Gundam SEED Fan Fiction ❯ Operation Strikeback ❯ Ulterior Motives ( Chapter 14 )

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Chapter 14- Ulterior Motives
Cypher now alone, had to deal with the new M-1 Astray, Duel Assault/Shroud and the Justice Gundams. Everyone was battle ready. Cypher made the first move, transforming into his Waverider mode and blasting off past the three Mobile Suits. Moving far out of sight, Cypher then returned with the usual volley of vulcan and missiles. The trio broke formation and attacked Cypher individually. Athrun was its first target and it charged head-on for the Justice. Beams of blue emitted from his rifle as he fought off Cypher. Even at breakneck speed, Cypher reverted to humanoid form and emitted its beam blade, and by using its speed and momentum, brought the blade into the shield of the Justice. The shield was sliced cleanly in half and took away the arm of the Justice Gundam. Then, transforming back into jet form for another swift attack.
“What! Arghh!” Athrun was thrown off as if it was wrongly launched off a catapult, in a violent manner. Cagalli awed by the sight of what happened, said to herself...
“I guess we didn't rate you a Class 1 threat for nothing...”
Cagalli went to assist and recover Athrun and provided cover fire for Yzak to attack. But no matter how well they aimed, it was impossible the strike a target traveling at the speed of laser beams. Circling them wide, Cypher came round towards Yzak and attempted an attack. In desperation, Yzak fired relentless shots from his shoulder cannon but all of them were deflected off an energy barrier protecting Cypher. Spinning in a circular motion, Cypher pierced its front right into the shield of the Duel Gundam.
“AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” a long yell from Yzak followed.
Although not pierced through, the impact from Cypher's charge attack carried the Duel away on its nose tip. And millions of sparks were flying from the point of impact. Splinters broke away from the shield and cracks eventually appeared rapidly, Yzak realised he had to break away now or he'll die from a pierce-through. Disconnecting the shield from the arm, he quickly maneuvered the Duel out of the way but was sent spinning around for a while. Needless to say, the shield became space debris and Yzak wasn't exactly happy.
“Damn you... Bastard! I just had my Duel fixed this morning!” Yzak fired his rifle and cannon in a rage at Cypher. Yet again none of the shots connected. Cagalli knew eventually she was next. But she planned a different tactic to be used. Instead she drew out the beam saber and waited for Cypher to come again. This time, she set the sword on a “pierce” position and slammed it right into Cypher. As hard as she tried, she was also forced back by the overwhelming speed and power. Before Cagalli knew it, she was slammed into a nearby asteroid and even broke through it from the harsh impact.
Everybody looked helplessly and even the crew from the Archangel stared in disbelief at their fearsome enemy. How... are they supposed to destroy this monster? The trio was already panting badly from the experiences they each had. Fatigue had begun to wear Cagalli, if not Athrun out too. Yzak too couldn't think of anything to do. All hope seemed lost.
“Now he wants a sword fight... are we going to do it?” asked Athrun.
“If we don't... we die... If we do... we'll probably die as well.” Cagalli replied.
“I feel different... I'm gonna try!” Yzak remarked.
They each drew out their own sabers, staring at Cypher, neither moving limb nor muscle. Yzak cheated and fired three shots from his shoulder blaster. Yzak thought he'd score a hit somewhere but to his utter shock, Cypher individually struck back the shots back at them in a quick set of movements. Guarding himself at the torso, he deflected the first shot and swung the arm down to deflect the one aimed at his leg and finally a beautiful back turn with the blade guarding the head section to deflect the final shot. Yzak gapped his mouth open at the sight. For the first time in his life, he met fear in the eye, something that had the power to destroy him- Fear.
