver the machines to the cargo doors. “Initiating launch sequences… ATCISS and Freedom away!"
“What are those?" Jura gasped as she spotted two new machines enter the fray.
“It's Mr. Alien and his partner!” Dita cheered as she spotted the Gundam as it opened it's wings and activated it's P. Phase Shift Armor. “Though what that other machine is I don't know for sure.”
On her own Dread, Meia gritted her teeth in anger. < NO! It can't be HIM! >
Inside his Gundam, Kyo found that the new machine was easy to control like his own Gundam. He quickly began loading in combat protocols that he made for Freedom and downloaded it into his ATCISS unit. The machine was not as maneuverable as his Gundam as it followed a design as a Dread, but the added armor and firepower compensated for that. The two machines moved in sync to attack first the Cube Fighters to loosen the pressure on both the Dread teams and the ship, therefore drawing them away from the ship and the Dreads for the pirates to concentrate on the main alien attack ship. The Gundam and the ATCISS each launched a massive barrage of weapons fire, mowing down the enemy like hay being harvested. As the young pilot pressed on with the attack, he looked to their display monitor and nodded with satisfaction. As the numbers of Cube Fighters diminished, the Dreads were able to focus their attacks on the main alien vessel. The huge urchin ship then had no choice but to stop it's attacks on the pirate ship to deal with the Dreads attacking it from all sides.
However, it still was difficult to destroy as it still deflected and evaded the shots of the female fighters.
Kyo decided to end this fight quickly. “We'll have to get out and help take care of that alien ship and it's escorts, taking out those Cube Fighters is taking too long." He said as he spoke to Freedom.
He then spotted a new option coming from Freedom and ATCISS as he checked the weapon conditions of both his support unit and his Gundam.
“Fusion? Hmm, this could be interesting. Let's go!”
To the eyes of everyone watching, the Gundam and the unknown machine began to close the distance with each other. The front area of the support unit suddenly opened and there was an interlock socket and two fins appeared on the lower and upper region. The cannons became loose and then spread out even bigger, the wings expanded and the engines were supported by two more, each were now far more powerful. The Gundam also changed as it's wings folded backwards and exposed another interlock socket as both Gundam and ATCISS fused into one unit. The ATCISS linked it's support struts to the Gundam and the Freedom locked in it's arms to the cannons. The ATCISS suddenly glowed and now seemed to have the same P. Phase Shift Armor of the Freedom as it was decked in hues of blue, white and red.
The newly fused Gundam suddenly unleashed it's plasma cannons and rail-guns, and the ATCISS unit also opened up massive compartments to expose an extensive array of beam smaller beam cannons and missile launchers complimenting it's already present beam cannons.
Kyo smiled as he locked in all the enemy units using the HiMAT system and got ready to fire.
The Gundam launched all it's concerted weapons along with the ATCISS's own weapons. A massive storm of beam and missile ordinance stormed out of the Gundam/ATCISS unit and immediately caught the enemy by surprise. The Seed Ships had just released more Cube Fighters when those along the ones still present were caught in the storm of weapons fire. Dozens upon dozens of Cube Fighters were demolished into scrap. One of the Seed Ships couldn't close it's maw in time and swallowed a large portion of beam blasts and missiles. In less than a heart beat over two-thirds of the enemy forces were reduced to scrap. Only a handful of Cube Fighters were left functioning along with the urchin-like vessel and a Seed Ship
The two machines then accelerated in a mind-boggling pace and as the few remaining Cube Fighters tried to fight back, along with the Seed Ship. Freedom then directed the cannons to the sides as more energy ignited from the cannons, but instead of dissipating, the beams remained there, turning the cannons into massive beam sabers! And considering the speed Freedom and the ATCISS were moving in, the Cube Fighters that were left, along with the Seed Ship were dissected into halves as the beam sabers cut them down. The united Gundam and it's support system stood in front of the enemy, the Freedom's eyes flashing yellow as it was surrounded by debris.
“That machine is some weapon, Parfet." Gascogne, with a look of awe commented through the communicator as she got into contact with the head engineer.
"But I never built it to do THAT!" Parfet said as she watched the battle in shock. (2)
The sea urchin then unleashed a massive barrage of spines at the approaching Gundam, but the spines merely bounced away as they slammed into the Prominence Phase Shift Armor of Freedom and the ATCISS unit. It seemed that the enemy machine was now destined to become junk as soon as it would be cut into pieces by the massive beam sabers. However at the last moment, the machine managed to barely dodge the attack by moving to the right, causing Freedom to harmlessly pass by.
