Gundam SEED Fan Fiction ❯ Operation Strikeback ❯ First Strike ( Chapter 4 )

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Chapter 4- First Strike


Still visually out of range, Kira looked at his target that was approaching on the radar. When he looked up again, the enemy fired volleys of vulcan gunfire at him, Kira deflected them with the Strike's shield and it zoomed passed him. La'Fllaga and Cagalli, taken by surprise quickly dodged the zooming jet-like enemy, and it dawned on Kira as to what they were possibly up against- the RVR-42 Cypher.


The trio were dead set on ideas on how to fight an unknown enemy. Cypher seemed almost impossible to catch up with and it launched volley after volley of vulcan at them, thwarting their attacking chances.


"Damned this machine! How can we ever hit it?" said a pissed Cagalli.

She let out blasts from her beam cannon but non of the shots seemed to connect. La'Fllaga followed suit, some of his long shots connected but it didn't seem to jerk the VR one bit... Instead, Cypher made a 360 degree turn and launched four arching beams at them.

"What the..!?, La'Fllaga made an abrupt turn but Cagalli's Skygrasper was struck at the wingtip, her beam cannon damaged in the process. The VR made another sharp turn and launched a finishing volley of vulcan at the damaged Skygrasper. Fortunately Strike deflected the shots for her Skygrasper. Kira drew his beam launcher and placed a direct hit on the nose cone of the VR. It was knocked off its course. Suddenly, the VR transformed into a humanoid machine, raised its vulcan gun and emitted an azure beam blade from it. Having done that, it lunged at the Strike.


"Oh man... A blade?!!", Kira was worried as he was in Launcher Strike mode. He only had his combat daggers with him but that wouldn't be enough to challenge Cypher and its beam blade. Regardless, Kira relentlessly retaliated at Cypher in an effort to keep it away. Cypher was closing in so fast it was about to strike, Kira knew he couldn't raise his shield in time, but suddenly, Cypher was knocked off by La'Fllaga's Skygrasper, sending Cypher into a spin and crushing his own ships' nose cone.

"Thanks captain...!" , thanked a grateful Kira.

Cypher had regained its momentum again but a powerful beam from the Archangel's Valiants struck it before it could react. Part of Cypher's armor was shattered. Kira stared at the strange looking framework of Cypher's. And it just converted back to jet mode and flew off into the inky blackness.


"God... we made it out alive of this one.", remarked an exhausted La'Fllaga.

"Thanks... Kira..." Cagalli speaking to him.

"Strike! Report in." ordered Ramius from the Archangel.

"Err... we're all fine. Skygrasper 2 took a hit but it's still functional."

"Understood, make your way back to the Archangel, that is all." ended Ramius


As they returned to the hangar, the three pilots were discussing about their battle...

"You saw it didn't you? I scored direct hits but yet it didn't rattle one bit! Ordinary Mobile Suits or Mobile Armors would have been shaken real bad.", said La'Fllaga in a confused manner.


"Hey buddy? You've been in your own world ever since we came back..." You ok?" asked a concerned La'Fllaga to Kira.

"Uh yeah... hey captain... is there any difference in power between your Igelstern and my beam launcher?"

"Not much... why ask?" replied La'Fllaga

"Its nothing... I'll just go back to my room and do some research" said Kira.


Kira returned to his room's computer and slumped on the work chair. Deep in thought, he was still thinking about his previous battle engagement. Finally he sat back upright and worked on the computer report he had planned for the commander.


Meanwhile at the General room...

Commander Ramius, Lieutanent Badgirruel and Captain La'Fllaga were discussing strategic matters.

"We already got attacked before reaching PLANT... Who knows what will show up next?" remarked La'Fllaga.

"It is top priority that we get to PLANT asap. Only with our combined strength can we hope to match against our enemies now." said Ramius.


The three officers got up and headed out the room for the cockpit. La'Fllaga went to the canteen for a cup of coffee instead. On his way he bumped into Kira who was engrossed in reading his report. The two briefly exchanged greetings and walked off, minding their own business. Kira traced his way to the cockpit and greeted his commander when he got there. Handing her the report, Kira stood behind her seat staring at the blank space. Ramius looked at him in curiosity and thought it was just another of his dazes. Finally she said to him,


"Ensign Yamato, do you know you have to present this data to the rest of our allies too? ... Kira??"

Kira then broke out of his daze, "Uh yes, madam..."

"Something really is bothering you isn't it? Take it easy for now, you'll need the rest for later."

His teenage counterparts present in the cockpit thought in their minds... obviously concerned for him.... ".....Kira...."...


The next day, they managed to arrive at PLANT. Fellow Orb members had arrived in carriers of all sorts. For once, PLANT's community was bustling with activity, under a happy yet tense atmosphere.


The Archangel, along with the Earth Alliance fleet, had docked in PLANT too. Preparing for the huge conference later, Kira seemed to be busy in a world of his own, seemingly unfazed by what would lay ahead of him. Miriallia playfully waved her hand in front of Kira's face, taking him by surprise.


"Hey Kira, cheer up!? It's not like you to be this gloomy."

"Yeah, smile a little already" said Tolle.


Kira managed to break a little smile over his face but it didn't last long anyway.

On their way there, the Archangel crew met up with ZAFT's infamous mobile suit pilots, along with an ever cheerful Lacus with them and Raww Le Klueze. La'Fllaga wasn't exactly eager to see him, but he kept his cool. Cagalli's transport also caught up with them quickly, rather bringing the whole group together. Ahead loomed the huge conference complex.


It took hours before the necessary committee had gathered inside and the conference began, with Chairman Zala and Sigel Clyne in the spotlight. They discussed multiple strategies with the committee while the rest of the audience just listened... On the final moment, The committee asked for Kira Yamato to come down to share his research with them... Kira expected it and was ready... to shock the audience with his findings...


"His expression tells me he's got bad news written all over him..." remarked La'Fllaga