Cypher was tired of playing games with them, and raised his Revenant to height. Quickly releasing bolts of laser at them, swinging his other arm, he threw five energy engulfed daggers at the Justice, avoiding four of them, Athrun mistakenly gets caught by one and notices on impact, that the dagger began to drain some energy from his core battery. To make matters worst, Cypher had already blasted a beam at him and Athrun didn't see it coming, to be knocked off by the rail beam. Cagalli gave chase to Cypher and used her rifle to aim at its Revenant gun. Missing by a huge scale, Cagalli was pissed at her faults, but that one moment of distraction proved fatal, as Cypher had already made a quick turn towards the M-1 and launched a beam missile at point blank range towards her. The momentum of the missile gained from Cypher's speed threw the M-1 off again. Cagalli noticed that the M-1's torso was slightly scorched at the
area of impact. Cagalli realised something...
That shot could penetrate Phase-Shift armor!
Conveying this new discovery to her comrades, Athrun and Yzak begun to draw huge breaths from fatigue and brain-drain. They knew they were fighting a losing battle and what seems worst was, they were fighting three against one. The reality of the situation was heart-shaking and morale-lowering. But nonetheless, they chose not to give up the fight. Knowing he himself would win the fight, Cypher stood there letting the trio do whatever they want first. Finally after some silent planning, the Duel and the Justice flanked Cypher by the rear and prepared their sabers again. Tension built, as Cypher stood there concentrating on the surroundings while waiting for the Mobile Suits to attempt first strike. Yzak again, gave the first strike and Athrun charged in first to attack, missing barely by an inch. Cypher used his jump-jet and evaded, but thinking he had escaped, the Astray suddenly bolted from the back and struck Cypher down with the beam blade, followed by a burst of laser from the Duel.
The plan worked, and Cagalli cheered for them, but it was all a moments' joy. Cypher recovered immediately only to launch another missile at the Astray. With nothing to use, Cagalli prayed her arms would do the trick.
“… …? No impact?” Cagalli muttered.
“Hey girl! Am I too late to join the fun now?” asked La Fllaga, returned in Launcher Strike mode.
“Great timing pal.” replied Yzak.
“Alright, now here's the plan… …” La Fllaga discussed a plan with them. As they did that, Cypher lazily reloaded his Revenant and waited impatiently. Cypher seemed to have developed a personality…
“… OK, let's put it in motion! On my mark! GO!”
The Justice and Astray raced ahead of Cypher brushing past harmlessly. Cypher with the confused look, realized- it was a challenge, a challenge of speed. Cypher transforming into Waverider mode raced after them and easily outclassed them with its speed. On the return trip, The other two mobile suits appeared from behind Justice and the Astray, blasting Cypher like no tomorrow. The other two side-stepped from their attack path and followed suit. Attempting to defend himself with only his beam blade, took the full brunt of the attack. What seemed like screams of agony from Cypher, were muffled by shockwave blasts and exploding shrapnel. His thinly-lined virtual armor was totally disintegrated. When the attack ended, all was left is a plain metal frame, still sparking with electricity. Cagalli was about to finish Cypher, when a strange transmission accompanied by a robotic voice entered their comm links. It was Cypher speaking.
“ *static* You… insolent fools… you think… by defeating me, your troubles are over?... hahaha… my… leader will destroy… you all! I'll tell you… the reason… This… skirmish… was meant to cleanse this world… of life… and eliminate your worthless… technology… compared to us… you are nothing!... Muahahahaha!”
“I heard enough from you, you piece of trash.” Cagalli screamed.
She raised the rifle screaming and blasted the remains of Cypher, what remained, joined the space debris.
“I guess that's the end of it… But… what about this “leader”? Who… or what could it be…?” asked La Fllaga skeptically.
“For now, we can't answer that question. Let's return, the Archangel needs us too.” Athrun replied calmly.
Yzak noticed a black floating mass from the distance, assuming the body form was VR Raiden's.
“Heh… serves you right!”
Aiming his cannon and locked on, the Duel let loose multiple beams and destroyed what remained of Raiden instantaneously.
“Well, let's head home…” Yzak said gleefully.
Echoing Robotic Voice: “You insolent fools… you will be… CRUSHED!”
Yzak looked back in surprise, swearing to himself he heard something.
“… … I guess I'm just tired… … !?”