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GunDread SEED
Disclaimer: Gundam SEED isn't mine, nor is VanDread no matter how many times I wish it was the other way around. But nevertheless I love them both.
Songfic-1: Realize
This special number has been in the boiler room for over several weeks now. I've tried different songs for this section. Now I'm happy to say that I've found the perfect song for this special section of my story.
<<" ">>: Lyrics
This songfic takes place several days after the battle on Anpathos and after ch. 9 of GunDread.
The Nirvana continued on its long journey back to the home system of its crew, both men and women. The routine onboard the vessel has gone to a simple state of pace, as there have been no alien attacks for over several days. Inside one of the hallways, Kyo was on his way to the recreation room. As he neared the room in question, he was surprised to hear music coming from the place of his destination and it was piano music no less. He became moderately surprised to see Dita playing on a large antique piano. Alongside the young Dread pilot were Meia, Magno, Jura, and Barnette, who were obviously enjoying the music.
Kyo walked over to the crowd as Dita ended her impromptu concert.
The women looked over to where the young Gundam pilot was when they started applauding.
"Kyo? What brings you here?" The captain asked curiously.
"Oh I was just walking by, and hoping to use this place for a work-out when I heard the music." Kyo gave a gentle smile at Dita. “You play very well."
Dita smiled at Mr. Alien's compliment. “Thanks Mr. Alien! My ohma taught me how to play the piano a long time ago." The redhead then got a question in her mind that she wanted to ask. And being an honest person she asked with a smile. “Say, do you play music too, Mr. Alien?"
Kyo became a bit surprised at this. “What do you mean? You want to know whether I play music?"
“Yes I do."
The former Yamato gave a slightly amused look at the inquisitive Dread pilot. “Well… uhhh."
Barnette snorted in disbelief. “Hah! That's a laugh!"
Dita became genuinely puzzled at that. “What do you mean?"
"A man who can play music and sing? Hah!" Barnette replied sarcastically as she gave Kyo a long look. " Obviously, you don't know all that much about men, Dita. They're too clumsy and crude to know how to play instruments and sing."
Kyo gave the woman a whimsical smile. “Oh really now? And why is it so hard to believe that men can play instruments and sing?"
“All anyone has to do is look at the men onboard the Nirvana. The doctor, and the navigator didn't even know what a piano is when they first saw it." She pointed at the instrument.
Kyo again gave the Dread pilot a simple smirk. If she knew that he was not from Talark and were quite talented in areas, apart from the fighting arts, she would be surprised…along with everyone else on the whole ship.
Jura smiled as she nodded. "No offense to you Kyo, but I have to agree with Barnette. Men can't possibly understand the subtle beauty and joy of music like we women do."
Kyo was giving a look that seemed to show him trying not to laugh out loud. "Oh really now?" he then crossed his arms over his chest. "Well, forgive me for saying this, but I believe that men can play and sing just as well as women can."
" Oh yeah? Well, why don't YOU prove it?" Barnette pointed a finger at Kyo.
The young man decided to play along and give a curious expression.
Barnette nodded with a smug look on her face. “Yes, why don't you play us something?" She then gestured at the piano. “That is, unless you don't know how."
Kyo gave the piano a long look. "Well…it's been a while since I played an instrument."
"You can play?" Dita asked curiously.
"Oh yes, a bit. I've learned a lot of things apart from battle techniques and Mobile Suit strategies during I journeys long before I hooked up with all of you."
Dita smiled as she got off the bench and offered it to the three men. "I want to hear you play!"
"As do I." The captain said.
Barnette's smile became wider, and she made no effort to hide it. There was no way that Kyo could ever walk out of this one challenge. She then got a more wicked idea as she inched to where the intercom was and tapped the speaker control along with the visual feed. Whatever horrible music this male could make would now be heard and seen throughout the whole ship.
With all eyes and ears directed at him, Kyo sighed a bit and nodded. He then moved to the place where the piano was and began to work.. As he sat down he decided to practice his instrument of choice.
"What's the matter Kyo? I thought that you said that you could play just as good as women can?" Barnette taunted.
"Don't be so impatient Barnette." Kyo answered, as he was now satisfied with his instrument. “It's been a while since I played music before, so relax a bit."
