Gundam SEED Fan Fiction ❯ Operation Strikeback ❯ Intervention ( Chapter 5 )

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Chapter 5- Intervention


"From the analyzed data, I was able to decipher more about their statistics and all. However... the news I bring is most dire..." as Kira shifted himself to the mainframe computer, La'Fllaga from the audience stands mumbled,

"Oh boy..."


Kira began his long speech thereafter, "To begin with, these Virtuaroids possess abilities and armaments beyond any known Mobile Suits.

Their shielding known as Virtual Armor, is able to deflect projectiles such as vulcan and almost any form of bulleted weaponry. Beam weaponry is not spared either. However..."


He drew into a long silence and said, "I shall explain in detail using this combat video."


The screen faded out to show the combat video instead, and Kira continued,


"During the combat, the Strike and two Skygraspers were deployed. My main point here is the weapons used against the Cypher.

The Igelstern and High-energy beam cannon produce similar energy outputs. However when the Skygrasper hit the Cypher with its Igelstern, there seemed to be almost no effect. Whilst the Strike did the same with its beam cannon, and the Cypher was knocked off."


"So WHAT is the point then... you didn't come here to beat about the bush did you?" asked Chairman Zala in an irritated matter.

Lord Uzumi interrupted, "Distance isn't it?" Look how close the Strike was compared to where the Skygraspers were. Everyone had their attention briefly diverted to Lord Uzumi, "I'm sure it has something to do with distance..."


The topic was discussed among all of them before they continued... Kira was obviously tired, but he kept his composure and went on as much as he could. It was only an hour later before the whole debate ended. However, before anyone could leave conference hall, an explosion was heard...


People started panicking at once but they remained as rational as they could. The leaders tried their best to calm the people down, while hoping nothing more would happen now. The Archangel's crew had then left the building...


Sometime later, Kira met up with Athrun and the rest outside the space port.

"Uh... aren't you guys going too?" Kira asked.

"Well... Our designated carrier has malfunctioned... But don't worry, Orb had one of its war carriers in orbit. They will buy us some time..." replied Nicol.

"Shoot... at a time like this!" Yzak scowled...


At the warzone...


M1-Astrays dueling fiercely with the oncoming intruders. However, the young veteran pilots in their powerful Mobile Suits were still no match against them. The defense force was scrapped within minutes, the Orb carrier obliterated and numerous ZAFT frigates lost. The three intruders break-dashed for the PLANT area, with nothing to stand in their way.



Back at where the Kira and the others were...


"Guys! To the Mobile Suits! It seems our enemy is taking the battle to us. Kira you coming?" said Athrun.

"Hey Kira! I need to tell you something!" Cagalli shouted from a distance.

"Oh well, you guys go on ahead first. I'll catch up... Hey, old friend... take... care."

Athrun let out a smile and ran off. Cagalli soon joined Kira and told him about their situation. La'Fllaga too had something to tell Kira.


"Its all up to you squirt haha. Skygraspers aren't gonna work in these parts."

"No captain! You're coming with us too!" said Cagalli.



The duo followed Cagalli to the space port, as a series of explosions erupted just a distance from them.



Inside the space port, Kira finally met eyes with his Freedom Gundam. Cagalli too had the Justice Gundam at her disposal.

"Uh wait... I'm taking the Strike this time?" asked a puzzled La'Fllaga.


The trio launched their Mobile Suits and headed out towards the combat zone.

"Where's Athrun and the others? Kira asked Cagalli.

"They've been sent into space... We're on our own for now."