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By Lord Raa.

Discalime-me-do!: I am not; Sunrise, Pioneer Entertainment, Bandai Entertainment, Gonzo Digimation, Hajime Yadate, Yoshiyuki Tomino nor Kouta Hirano. But I might actually be dangerously insane.


In the future, mankind has migrated to the stars in vast numbers. They live in numerous colonies in relative peace, but as is the dream of all colonials, they wanted to govern themselves in peace.

The Earth Sphere Alliance was reluctant to do this, mainly because people don't like giving things up without good reason. And tax revenue is something they governments like to get in while they can.

With the assassination of the colony leader Heero Yui, relations began to sour between Earth and the Colonies. This caused a group of talented scientists and engineers to depart to seperate locations with the plans for a revolutionary mobile suit with each of them agreeing to assemble their own designs to further peace in the Solar System.

One scientist, known only as Dr J, was completing his masterpiece when he felt a strange presence in his lab.

"Who's there?" he asked.

"Someone who needs a favour," was the cryptic reply.

"What do you want? Who do you work for? Is it OZ?" The doctor was beginning to move towards the wepon he kept under the work top for situations like this.

"Not those fools. But I am in need of a vessle. My time grows short here, but don't think that I cannot deal with you," the voice seemed to take on a dangerous edge.

"What do you mean by 'vessle'? So you need a shuttle?"

"No, not a shuttle. A corporeal body."

Just then, the young boy known as Heero Yui walked into the lab.

"Dr J? Who are you talking to? What's going on her?"

"Him, he'll do nicely."

"No! Not him, we need him for out mission." The doctor was adamant.

"What is your mission boy?"

"I'm going to Earth, to fight for the Colonies. Where are you, come out so I can see you," Heero insisted.

"Hmm, you've a strong spirit, boy. How would you like to be stronger? I can help you on your mission. All it would cost you is your body," the voice offered.

"I'm willing to lay down my life for the Colonies, what are you offering?"

The voice seemed to speak through a smirk. "You're a smart one too. The deal is this, you give me your body, I'll give you my strength and combat experience. I might be able to give you other attributes as well."

Dr J was not impressed, "don't do this Heero, we need you."

"Scientist, you need all the help you can get. This will give you an edge, one your enemies will have little to no chance of countering. It is the boy's choice."

"Ok, do it."

A fog surrounded Heero. Slowly, it became more and more opaque. Heero looked concerned. He tensed as the fog swirled around his body. He gasped as it entered his every pore, before he finally collapsed.

The doctor rushed to Heero's side to check up on him.

"Heero, Heero, are you alright?"

Heero stirred, smiled and looked up at the scientist. "Dr J, I- I," he paused to take a deep breath. "Think that I'll go by Heero Yui on Earth, but my codename for operation Meteor will now be Alucard."

"What have you done, Heero?"


To be continued?

Another crazy idea I had, this one started out as a parody of various crossovers that I felt that I had to make too big of a leap of logic to buy. Things that work with different technology bases or rules of magic. But then I thought that I could do this semi seriously and still have some fun with it. So here it is, though I admit that it is a tad raw.

Instead of Heero Yui's glare, Alucard's smirk. Now, how would Relena and the others react to that?

"Back off, Braid-boy. I don't swing that way! Touch me there again and you will not have a face, buddy." (Pulls out a HUGE silver Hand Cannon) "That goes for you too, Blondie!" (Pulls out a matching black Hand Cannon).

Yes, there will be humour in later chapters, as Alucard's personality merges with Heero's. Heero's newfound abilities, appetites and sensitivities will come into play, but how much effect will they have on the timeline?

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