Gundam SEED Fan Fiction ❯ Operation Strikeback ❯ Crossed Paths ( Chapter 2 )

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Chapter 2- Crossed Paths
"Huh? Radars' out... Must be the debris interference...!?" Kira mumbled to himself.
"Be careful now! We don't know what could have remained in this mess. Alright, let's start the search."
The two moved slowly among the floating rock debris, looking aimlessly. After a long search, Kira's mobile suit faced an unexpected run in... with the Aegis...
"The Aegis...? Athrun! What... are you doing here...? Stuttered Kira.
"Chill out old friend, we're not here to do battle with you. I assume you're searching among this debris for clues right?" asked Athrun coolly.
"What a surprise! Kira Yamato! Too bad our orders ain't to fight here. I'll let you off this time!" retorted Yzak.
"Quit arguing, Yzak" an annoyed Athrun said.
"Erm... guys? Now would that be of a clue?"
Nicol spotted an odd looking spaceship that was ripped in half in the middle section... The Mobile suits entered the spacecraft and searched among the wreck...
"What's a data carrier ship doing at a place like Secillia...? mumbled Dearka to himself.
Then, Dearka noticed a light coming from the ships' computer.
"Hey guys! I think this ship is still alive."
The pilots in their spacesuits ejected from their mobile suits and headed towards Dearka. It seemed that the ships' computer still had reserve power left... Wanting to know about this ship, they tempered with knob and switches... unexpectedly activating the visual screen.
A blurred and distorted figure appeared into the projection. Static was fuzzing out the message he seemed to be trying to convey... Kira twisted a dial and the projection steadied itself. An injured man was speaking.
"THIS... this is Data Carrier #32, Captain Aeolus speaking... The colony Se... Secillia that we've just landed in... h... been attacked by some unknown machines! We... we're unable to bail out of here... we're sorry, command... my men... are now transferring the data as we speak... we don't have much time left...ARGHHHHHH!!!!" The projection went static then faded away.
Just then, the ships' computer ejected out a data disc. The clicking sound drew their attention away. As they were all thinking, two sides and only one chip...
"Now what?", La'Fllaga broke the silence.
"Ens...ign... Ensign Yamato! Please respond!" Ramius had patched through.
"Err...Yes, this is Kira."
"I suppose you've met up with the ZAFT mobiles suits at Secillia. Never mind the situation. ZAFT, Orb and the Earth Alliance have been called in for an emergency meeting. All sides are now declared neutral bringing us to an alliance now. Return to the Archangel immediately. That is all" Ramius ended her transmission.
Coincidentally, Le'Klueze also transmitted in and ordered his units back.
"Erm well... we'll keep the data disc then? We'll see you all at the conference later." asked Kira.
En route back to the Archangel...
"I've got a bad feeling about this... It's like an omen." remarked La'Fllaga.
As soon as they got back to Archangel, Kira search for his laptop, then headed for the canteen where his fellow friends gathered.
"This is almost technical jargon...?", Tolle said as he looked over Miriallia shoulder.
Kira was busy trying to decipher the encrypted data.
Then Ramius and Natarle entered.
"News for all of you. Tomorrow we'll head to PLANT..."
"Whatever for?! To get kill-...oww!" Tolle exclaimed, but Miriallia pulled his ear.
"I must remind you that we are now allies, so don't start any conflicts," Ramius warned.
Beep! A sound from Kira's laptop.
"What's this?" Ramius asked curiously.
Everyone hovered to look at what Kira's laptop produced.
"What in the world, will you look at those?" La Fllaga said.
"Human-like... machines? They don't look like Mobile Suits" Kazui said aloud.
Some descriptions were showing until Kira's laptop blacked out.
"Err... My laptop battery is drained." Kira said with a laugh.
Everyone let out a sigh...
"Well then, all crew back to the cockpit." said Ramius as she walked away.
Kira spent the night analyzing more of the data.
The next morning, the crew members gathered at the cockpit. Ramius has something important to announce.
"There's been a change of plan. The meeting is now held at Orb so we'll be heading there now. All hands to your stations."
The Archangel was prepped and ready, it cruised along its designated path smoothly. But in the cockpit...
"Err... Comman-..." the Kazui stopped abruptly.
"Weren't you going to report something?" asked Ramius curiously.
"Well, the radar picked up a signal but it disappeared in a flash. Whatever it was, is gone."
"A comet perhaps?" Miriallia whispered.
"I don't even know", Kazui replied.