< Damn! That thing's really got some speed! >
Meia saw her chance and ordered her team to immediately attack the distracted alien vessel. However, it had enough time to unleash more spines and launch them at the Dreads, causing the pirate fighters to scatter once more.
Kyo wasn't going to let this unit get away without a fight, he immediately directed Freedom to lock in and slash the thing into metallic sushi with the beam sabers, it was then that Dita's fighter came into the scene.
“Mr. Alien! Let's combine!"
The gigantic urchin vessel however seemed to understand what the red-haired pilot had in mind. It responded by unleashing a slightly faster barrage of spines, intent of impaling the Gundam and the Dread fighter, before they could unite. Meia's Dread suddenly appeared to intercept the barrage.
“Dita, watch out!"
Meia's Dread took the hits, sending itself hurdling to the side, though not badly damaged as she knocked Dita to safety, Kyo spotted the barrage and immediately banked away, at the same time he had been forced break off his interlock with the ATCISS unit, he was still a bit disoriented from the force of the collision. His ATCISS unit deactivated itself and went offline as it lost contact with its master and was nothing but a floating technological mass.
As if by fate or pure coincidence, the Gundam and the Dread were in close proximity to one another as both individuals voiced out their same desire to defeat their foe.
“There's no way…" Meia shouted out.
"… I am going to let that machine beat me!!" Kyo declared in a fierce voice.
It was then that the same process that caused Kyo's Freedom to merge with Dita's Dread went into effect as well, as both Kyo and Meia turned into a new force of power. Meia's Dread swallowed up Freedom and began to shift it's own form, the entire craft flipped over itself and extended twin appendages which formed into massive talons of a hunting bird, the front of the fuselage then extended further and took the form of a serpentine head with tusks. As it's wings then expanded to somehow resemble the wings of a massive predatory bird. It hovered in space, ready to wage a bloody encounter with its foes. (1)
“What?!" Dita said in shock as she looked at the new machine that had been born with the fusing of Mr. Alien and her leader Meia's own Dread.
“Did you see that?" Barnette called out as she flew alongside her partner Jura.
“It's SO cool!" Jura declared as she stared starry-eyed at Meia's fighter that now resembled a massive Dragon-style mecha.
On the pirate vessel, the bridge crew along with Magno and BC were also in awe, along with everyone else onboard.
“That guy's got a ton of tricks up his sleeve.” Bart said as he gazed at the new mecha.
Inside the cockpit of the new fighter…
Kyo and Meia were already recovering from the fusion of her Dread with his Gundam, when Kyo's backside collided with Meia's chest…and her…(ahem) assets. They both froze and turned around when they saw one another, they were in shock, and the results were… rather… noisy.
“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" Meia cried out in anger and embarrassment as she found herself in a rather undignified position. The cockpit of their own GunDread had her sitting in a reclining position, with Kyo out in front in a hunched over position.
“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SHOUTING ABOUT NOW…?!" Kyo shouted back as he found himself in his pilot uniform and in a rather embarrassing situation, though he tried not to show his body's reaction to the close proximity of the rather attractive and curvy Dread pilot.
“I NEVER ASKED FOR YOUR HELP, SO GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!" Meia shouted as she tried to force Kyo out of the cockpit, as her body seemed to tingle slightly from his proximity.
At that moment their little awkward verbal sparring match was cut short when the GunDread shuddered from the impact as the alien ship outside attacked it. Kyo focused himself to the threat at hand and grabbed a set of control systems in front of him. The GunDread came to life as he began accessing the systems of the massive machine as he then glared at his unexpected and reluctant though rather attractive co-pilot.
“As much as I want to argue a bit more, we don't have the luxury of time right now, so work with me here or we won't be able to barb each other later on!"
Meia gritted her teeth but slowly nodded in agreement as she went to work on the foot pedals and the controls on either side of her chair.
The GunDread responded well as it darted with unbelievable speed after the enemy vessel with an acceleration rate that made the other nimble Dreads look like garden snails.
“That kind of acceleration is totally impossible!" Barnette declared as her sensors couldn't determine the exact speed that Meia's new machine was doing.
