Gundam SEED Fan Fiction ❯ Operation Strikeback ❯ Brothers Lost- Final - Part 4 ( Chapter 9 )

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Chapter 9- Brothers Lost(FinalPart-4)


Battle 3: GATX-105 Strike Gundam(Sword Strike) .VS. MBV-707-G Temjin



Temjin emitted his beam sword as he approached the Strike, but not before taking out a spiked object. La'Fllaga looked confused for a second but not for long as Temjin threw the object to the floor. It exploded on impact and created a massive cloud of smoke and flames...


"A bomb..." La'Fllaga thought to himself.


But he was not worried about it but about where Temjin ran to. He did not seem to appear from any direction after the explosion and yet there was only silence from Temjin. He looked everywhere... and then upwards, only to find Temjin in a slicing stance descending towards him. The Strike jumped away in time to avoid the slash. Temjin missed and landed in the spot the Strike stood... La'Fllaga gasped as he witnessed the ground being split in half with that sword of Temjin's.


Temjin recovered from the landing and looked at the Strike in discontent. Putting the sword by his side, it clenched its fists tightly as if he was waiting for something to happen. La'Fllaga had no idea what to do and he just readied himself, shifting his sword in a kendo stance.


"Just what is going on...? Why does he let his guard down...? I don't like this feeling..."


Taking a deep breath, he readied himself and charged for Temjin, putting his sword into a thrusting position. No matter how fast and sharp the Strike's movements were, Temjin seemed to be able to read every movement of the Strike. Moreover... La'Fllaga was using two hands to fight while Temjin only used one hand... This gave La'Fllaga a sense of worry as he knew he was up against a highly skilled sword user.


"Just how intelligent can these machines be...?"


Deciding he had enough clashes at one time, he jumped back and threw the beam boomerang at Temjin. Swiftly, Temjin once again deflected the attack and stood there again... as if in mockery and waiting for La'Fllaga to make his move. He felt a little impatient and charged for Temjin again. This time he placed the beam sword in a slashing position which was too obvious to Temjin of what was the Strike's next move. As expected, Temjin swung the sword from the underside to counter the blow; however La'Fllaga saw it coming and continued on. But instead he immediately drew the sword to his side and defended against the beam sword. Moving on with momentum, he went past Temjin but not before slicing off a part of his leg's Virtual Armor. He crashed shoulders with Temjin and also knocked him down. Recovering quickly, La'Fllaga tried to take the opportunity to strike his downed opponent. Taking a jump, he raised the sword over his head and came down yelling.




Temjin seemed unfazed even though he was just lying there. With the sword in his right hand, he raised the sword vertically with both hands... To La'Fllaga's surprise, the sword clicked open and split into two, looking like what seems to be a railgun.


"!!! What?!", Before the Strike even landed the blow, a blue beam from the railgun blasted the Strike off.


Thrown back upon impact, the Strike haplessly fell backwards and La'Fllaga was badly shaken. As he raised his head after the impact, he felt warm liquid trickling down his forehead... blood... He could sniff the liquid in his stuffy helmet and it sickened him.


"For the first time in my life... This is not happening!!!"


Determined to uphold his past reputation, his senses suddenly heightened and he seemed more focused. Temjin had gotten up and raised his sword rifle at the Strike. Seeing the barrel glowing fast, La'Fllaga swung the sword fast over his head and deflected the first shot. Temjin was surprised at his fault and tried to fire more rounds. The Strike seemingly became more agile got up quick... almost with human agility. For a moment, La'Fllaga and the Strike seemed to become one. Grasping the sword tightly in his hand, he put the Strike on an offensive stance, waiting for his chance to attack. Seconds later, Temjin shifted his leg a little and La'Fllaga took the opportunity. Swinging the sword from under, Temjin brought the blade horizontally to his torso and guarded. Sliding the blade up, La'Fllaga made another strike, but Temjin again guarded. The two crossed swords for a long time, with Temjin now in a hotspot. Almost surprised by the Strike's relentless blows and quick reflexes, it was beginning to wear out. Temjin boosted himself backwards away from the Strike and gained some distance. La'Fllaga waited on Temjin and it ran forward. Expecting Temjin to strike hard, he grasped his sword tighter. But suddenly, when nearing striking distance, Temjin circled around the Strike fast and slashed...


"What...?... from behind??!!!"


The Strike managed to evade but had its rocket anchor slashed off at that very same moment. Swinging the sword handle backwards, La'Fllaga struck Temjin in the knee and made it buckle a little. With technique, he swung the blade backwards fast and managed to slice off a part of Temjin's waist armor, piercing through the Virtual Armor. The Strike tried to pick itself up while Temjin stumbled back as its left knee seemed to be giving way. It tried firing its rifle at the Strike to interrupt it before it advanced. Granted, he reached for a bomb and threw it to the Strike. Having no time to evade, the Strike just guarded itself and was thrown back by the explosion.




La'Fllaga felt the pain in his back as he fell with the Strike. Still sitting on the floor, he looked around for Temjin, but found no trail of him.


"Damned... he got away...uhh??"


Whatever La'Fllaga saw was becoming blurred as he slowly slipped out of consciousness. The next moment, La'Fllaga blacked out.