Gundam SEED Fan Fiction ❯ Operation Strikeback ❯ Peace At Last? ( Chapter 15 )

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Chapter 15- Peace At Last?
Hours after the defeat of the RVR-42 Cypher, along with Raiden and Temjin, the battling heroes were congratulated and thrown a victory party in celebration. Somehow rather, hostilities between the three opposing nations have begun to fade as diplomatic ties draw closer. Yzak's hatred for Kira has dissolved in his heart while the teen pilots have became friends. A proper memorial service was arranged for Dearka and Nicol, whom both have made great sacrifices and were appreciated dearly for their efforts. Both La'Fllaga and Yzak were dragged back to the medical facility for proper R&R. Things have begun to calm down after the short but exhaustive war.
As for Kira Yamato, still receiving treatment for his injuries, was accompanied by his dearest friends Athrun and Cagalli. She couldn't help but cry at the sight of Kira's current condition. Athrun tried his best to console Cagalli, praying for his old friend's sake. Cagalli suddenly clenched Athrun's shirt tightly to her chest crying so emotionally she would have filled a lake with her tears.
“Why... why Kira?!” Cagalli still crying as she said.
“Relax, he'll be alright, I know he will.” Athrun said calmly.
The doctor finally emerged from the operating theatre and said to the pair.
“Nothing serious, he's just suffering from mental fatigue and a few cuts. Nothing too drastic.” was all he said.
Cagalli smiled as she cried, overwhelmed by the joy of the doctor's words.
“Oh Kira... thank goodness.”
Days later, Kira was able to report back to normal duty but his condition was observed occasionally just to be careful. All was well, with Yzak and La'Fllaga finally discharged after fully recovering. The group of friends went out on a personal party to celebrate their full return. Back inside the Archangel's cockpit, Miriallia and the rest were finally able to relax after their tour of duties. Commander Ramius soon stepped into the room.
“Good news crew, I received word that you are all given free-time until further notice. You may do whatever you wish to until then. Just stay out of trouble.” She said with a gentle smile.
“Does this mean we are all normal civilians for now?” asked La'Fllaga.
“Well, yes... what do you mean by asking... mmm?” Ramius was cut-off
La'Fllaga suddenly and gently held her to his height, kissing her was she spoke. Badgirruel whom happened to pass by flushed red at the sight. For someone whom has never experienced real love, this was a new insight for her.
“Well now, I've been waiting for this moment at long last.” said La'Fllaga cheekily.
Weeks later...
“Hey Kira! We're going to be late for the ceremony!” Lacus said cheerfully to him, with the Horos' bouncing around her.
“Give me just another minute.” said Kira as he quickly groomed himself.
“Well, then hurry up. Reverend Malkio is already here to pick us up.”
Athrun was waiting for Cagalli outside a hotel back lobby as he stared into the starry sky with a smile. Dressed in a glittering white suit, it fitted his body outline perfectly. A limousine driving in soon drew to a stop right beside Athrun's feet. Athrun plainly smiled as he always did, then offering a hand to the girl whom was dressed in a sparkling gorgeous wedding gown, Cagalli Yula Artha. The gentlemen guards near the lobby bowed to the sight of the bride and groom, opening the rear entrance for them. While at the front lobby, where everybody was gathered, a lot of commotion about the bride and groom was to be heard, where the air of grandeur and anxiety was packed together. Kira and Lacus along with the others arrived, with Miriallia dragging the clumsy Tolle along while Sai and Kazui trailing at their back. Every one was kind of attached to someone and they were rather embarrassed to be alone. Sai and Kazui got tapped on the shoulder and to their surprise, it was two of Cagalli's female friends, obviously looking for companions too.
“Well, yes... how can we help you?” asked Sai in his usual gentlemanly tone.
One of the girls shyly asked, “Well... we came alone too, so erm... mind if you be our date for tonight?”
Sai looked at Kazui for a moment and looked back saying, “Sure... why not?”
With delight, the girls raised their hands for the boys to receive them. Then walking off with Sai and Kazui like newly wed couples.
Approximately an hour later, when everyone was seated and ready, the wedding ceremony commenced with brilliant fireworks as a start. The speaker welcomed the bride and groom, Cagalli Yula Artha and Athrun Zala, to say their words. Moments after, a priest walked in, Reverend Malkio whom was to address the audience and conduct the wedding vows.
“Ms Cagalli Yula Artha. Do you, promise in the name of your family, to take this man, Mr Athrun Zala, to be your one and only husband?” the Reverend said smoothly.
“I Do...”
“And Mr Athrun Zala. Do you, pledge by your name, to take this woman Ms Cagalli Yula Artha, to be your beloved wife, to love her, to be with her through thick and thin, and to support her all your life?”
“I Do...”
“You may now kiss the bride...” the Reverend finally announced.
Cagalli met lips with Athrun, and in that moment of passion, tears from the audience flowed, followed by an amazing display of pyrotechnics as they kissed.
As it all ended, Reverend Malkio walked up to them and handed Athrun the engagement rings. Athrun received the sparkling rings from him, awed by the impressive layout and display of little studded diamonds embedded into the ring sockets. Cagalli could have melted at the sight of those rings. As Athrun prepared to slip the ring into her finger. A tremor shook the ballroom. Wine glasses began to tip slightly. Panicky voices began to erupt as one noisy conglomerate. Another tremor suddenly erupted and shook the whole ballroom again. Pandemonium was building up, while Kira was receiving word from La'Fllaga whom was checking the situation outside. Kira told Lacus to stay put and called the other Mobile Suit pilots to join him. Heading for the bride and groom, he conveyed La Fllaga's message to them. And taken by surprise, all of them followed Kira out of the ballroom.
“Great timing kids! There's something out there attacking the district, I'll go evacuate the civilians, you guys head on to your Mobile Suits.” ordered La Fllaga.
“Trouble just had to rear its ugly head at this time...” muttered La Fllaga.