“Meia is SO lucky! I envy her!" Jura said as she eyed Meia's machine wistfully.
“Mr. Alien!” Dita chimed out as she watched the show.
GunDread Meia (as it will be called later on) ran rings around the urchin ship and the giant urchin vessel tried in desperation to hit its unbelievably nimble target with every spine it could fire. However, the machine's barrage totally missed its intended mark as it flashed suddenly out of sight and reappeared behind it.
Inside the cockpit of the GunDread, both Kyo and Meia voiced out their mutual anticipation.
“This is just…" Kyo said out.
“… What I've been waiting for!" Meia declared as well.
It was then that Kyo's Gundam fed it's massive power to the machine's main systems. The entire craft was bathed in a bluish-white light of immense power as it dashed in like a comet.
The enemy craft was skewered through the center as the GunDread rammed straight through it like a bat out of hell. A moment later as the GunDread ran through it and out it's eye, it exploded into massive fragments and smaller spheres were scattered all over the place. The battle ended with the pirates, the Talark men, and their allied Gundam pilot as the victors.
Inside the now dormant GunDread, Meia and Kyo were completely exhausted.
“Well! Now that was… quite the mess." Kyo commented as he leaned on the console in front of him.
“I…never thought we'd agree on the same thing." Meia said as she also tried to regain her breath, and then added. “Now do you see? You can't just win every battle with just your Gundam."
Kyo nodded though he said something in reply as he took off his helmet. “And I suppose you were doing better with only your Dreads?"
Meia didn't answer that question as Kyo had raised a good point.
“That was so unfair!" Dita pouted as she looked at the new GunDread return back to the ship. “Mr. Alien's only supposed to combine with me!" She sighed sadly, but perked up as she thought of something.
In her own Dread fighter, Jura gazed at the newly formed mecha and began to think on several things. “Hey… that could mean that I can also combine to form something elegant and beautiful too…"
“The ship's new name? You want me to decide this?" Magno asked as she got into contact with Parfet through the Comm-link via Pyoro.
Parfet nodded as Pyoro showed the names suggested by the crew to her captain through his monitor." All of the crew contributed and we want you to pick one."
“You sure that you don't mind?"
“Just pick a really cool one!"
As she scanned the names, Magno spotted one that caught her eye as she considered it. “Hmmm...The Nirvana. Not a bad suggestion. Who came up with that one?"
“It was the commander's idea." Pyoro answered for the old pirate leader.
“Fine then. From now on, this ship will be under the name of Nirvana."
In the engineering room, Parfet lowered her head in defeat. “I knew it." After turning off the communications, she directed her attention to her creation ATCISS; the combat was now undergoing repairs and rearming. Beside her was Gascogne.
“I've got to admit, for a trial by fire, the machine performed rather admirably."
Parfet nodded in agreement with the supply officer, though she was very puzzled. “I can see that some improvements are in order, though I NEVER considered that it could actually transform into that secondary combat form,. I didn't even consider the theory that it would develop an artificial intelligence just like Pyoro, and gain the SAME Prominence Phase Shift Armor of Freedom. Do you think that it had something to do with it's exposure to Paeksis and then to it's contact and sharing of data with Freedom and Kyo?"
“Could be both for all we know. By the way, what name are you giving to your creation?"
Parfet looked at the modified combat fighter unit for some moments, then snapped her fingers in inspiration. “I've done a little bit of research over some time; I think that I can name Kyo's new partner as Liberty.”
“Yeah. It rhymes quite well, Freedom and Liberty. I guess this name will more than do." She then directed her attention to the ATCISS and spoke through a command console. “Did you here that? From now one your name shall be Liberty!"
The machine was silent for a moment, and responded through voice and data feed of it's acceptance of the new name. “Name Liberty has been logged and loaded into database. Name accepted."
Later at the men's quarters…
Kyo munched on the bento he had gotten from Dita as she met up with him. He tried to leave quietly, but that was impossible as Dita followed him, smiling all the while. He had arrived in the Bio-Park when she caught up with him. He sighed and decided to take her to his room, (NOT in THAT WAY you perverts!) and accepted the meal she handed to him.
As he was munching on the meal, he spotted Dita looking at him with the dreaded Sad Puppy Dog eyes, and that look was making him somewhat uncomfortable.
