Gundam SEED Fan Fiction ❯ Operation Strikeback ❯ The Dark Guardian ( Chapter 16 )

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Chapter 16- The Dark Guardian
Athrun and Cagalli went to get changed while the others prepared to board their Mobile Suits
“I can't believe something like this happens on our wedding night!” said Cagalli cursing at what was happening.
“You know, you should learn to control that temp...” Athrun suddenly stopped abruptly.
Staring at Cagalli red-faced, Athrun just blankly looked at her. A confused Cagalli trailed Athrun eyes and stared at herself… she had removed half her wedding gown in front of Athrun. Staring back for another moment, Cagalli went flush-red and covered up herself in embarrassment. Athrun blushing badly turned around to get himself changed.
“Ack!... I'm… I'm… sorry!” Athrun apologized in a hurry.
“Cagalli instead giggled in laughter, “Athrun…” she said in a soft tone, “We are husband and wife already now aren't we? What's there to be shy about?”
Athrun ignoring those mushy words continued to change into his suit quickly. Cagalli finished up and followed Athrun quickly.
The Freedom, Justice, Duel Assault/Shroud and M-1 Astray Custom assembled side by side and were prepped. Once deployed, the four stayed in position and took on their new opponent.
“That's… the Dread Reaper?...” Yzak asked skeptically.
“Definitely some sort of machine…” Athrun replied him.
As the dark, crimson figure loomed into view, its frame resembled that of the Dread Reaper, holding a huge scythe and fitted with death wings. The machine looked at them with a grin, and swung its scythe, releasing a purple ripple along the sky. Yzak made a sharp evasion turn and growled.
“So you want me first!? Come and get me!”
Boosting off fast, the Duel launched multiple blasts at its opponent, carefully avoiding damage to any civilian structures. The machine easily avoided the blasts and dashed towards the Duel. Yzak drew the saber and attempted to strike it, and with surprise, the machine went into a sliding tackle and tripped the Duel over. Cagalli, Athrun, and Kira arrived to aid Yzak as the machine just stood there. Lowering its scythe, it began to actually speak to the four pilots.
“I am RVR-87 Specineff, Dark Guardian of the Distorted Shrine Gate. I must admit the fact that you surprised us by defeating Cypher, our best Virtuaroid of the elites. BUT, you are never getting past me!”
With that said Specineff threw another shockwave towards them and jump-jet away from the ground into the air. Skillfully avoiding all their attacks, Specineff did nothing to attack them. Instead, once he noticed all the Mobile Suits had gathered near him, Specineff did the unimaginable. Revolving the scythe above his head, Specineff created what seems like a black hole that began to pull the Mobile Suits in.
“What the! A black hole?” Yzak said as he kept the Duel in place.
“No! It's some sort of warp and it's pulling us in!” Cagalli replied in desperation to keep her M-1 in place.
“We've got to get out of here!” Kira yelled.
“But how? That warp is too strong! Athrun said helplessly.
However hard they tried to escape the mysteriously created warp hole by Specineff. All efforts were to no avail, one by one the Mobile Suits were sucked in and Specineff himself disappeared to nowhere.
Back at the ballroom when La'Fllaga found it all too quiet, he went out to check the scene. However to his surprise, no one was seen. Not even any of the Mobile Suits.
“Strange, where could they have gone?” La Fllaga said as he scratched his head in wonder.
“Uhhh… where… where are we?” Cagalli finally was conscious after being sent into the warp hole. She shook her pals hoping to wake them. One by one they regained consciousness and looked around them, puzzled about their whereabouts.
“Ok… THAT... sure was strange.” Yzak muttered.
“Whatever happened, we don't really know for sure. However, from what this place looks like, we seem to be in a kind of virtual world.” Athrun answered.
“Virtual world huh?...! Wait… Could this be...” Cagalli was cut off by an appearance of another machine.
The machine had a strange robotic build. Made up of mainly shapes of pyramids, spheres and cuboids. The head was a crystal form surrounded by a half crescent at the back. It had a transparent and yet metallic blue shade all over.
“Heh! What are you? Some sort of virtual game host!? Yzak retorted.
In that instant, the robot threw a metallic cube towards the Duel but Yzak thought it was some stupid prank. He raised the shield to deflect it, but was violently knocked down by the impact. The others gasped at the surprising sight.
“You're joking!” What is that supposed to be!” Yzak groaned in pain.
“You alone have remained a threat long enough by stopping our conquest of destruction, destroying even our most elite of Virtuaroids in our Virtual World.” It paused, “You have lived long enough! Time to die!