Gundam SEED Fan Fiction ❯ Operation Strikeback ❯ Sudden Encounters ( Chapter 3 )

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Chapter 3- Sudden Encounters


The Archangel, Vesalius and Earth Alliance carrier arrived one after another in Orb's ports. The representatives were all escorted to the meeting area.

At the emergency meeting, the representatives sat around a huge roundtable. The lesser involved members stood at other areas to watch the conference.

Cagalli had come to join Kira and his friends.


"Let us officially begin this meeting", Lord Uzumi stood as he spoke. "I'm sure all of us have noticed the disasters occurring after another, and this is a matter of grave importance that we cannot close an eye to. If anyone has objections or views, please feel free to voice them out" he ended.


So Lord Uzumi and the others went on about their objectives and plans to access the problems that arose... As the meeting seemed to be getting nowhere, Kira remembered the disk. Kira discussed with Ramius about the disk. And they agreed to submit the disk to the representatives. So the talk was briefly interrupted by their intrusion, as they spoke with the guards about their purpose. They passed the disk over, and Lord Uzumi inspected it.

"This disk, did it come from a Data Carrier #32?" He asked with confidence.

"Yes, Lord Uzumi. My pilots along with ZAFT's had salvaged this disk from the ship's wreckage." replied Ramius.

"Perhaps there is something you`d like to share Lord Uzumi?" asked one of the representatives.

Lord Uzumi scanned the faces that were directed towards him and said, "Very well." He paused, "Orb recently sent a data carrier to the colony Secillia to retrieve very delicate data. However, after I heard of the attack on Secillia, I had given up hope on that data. But now the data is safe, I have you young men to thank."


"Pardon if I may say this Lord Uzumi, I understand the priority of this data but I already deciphered some of the data on that disk so..." Kira said with uneasiness.

But Lord Uzumi interrupted with a quick sentence, "You could?!"

"Uh, yes... but"

Lord Uzumi again interrupted, "Don't worry young man. True, that I said the data is delicate, but not top secret. Now, you said you deciphered the data correct? Would you show us your findings please?

Kira looked rather startled. But a guard kindly led him to a computer and Kira began working on it. All of a sudden, all eyes were on Kira as he stood up and spoke.

"Erm... well... this screen shows the blurred images of five almost human-like machines. The data refers them as Virtuaroids or VR's. The data also indicates that these machines are controlled by not humans but AI. However, the AI level is beyond any rating we've ever seen."

With that said, everyone seemed to pay more attention towards Kira. Scanning their faces, he continued.

"I also tried to sharpen the images that were given, and this is the result so far."

The five images transformed with sharpened resolution and some details were showing. Kira continued working on the data and said.

"From left to right, the MBV-707-G Temjin. RVR-42 Cypher, SAV-326-D/9 Grysvok, RVR-39 Apharmd B and RVR-75 Raiden. The design of the machines doesn't seem to match any current day Mobile Suit designs. The armor is not of Phase-Shift but Virtual Armor as it is called. The data regarding this armor and the Virtuaroids have not yet been deciphered so this is all I have."

"You've done well Kira Yamato, in deciphering such complex data. I will ask of you to please decipher the rest of the data. Whatever you learn you may keep. But please share with us this vital information as soon as you can."

He turned to the rest of the audience and said. "I shall now adjourn this meeting. I would advise all of us to stop all hostilities and concentrate for what lies ahead. That is all."

The representatives all stood up and started heading back to their sides. Kira was obviously deep in thought.

"So what now commander?" asked La'Fllaga.

"All of you deserve a good rest today, I'll permit free-time until 2100hrs. Report back to the Archangel by then." said a smiling Ramius.

"Oh yeah! I sure need that rest." Kazui said in laughter.

"Hey Kira, Free-time! Wanna hang out?" asked a joyful Mirialllia.

"I've got work to do, sorry. You guys go ahead without me." He said with a smile.

"He's always busy." remarked La'Fllaga

"Miss Ramius, I'd like to join your crew when you depart for your next destination. Is that ok with you?" Cagalli asked sincerely.

"Is it ok with Lord Uzumi?" she asked back

Cagalli looked back for a second and said, "Yeah, it'll be alright."



At 2100hrs... in the Archangel cockpit.


"Set our course for PLANT. We're heading to their military base." Commanded Ramius.

"I sure hope we don't meet with trouble." Tolle mumbled.

The Archangel left Earth's atmosphere and stabilized itself. While en route to PLANT...

"Co...Commander! Unidentified heat source coming straight from the north, its headed toward at us, and fast!" Kazui said in a startled tone.

"An enemy? Quick! Send out the Skygraspers and the Strike on the double!" commanded Ramius.

The hangar suddenly became alive with activity and alarm lights were flashing away.

La'Fllaga said from his cockpit, "I can't believe at a time like this!..."


The Skygraspers were launched after the Strike and the pilots went to confront their enemy.