Guyver Fan Fiction ❯ The Meaning Of Life- The Merging Of Two Evils sequel ❯ Chapter 1

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Meaning Of Life

The Merging Of Two Evils Sequel

/Sentences outlined like this means that the person who's talking, is talking in their mind or through a telepathic link./

Chapter 1

Hell Bound

Deep in an empty vastness where nothing could possibly survive, Denonu's body slowly drifts toward a light. As he gets closer to it, the light gets brighter until it's hard to see. Then in an instant Denonu's standing in front of what appeared to be a giant house. Denonu looked around and surprising found that he was in an endless line. As the people ahead of him began entering the line began moving. When it was Denonu's turn he walked into a large doorway with intricate designs on the side of them. He opened the door and found a large desk with a gigantic red man sitting in front of a stack of books. Suddenly a man walked up from behind him. The man was carrying a book in his left arm and a quill pen in his right hand. Denonu noticed that the man was blue with two horns sticking from his head. The man was wearing a plain white dress shirt with black slacks.

The man: Name?

Denonu: Denonu.

The Man: His name is Denonu sir.

The red man at the desk began fumbling through the books on his desk.

Red man: Denonu. Denonu. Denonu. Ah yes, here we are. This says that you destroyed an entire area of Japan. Including a man, a city, and numerous forests. Do you have anything to say before I pass judgment?

Denonu: Judgment? Could I be dead? This must be the afterlife.

Red man: I am getting impatient. Do you have anything to say?

Denonu: Yes, what I did was wrong but if I didn't do it there would've been a greater catastrophe.

Red man: I'm sorry but the cause doesn't out way the means.

Denonu: I see, but since it was for a good cause can I some how earn my way.

Red man: Maybe, theirs a tournament coming up and I've been told to send any strong person with a good spirit for training. Will you be that person?

Denonu: I'll do it.

Red man: Theirs two catches. One is, if you lose your soul will be sent to the forbidden zone.

Denonu: What's the forbidden zone?

Red man: It's a place where your body and soul are disbanded and your consciousness is forced to relive your darkest memories countless times for all eternity.

Denonu: I'll do it.

Red man: Wait, I didn't tell you the other catch.

Denonu: What is it?

Red man: The tournament isn't for another hundred years and you'll be spending those years in hell.