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Scars & Bullets
A vicious gunfight with terrorist leads to the discovery of a boy whose “talents” may parallel too even the most experienced fratellos. However he has no memory of his origins and does not seem to know his true potential. He impresses the handlers and receives the girls' respect, can they shape this boy to the ultimate assassin… or is he already one.
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Hi my name is Triela… no I don't have a surname and neither do the other minors in this organization. Yes there are more of those like me and we all have something in common. We were found in dire conditions and were taken by the Social Welfare Agency and made into cyborg beings/ assassins who can rip you apart in a blink of an eye. Most of us are girls there's Henrietta she's 10 years old, Rico who I think is 13, Claes who is also 13, we use to have members named Elsa and Angelica but… their gone now, and me, I am 14 years old. Like I said earlier most of us are girls since HE came a little bit later.
Chapter 1 Scoperta
It was in a serious gunfight in a town square with terrorists who thought it would be a good idea to rob banks for their funding. Strange thing was they seem to be of Japanese origin.
“What are Japanese terrorists doing here?”
“I don't know Triela but they seem to be heavily armed, we can't let them get away now.”
That was Hillshire he's my handler. With both of us together we are called a fratello, which means siblings, but in truth we are a group composed of a cyborg girl and her non-cyborg handler, all of us are grouped in this way except Claes who lost her handler. Their job is to take care of us but if you ask me some do a bad job. Thank fully Hillshire isn't one of those bad handlers like Jean, he is Rico's handler, he treats her like a dog; but then Hillshire is not like Joze either, he is Henrietta's handler and just showers her with gifts all day long. You can say he's in the middle of that --
“Triela! Pay attention! You could hit innocent bystanders.”
Sometimes he's a pain. We stood against the terrorists for quite awhile before help finally arrived. It came in the form of Henrietta who sprang from behind the enemy lines and fired with her FN P90 sub-machine gun. Soon terrorist were literally falling of the barrier they made and to make things worst for them they were also being picked off one by one by Rico who was probably up a balcony sniping them with her Dragunov SVD. I was pretty thankful for the reinforcement and I was actually glad that the terrorists knew that they were screwed. Unfortunately it was on that day that I found out what Japanese do when they're screwed. They proceeded to jump the barrier and attack the bystanders! I mean literally they were ignoring our gunfire and were just trying to kill us much people as they can.
“What the hell?” was the words that came out of Hillshire's mouth.
He couldn't believe what these terrorists were doing. Personally I couldn't believe what he would say next:
“Triela storm the front!”
“What? Why? What for!” I exclaimed with disbelief, did he want me to get killed?
“Triela, I know what you're risking but you have no choice, we need to save as much people as we can now.”
In disbelief I jumped over the car we were using as cover and ran into the bloody fray. It was madness in there, those terrorist were either making a statement or just plain crazy. They really wanted to make something out of their inevitable deaths. I tried killing as many of them as possible but I couldn't avoid seeing a civilian get killed every now and then. It was then that I saw it happen…
In a distant, I see this boy probably in his teens take a rifle from a terrorist and break his neck. Then he proceeded to fire at the terrorists as well. I have never seen such skill in gunmanship in someone of his age except among us girls. He was definitely no rookie and his shots were dead accurate, killing terrorist from left to right. Eventually we were shooting terrorists right beside each other and I couldn't help stealing a glance. He definitely was a boy and not one I have ever met. He was probably 15 or 16 years old but I couldn't tell if he was Asian, European or American. Eventually he realized I was looking at him and he stopped shooting and looked back at me. He flashed a smile and was about to say something but then a worried look overtook him and he pushes me aside. It turns out that several terrorists tried attacking us from behind and he saw them. He took 6 to 7 shots to the chest and went down, for a moment I thought that this new friend of mine was dead but then he straitened up shot the would be ambushers. I rushed to check on him and found 7 bullet holes on his chest, I guess he saw that I was concerned but then he told me:
“Don't worry I'll be fine, go!”
All I could say was “ok” and I left him.
It was then that I realized my stupidity. I thought to my self “You idiot! He's got 7 shots in his chest even a cyborg would be in critical condition with those kind of injuries!” but before I could turn back I was engaged in another gun fight.
Eventually we ran out of enemies to kill and were left with a bloody town square. I sat down for a break after all the killing and checked if I had any injuries. It was only then that I realized I left that boy too die. I got up to see if there was anybody standing but the only people I could see doing so were the fratello pair of Henrietta & Joze and the pair of Rico & Jean. I sat back down feeling sad about my loss until I heard Henrietta's cries:
“Joze I found a live one!”
As I was looking at the carnage I probably helped make I was thinking over the only person I ever think about, my handler/brother/secret lover (sssh pleas keep this a secret) Joze. I was thinking whether this would be a mission accomplish and he would reward me somehow or was this a failed mission and maybe I would get a scolding. Then I thought Joze does not scold me anyway and if he did, it would be a first so I guess it wouldn't be bad either.
It was then that I saw something move by a wall and I ran too it. `It' turned out to be a `he' and so I called to Joze. Soon I heard the sounds of several footsteps as I examined the person. He was using a rifle for some sort of crutch and was using the wall for added support with the injuries he had I am actually surprised he could still do that. He had 8 gunshots to the chest, 4 on his left leg that was supported by the rifle, and 3 on his right shoulder. He was definitely in no shape to live; yet there he was trying… attempting to walk. I approached and stupidly asked:
“Are you ok?” he was definitely dying and I had to ask that. However, his reply was quite stupid as well:
“I am ok,” he replied “thanks for the concern.” He added then continued walking.
Soon the other members of the SWA surrounded me and all of them were just stupefied by the sight before them. I wouldn't be surprised, here is a boy probably 16 years old with 15 gunshot wounds in different parts of his body and here he is managing to walk and tell me that he is `ok'. The only sign of pain I can see was the manner he bit his lip, no cries, no tears in his eyes just those teeth biting into his lip. Joze being the kind person he is, tried to help him:
“Kid, you're in a very bad condition we need to get you to the hospital now!” however, the replay we got from him astounded us.
“No it's ok, don't bother your selves, I'll get there… eventually”
These things were coming from someone who could die any second it was painful just watching him limp towards the random direction he chose to limp towards. Triela couldn't take it any more; she rushed to his side and tried to persuade him:
“Please come with us, I can't let you die like this, especially after saving me” we were shocked with these words coming from Triela, probably the best in the team, but the replay was just as shocking.
“Hey it's you again! Be careful next time ok, I don't think I'll be able to take those bullets for you if it does happen again!”
Finally the cringing sight ended when he lost consciousness and collapsed. The handlers came to him and checked his vital signs. Finally Hillshire spoke:
“He's still alive but barely, we need to bring him with us if he's gonna live.”
With that they lifted him up and took him to the van.