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A Gundam Wing Alternate Universe.

Episode 1


Relen a Darlian slowly walked down the coastal road, feeling that her father wasn't spending enough time with her. For once, the feelings of insufficient parental love were somewhat correct.

"Father, don't you remember that tomorrow is my birthday?" A glint in the evening sunset caught her eye. "What's that?"

Rushing down to the beach, she saw that it was a person. "That's a military uniform."

Reaching to remove the helmet she noticed that the person was male, and the he was really only a boy.

He stirred, looking around, he saw a girl, his first though was 'she's kinda cute.' Then the higher functions started to come online he realised his situation.

"Don't move, an ambulance is on it's way," Relena told Heero.

Getting up he covered his face, "you didn't see did you?"

Deciding not to take any chances by being captured alive, Heero activated his suicide device. Which promptly malfunctioned.


Just then, the ambulance arrived. The paramedics rushed down the steps to where Heero and Relena were.

Heero took this opportunity to make his escape. Breezing through the men on the steps, he jumped at the driver's side window. Kicking it in, he forcibly removed the driver.

"Time leave."

With that, Heero drove off.

"Who was that?" Relena asked, somewhat rhetorically. "My name is Relena, what's yours?"


Speeding away in a stolen ambulance, Heero drove on auto-pilot allowing himself the time to figure out his situation.

"Let's see, I remember coming to Earth in the Gundam, I was attacked. Or was my attack defended against?" Changing gears, he continued speaking aloud, "my Gundam was brought down by an ace pilot. Considering how he evaded the beam cannon blast, he must have been. Aww, man. And he wore that stupid mask; he is in for such a beat down when I see him next."

Calming himself down, Heero started on his next mission: destroy the Gundam, rather then allow it to fall into enemy hands.

"I'll need cover." A traffic sign caught his eye. "Hey, there's a private school in the area, I'll hack into their computers and enrol myself. Damn, I don't even have my pistol set. I need to re-arm myself from scratch."

Across the globe, a number of battles were being fought at OZ facilities. Using the element of surprise, the remaining four Gundams caused terrible carnage amongst their foe.

Pilots were incinerated in mobile suits.

A number of navel crews found themselves forced to abandon their ships as they were sliced apart by a large beam weapon.

A major transportation hub resembled Swiss cheese after the Gundam had emptied his magazines into it.

The Magnuac Corp fought a vicious battle in the desert, led a by an effeminate blonde boy.

The outcomes were all the same: the Gundam pilots tasted easy victories as the OZ forces never knew what hit them.


< br> At the Mount Rose Private Academy, the faculty called an assembly to introduce the new transfer student.

"Everybody, this is Heero Yui."

'That's him!' Relena thought, 'so that's his name.'

After school, Relena walked up to Heero and gave him an invitation to her birthday party.

'Hmm, this is going to complicate matters. But I don't want to arouse suspicion.' "I can't make any guarantees, but I'll see what I can do. If you'll excuse me." He finished with a smirk.

Heero walked off into the distance humming a strange tune. Strange because no-one had heard that particular genre of music for some time.

Speaking to himself, "I really must find out what passes for popular culture these days. I wonder if I can get some of those classic tunes on CD or whatever they play music on."


Af ter Heero finished 'correcting' certain enrolment information, he went on to plan the destruction of his Gundam.

'These torpedoes should do the trick,' he thought.

Unfortunately at the same time, his mobile suit was discovered by another Gundam pilot.

"Alright, spare parts" he thought out loud. "I'll pick this up later, tomorrow evening if I read the tides right."


The next evening, Heero was preparing the torpedoes he 'acquired' to detonate upon reaching the Gundam when Relena interrupted him.

"What are you doing Heero? Those are torpedoes aren't they?"

'God, she's getting on my tits. And I only met here yesterday!' "Yes Relena, they are underwater ordinance delivery devices. I need to use them to prevent military secrets from falling into the wrong hands. Now, either shut up or piss off!"

"There's no need to be rude, Heero," Relena was taken aback by the Gundam pilot's attitude. Yes he was nice to her and the other girls at school, but some the things he came out with.

"You're not still upset about some of the party games that I suggested earlier are you? You are an attractive young woman, you should be exploring your sexuality freely. I can help you with that, if you want." Heero continued his work as if he was discussing weather rather then implying that the young girl partake in all sorts of morally dubious activities.

Relena fumed quietly for a moment when a young man wearing black and brandishing a flare in his left hand and a pistol in his other.

"What do you think you're doing here, buddy. I'm shocked that you'd say such things to a lady."

Heero turned to face this new voice. "I am trying to do what I think is right, but I keep getting hassled by fools." Noticing that the interloper's pistol was a 9mm, he smirked, showing one of his elongated canines. "What's it to you?"

"I can't allow such an injustice to continue.." he was interrupted the surfacing Gundams.

"Trying to pinch my ride, eh? Well I'll just add you to the list of people I need to beat down.

"What, that's your mobile suit?"

"Yeah, it's MINE! Hands of buddy, unless you think you can take me in combat."

"Anytime, you freak."

"Bring it on, Braid-boy" 'I like that sound of that. I may have to start taunting all of the weak fools who stand in my way.' "Relena, I'll see you around; I'm going for a swim."


"Well, that was unexpected," Relena noted somewhat dryly.

Duo nodded and introduced himself.


Heero made good time on his watery journey. Opening the cockpit, he let himself, and a small amount of seawater, in. 'Right then,' he thought, ' let's get this death machine moving.'

Activating the Vernier thrusters, he lifted the Gundams out of the sea. Deciding that he'd try to squish the braided fool, he jiggled his controls to loosen the second mobile suit.

"Damn, I missed. Well, I guess that I'll see you in Hell."

With that, Heero made his escape to perform repairs on his mobile suit.


T o be continued


If I can get enough motivation.

Author's notage:

Well, this started off as a parody of mindless crossovers and the fics where all the pilots are 'into alternative lifestyles', but I am having a little bit of fun with it. If Heero comes off as a bit self inserty, well, tough. Is this story really any worse then the "what if there was a sixth pilot?" type fic?

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