Gundam SEED Fan Fiction ❯ Operation Strikeback ❯ Desperate Measures- Part 2 ( Chapter 12 )

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Chapter 12- Desperate Measures( Part 2)
“Cagalli!” Athrun yelled.
Everyone was busy with their personal enemy and had no way to assist anyone. In desperation, Kira tried his best to fight Raiden quickly but it was getting futile to rush it through. Recovering from the brutal blast, Kira fought to stay alive for dear life. Drawing back into the combat-ready position, he pulled a saber out and engaged Raiden in close-combat. Charging its lasers, Raiden let loose an extreme burst of laser that almost would have fried the Freedom instantly. Using the shield was senseless so Kira dodged to his side, almost scorched by the huge beam. However it wasn't all over yet. Unfortunately, Cagalli was in the way of the huge laser, unable to react in time, the laser engulfed the M-1 Astray inside and sent Cagalli screaming for her life. The M-1 stopped its Phase-Shift generation, suffering critical damage.
Kira stared at the hulky Raiden which seemed to be provoking him. In that next instant, Kira's natural senses faded… his mind totally blanked out.
“You monster… you… hurt CAGALLI!” yelled Kira at the top of his voice.
Once again, he jet-stormed towards Raiden and slashed him instantly, but Raiden saw it coming and dodged the strike. Again, Kira turned-tail and went for Raiden. Each time becoming a closer shave for Raiden. Boosting backwards, Raiden defended himself with his lasers and fired missiles everywhere. Having no luck in hitting Kira, he deployed electrical charges into space, what seemed like an electrical cage. Skillfully avoiding the beams, Kira made contact with his blade and slashed the bazooka into half with his blade. A vengeful Raiden released multiple burst streams at the Freedom. The blackness of space was lit with azure beams and colors of sorts.
Having no close-combat weapon, Raiden found it difficult to fight against the malicious Freedom, hell-bent on destroying him. To his advantage, he found an exposed spot every time the Freedom went by him. And trying to take that advantage, he fired out twin shots at the Freedom. Immediately turning and the cannons in position, he angled the cannons to focus and fire at the lasers themselves. Prominences of pure energy erupted as the beams made contact in a fierce yet beautiful display of light. The beams faded, with no victor emerged yet. Both the machines were drained out already- Raiden's shoulder pods were sparking and jolting with electricity. Almost about to explode. Kira knew even if the Freedom could continue fighting in its current status, his ranged weapons wouldn't tolerate the constant heat wave. His blank eyes filled with hatred stared at the black machine, still hell-bent on destroying it.
Standing its ground, Raiden charged its lasers for the another time, producing a huge energy flux around the pods which seemed to shake and rattle even Raiden himself. It crunched its own body to withstand the overwhelming power inside. The hour of Judgment came; Raiden opened its body with force and released a massive laser that seemed to even overwhelming Kira. However, he simply dodged the beam. But unbeknownst to Kira, Raiden turned his body, instantly turning the beam at the Freedom from an angle. Absorbed into the massive beam, Kira was brutally thrown back into space as the Phase-Shift armor instantly disengaged. As fate would have it, the Freedom did not explode, but the titanium alloy was literally vaporizing, even the heat shielding failed to work under such extreme heat inside the laser. The laser trail finally ended, Raiden drifted helplessly as it no longer had any energy to move, its laser pods melted from that extreme attack... But sadly for Kira, only what seems like a shattered corpse of the Freedom Gundam remained; arms, cannons, wing-boosters, legs and what-not, were totally disintegrated.
As for Kira, still holding on to the controls was sweating profusely, defeated and totally helpless. Kira stared into blank space under sub-consciousness, unable to neither think nor move a limb. All that appeared was a blue blur- Temjin. But he was still unable to focus in his condition. Temjin aimed his sword launcher at the head of the Freedom. All Kira could do was watch… as he faded into total unconsciousness… A blue flash followed from the sword.