Kyo looked up to the audience in the recreation room. "Here's a little something that I learned to play a while back. The people who taught me this song told me that it came from a place called Earth. It kind of worked well with the journeys I had, looking for my past and everything I lost. It's called Realize, Hope you like it."
The women listened closely as the young man began to play. They were astonished as the piano began to play out a gentle and soulful melody. Then to really astonish them Kyo began to sing in soft pleasant tones, as if he was born as a singer.
Kyo: <<"I do not know where I' arrive at. I believe I'll reach there, I'll let my thoughts run for now ">>
Kyo: <<"The form of the heart and this path changes. But there is a wish that never disappears." >>
Kyo: <<"Seeing a different dream, looking at the same sky. That day I swore “I will not lose.” " >>
At the Register…
"Who's that singing on the speakers?" Maia asked, but she and the other staff members gasped as they gazed at the monitors.
Gascogne cocked her head to the side, and her face took a surprised look at the persons she was looking at. "Kyo?"
Kyo: << "Our hands will always be joined. As we search for the reason we exist." >>
At the Vanguard hanger…
All members of the Crusader Squadron were busy checking up on their Vanguards when they heard the music underway, and were amazed at what they were hearing and seeing.
"That's our commander?" One of the Vanguard pilots asked.
Sara could only shake her head in disbelief and awe.
Dita was smiling as she clasped her hands together and continued to listen eagerly.
Kyo: <<"I do not know where I'll arrive at. I believe I'll reach there, I'll let my thoughts run for now." >>
At the medical bay…
"What the heck is that?" Bart asked.
Duero cocked an ear to sound and answered. “I believe that is what the females call as music."
Paiway looked at the monitor in awe and shock, as she couldn't believe it was a man who was making all those beautiful sounds.
Kyo: <<"The time when I get over my mistakes and pain. My wish would be embraced by light, calling out to my future." >>
Kyo: <<"A lonely cloud flows in the wind. Can you feel it's loneliness, wherever you are?" >>
Kyo: <<”We hurt each other to protect the dreams. We will start walking with our backs to each other. ">>
Kyo: <<”Whenever it is I will understand. To believe in the same feelings.”>>
He then made the music more melodious and intense, but still showed harmony and balance with the music as he cranked his singing up another notch.
Kyo: <<"In confusion and fear I flap my wings. The beat wavers still I won't give up on the dreams. I confront the darkness and loneliness. I move with the will to convey the joy of meeting you. ">>
The song reached it's full power of melody and beat as the young man began to play an intense but melodious piano number.
Engineering section…
“He's really good, for a man." Parfet remarked as she and the whole engineering teams were watching in awe at what they were witnessing.
Jura looked on in awe and amazement at the sight of the young Yamato singing with such skill, and playing a piano with amazing mastery. She stared at Kyo as he still played the piano.
The bridge…
Amarone and Belvedere were looking in awe at the sight along with BC. This was totally unheard of! A man who can sing and play instruments?!
Ezra smiled as she rubbed her pregnant belly as she listened to the song.
Though she was in the very room and hearing and seeing everything in person, Meia couldn't help but wonder how could a man actually play and sing so well.
At this point, Kyo played his all out best as he sang the last chorus piece.
Kyo: << "I do not know where I'll arrive at. I believe I'll reach there. I'll let my thoughts run for now. I leave my mistakes and pain. These same skies as that day…will head towards you and remain… I want you to realize…You and I are one…And I will wait for you…till the end of time.">>
The music slowly faded as Kyo played the last beats and chords on the piano and all became silent. With a quick smile Kyo bowed to his audience in the recreation room and left the area without another word leaving everyone in awe and shock. Then, slowly, one by one, the crew began to applaud. For Barnette, she was totally stunned at being showed up.
Magno smiled widely as she viewed the young man as he walked away from the chamber. < It seems that there is far more to you than just fighting, Kyo. I hope to see everything soon. >
The End…
Author's notes
I know, I know, this song sounds familiar somewhere. Actually it's from Gundam SEED itself! This one was sung by Nami Tamaki and it's the 4th opening song for the series, quite cool if you listen to it, both the normal version and the Everlasting version. I got the lyrics from If you guys want to hear it, I recommend buying the CD or listening to it in the web. So it works well, with what I had in mind. I made some alterations to the song to fit certain areas, and I can already tell that it fits the bill easy. I wanted to write something apart from fighting and comedy.