“Why are you staring at me like that?”
Dita smiled and came closer. “Mr. Alien, will you promise to combine with and only me?”
Kyo tried not to blush as he found himself looking deeply at Dita. His male hormones were already kicking into overtime. He then reined in his hormones as hard as he could and gave Dita a glare. Though he didn't really hate her, he didn't mind her company at all and despite his annoyance to her name-calling of him, she was the only member of the pirates so far, who didn't treat him as some sort of monster
“I told you so many times already! I'm not Mr. Alien! My name is Kyo!”
At the Register, two days later…
“So Ms. Gasco, I take it that… man won't be working here any more?" Maia asked with a bit of hope in her voice.
“It's Gascogne." The head supplier reminded her once more. “And in answer to your question, no I don't think so. I've already made the request that Kyo be restored to the combat roster; the three of them were never meant to be part of the stagehands."
She then gave a sigh of disappointment. She had admitted that it was a little hard to let go of the young man, though he was of an opposite gender. He was one of the most efficient and hard-working people she had in her staff for all the time he was under her command, and she liked his company a lot.
It was then that the doors to the Register opened and a familiar voice came in the room. “Who said anything about me wanting to leave anyway?" The women and their supervisor turned to look at the door and gasped in shock.
It was Kyo, but he was wearing some new clothes and it was a masculine version of the clothes worn in the Register.
Jin was wearing a white tuxedo with red lapels on the shoulders, while wearing a form fitting white shirt, covered by a deep blue-violet vest and with some golden thread high lights which made the vest also high light his own aquamarine-amelyst. His hair was still in it's slightly spiky and wavy style, in it's braid but with the suit it made him look a little more debonair and roguish. He wore deep white pants and also had a deep red sash on his waist, and in the collar was a black tie. He wore smooth shoes that were made of a special fiber that never wrinkled and had the look of high quality black leather, and the cuffs on his sleeves were elaborately decorated.
The clothes made him look like a high-class waiters from a very elegant restaurant. And the new attire naturally made them look devastatingly handsome. Many of the girls in the Register didn't know what to do and how to react at the sight that greeted them, and what to do with the feelings they were experiencing at the moment.
The whole staff and their supervisor continued to gape at the young man, as Kyo casually approached Gascogne. Kyo gave a courteous nod as he reached the supply officer and noted her surprise with a smile. “Ms. Gasco. Don't tell me you've already forgotten?" He flashed her a simultaneous grin as he recited in perfect unison. “Smile, smile."
Gascogne managed to find her voice as she shook herself back from the surprised stupor she found herself in. " Kyo…I… thought that you…"
“I wanted to quit? Not really. I decided that while I'm not in combat, I'll work here at the Register so I'll use our respective time off productively and help with the work load. Besides, I happen to like it here, so I can do something else." He then gestured to his uniform. “Though I hope you don't mind my personal alterations to the uniform. My legs don't look that good in a skirt anyway."
Gascogne chuckled at that and nodded. “Just as long as you keep it clean. Oh by the way, my name's not Gasco, it's Gascogne."
Kyo nodded. “As you wish, oh, that the name's Kyo, not K."
The woman and the three men gazed at one another for a very long time as the rest of the Register staff watched and waited. Finally Gascogne nodded.
“Welcome back… K."
He responded in crisp order. “Good to be back…Ms. Gasco."
Kyo and Gascogne broke into peals of laughter as she directed him to their respective consoles.
On the bridge…
“So those spheres will help mask the message pods?" Magno asked Parfet
Parfet nodded. “Yes Captain, I designed the pods to transmit the recognition code of our enemies so they won't be destroyed by the aliens."
“Very well then. Launch the pods."
The twin canisters with the new messages were then sent on their merry way back to Talark and Megele, but still, some of the crew still had their own doubts.
“Even if they receive our messages, I doubt that there is a guarantee that they'll even listen." Parfait remarked as she gazed at the moving pods.
“Wish for it Parfet." BC said as she too gazed outward. “It's not much, but that's all we can do and hope for."
To be continued…
Author's notes: This has to be the longest chapter I have written so far, and it's only the fourth! Oh well, this work is, like I said before, a whole new ball game. On the next chapter, we'll be dealing with a whole new situation for the Nirvana crew in general. And there also will be some more interaction with the new male lead and his fellow crewmembers, just read and you'll see
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