Gundam SEED Fan Fiction ❯ Operation Strikeback ❯ Brothers Lost - Part 1 ( Chapter 6 )

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Chapter 6- Brothers Lost(Part 1)


The trio was facing imminent danger as they couldn't detect their enemies in the field. Relying on their own sight, they tried to spot their hiding grounds. Out of the blue, a blue beam blade flashed close by. Kira, detecting its presence, quickly pushed the other two Mobiles Suits away from it, dodging the edge only by a split second. The other two enemy VR's disengaged their stealth camouflages and engaged the Mobile Suits. Kira realized they were up against, Apharmd B, Cypher and Temjin- The three fastest VR's.


Sporting its deadly beam Tongfers, Apharmd Battler engaged the Justice Gundam in close combat. Sword Strike on the other hand was dealing with Temjin... And it seemed like a personal agenda that Cypher wanted Kira to be its target.



Meanwhile in space...

"Man, they are persistent!!!" yelled an angry Yzak, as he was dodging wave after wave of missiles, from their enemy VR's, Grysvok and Raiden.

"Take this!" hollered Dearka as he combined his rail gun and beam cannon together, blasting missiles in his path.



Back on Earth:


Battle 1: ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam .Vs. RVR-42 Cypher



Cypher took no chances and immediately drew his beam sabre, moving at lightning speed towards the Freedom. Kira drew out his own sabres and blocked Cypher's attack. Great flashes of light emitted on impact, almost blinding Kira. The Freedom now wielding dual blades, was evenly matched with the Cypher. It was an all-out sword fight.


Holding the blade to his body, Cypher arched himself, poised to strike. Kira took a defensive stance with its twin blades, with Kira watching Cypher's every movement. There was a long silence and stillness while both sides waited for the other to strike first... Tension was building in Kira. Suddenly, Cypher made a thrust with his blade towards Kira. He crossed his blades and shielded himself against the thrust, pushing him back as Cypher thrusted the blade even harder. Cypher withdrew and leapt back, recharging his Revenant II. Keeping his sabers, Kira drew out his beam rifle and fired burst shots at Cypher from a distance. Cypher took the hits but it seemed unshaken as the beams simply deflected off its body. In offense, Cypher launched 4 streams of homing beams at the Freedom. Kira immediately raised his shield to defend himself... experiencing 4 solid impacts as they struck the shield. Kira charged towards Cypher with his shield still raised and fired blasts from his rifle again.


At closer distance, Cypher was indeed affected by the shots. Kira went closer every second to ensure successful hits. Although meant for mid-long range assaults, Cypher was no pushover in close combat. Cypher stood steadfast and suddenly with much agility leapt towards Kira with a 360 flip acrobatic jump. Again by surprise, Kira watched as he descended upon him. But in that instant, A purple blade generated from the Revenant. Having little time to react, Kira dodged but had part of the Freedom's shoulder scathed. Recovering as quickly as possible, Kira pointed his rifle at Cypher's torso, and at point blank range, fired a direct beam through his Beam Launcher. Cypher was thrown back by the impact but his agility aided his recovery with a backflip. The shattered launcher was ripped badly but Cypher wasn't giving up. In seeming anger, he drew his blade again and lunged for Freedom's head.


As if with sudden insight, Kira drew his Armor Schneiders dodged under the swinging blade, in the next instance, plugging the daggers into his Revenant gun and the right shoulder. Taken by the shock, Cypher stumbled backwards and force removed the dagger lodged in his shoulder, leaving a hole there. While the other dagger had dislodged his Revenant from his arm, Cypher had been disarmed and met his match. Fleeing the scene, he transformed into his jet form and escaped... At that moment... Kira saw the Justice Gundam helplessly being felled to the ground. Apharmd Battler was ready to plunge his Tongfers into the Justice!