Gundam SEED Fan Fiction ❯ Operation Strikeback ❯ A Path Beyond ( Chapter 1 )

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Chapter 1- A Path Beyond
The peaceful colony of Secilia...
People were being massacred, as lasers and bombs bombarded everywhere. Giant machines relentless fired at homes and any buildings they picked as targets, incinerating everything in their path.
“Tommy! It's not safe here! Let's go!” shouted a woman. A hulking machine treaded across the vast fields and stopped dead right at the woman and her child. Throwing a bomb far behind, a massive explosion of energy vaporized everything in its blast area and sent debris and people flying.
“Mommy... Mommy? ... Mommy wake up! ...” the poor boy cried.
The machines individually pulled out of the atmosphere and instead, multiple ICBM missiles approached, aimed at the heart of the colony. Seconds after impact, the colony was ripped apart with a nasty shockwave, all life ceased to exist within the colony…
Archangel- Some distance off planet Earth...
“Co...Commander. The colony of Secilia has just vanished from my radar signatures.” said Tolle shakily.
“My audio sensors have picked up what seems like an explosion Commander. Make that a massive explosion!” replied Kazui after Tolle.
Ramius thought to herself, “Explosion? Radar signature lost?... This is bad.”
“What now commander?” asked Sai.
“Set course for Secilia... Under our jurisdiction we are to investigate what might have happened. Put the ship on Level 1 alert and prepare to debark for the zone.” ordered Ramius quickly. Get Ensign Yamato and Commander La'Fllaga to be on standby.
The ship was put on alert as the Archangel began to turn slowly towards its course, wasting no time to get to the scene.
ZAFT Territory- PLANT...
“Hey Athrun, up and early aren't you?”
“You're early yourself Nicol.” replied Athrun. “We've got a meeting with Yzak and Dearka at the lounge, let's go.”
Nicol stepped to the door first and smiled. “After you, Athrun”
On reaching the lounge, Athrun and Nicol were greeted by Dearka and Yzak whom was already with Raww Le-Klueze and waiting for them. Athrun and Nicol abruptly stopped in their tracks and saluted to their commander.
“Is everyone here? Good, so let us begin this briefing.” He paused a while, “As you all know, the colony Secilia was somehow obliterated and we have yet to know the cause. And then, we lost our sub-fleet just approximately minutes after the destruction of Secilia.”
“Could it be ORB or the Earth Alliance?” Yzak interrupted.
“I don't believe so. Destruction of colonies isn't exactly their or our agenda. Moreover, no military deployments have been traced neither from the Earth Alliance nor ORB for the past week. Intelligence suggests someone or something else here is at work.” replied Le'Klueze firmly and then continued, heaving a sigh.
“From the last minute battle reports before we lost the fleet, it seems that these `enemies' are machines but not Mobile Suits. They seem to have very advanced weaponry and technology never seen before by anyone. Although our scientists suggest they are from another galaxy, it all seems too far-fetched to be real.”
“The point is...?” Dearka asked
“Well, Chairman Zala have received broadcasts from both ORB and Earth Alliance, it seems they have all agreed to form a contemporary alliance. As of now, we are to cease all current hostilities against one another.”
“What? And work with those pathetic people? How could Chairman Zala have accepted this?” retorted Yzak growled nastily.
“Well then Yzak... Do you have a solution to this problem?” asked Le'Klueze sternly.
“No Sir... pardon my rudeness, just my personal grudge acting up” Yzak replied calmly.
Le'Klueze laid a hand on the young man's shoulder, “Well, learn to hold them back for now, the situation is rather dire at the moment.”
“Yes Sir.”
“Well then gentlemen, we've been asked to send you four as a recon team to the destroyed colony to search for clues. If anything important is there, capture or retrieve it. If hostility pursues, use extreme prejudice. Understood?” Le'Klueze asked.
“YES SIR!” they saluted in unison.
The ZAFT pilots proceeded to the hangar for their Mobile Suits and shortly after prepared for launch to their target objective.
Back in the Archangel...
“Ready when you are Strike!” Miriallia said over her comm link.
“Strike Gundam, heading out!” Kira replied, as he was boosted out of the hangar.
“Skygrasper 1, launching!” La'Fllaga followed closely behind.
“So what do you think we will find Commander?” asked Kira.
“I don't know kiddo, but we better be on our guard. Nowadays surprises hit you when you don't prepare for it.”
As they approached the devastated colony zone, their comm links and radar began to die out.
Archangel- cockpit area...
“Commander Ramius! Mobile Suit energy signatures detected. Its the four ZAFT Mobile Suits, and they're headed towards Secilia!” Kazui replied in deep panic.
“I'm not getting a reading from them and neither are they responding to my hails!” Miriallia was beginning to sweat from the tense situation.