Guyver Fan Fiction ❯ The Meaning Of Life- The Merging Of Two Evils sequel ❯ Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

The Meeting

Denonu stepped from his cell and left the holding area. He was greeted by the Jurian escort and GXP officers. The Commanding officer of the Jurian escort stood before his guard and began ushering commands.

Commander: Don't move.

Denonu glanced left before facing his captor.

Denonu: Or else what?

The Jurian commander seemed to be at ease as he spoke. He didn't perceive Denonu as a threat.

Commander: Oh please, your pathetic powers are no match for mine. I was blessed with the power of Jurai.

Denonu laughed.

Denonu: It's time for me to show you how weak Jurai really is.

Denonu extended his free hand and fired an energy sphere. An energy barrier appeared before the Jurian commander and the sphere slammed into it, exploding. The explosion damaged the walls, but the commander was unhurt.

Commander: You see, I told you. Your powers are............

Before he could finish Denonu appeared in front of him and collided his fist with the Jurian's face. As he flew backward through a metal wall, the guard leaped upon Denonu and began fighting. Denonu easily dodged the attacks, and one by one they fell as he retaliated with his own punches.

Denonu: It's like fighting insects.

Suddenly Denonu felt someone behind him and he heard a click of a gun. Kiyone stood behind him with her pistol pointed at his head.

Kiyone: Insect huh?

Kiyone then felt her gun move slightly. She almost didn't feel it. Denonu faced her and her gun fell in half from Denonu's cut.

Denonu: Fine, insects with potential. Do you know where the star port is?

Kiyone: And what makes you think I'll tell you.

Denonu: You owe me.

Kiyone sighed before responding to Denonu.

Kiyone: Go down the hall to the hover platform and go down five decks.

Denonu: Thanks.

The sword in Denonu's hand disappeared and so did he.

Kiyone: I just know I'm gonna regret this.

Denonu ran down the hall and he was surprised that he hadn't run into any officers or resistance. Suddenly the wall and floor opened up and pulse cannons fired at the saiyan. Denonu dodged each assault while heading for the platform. He passed the booby trap and reached his destination. The platform was already on his floor and he pressed a button on a console, to his left. Denonu watched as the platform leave his floor before jumping in it's transport tube. The clear cylinder tube rushed around Denonu as he descended. Five decks later his aura erupted around him stopping his fall. Facing him was a squad of officers. They appeared to be waiting for him. Denonu heard someone give an order and the officers fired their weapons. He leapt through the laser fire and he continued over the squad and landed behind them. The squad then fell back as a psychic attack struck them. Denonu exited through a nearby door, which was behind him. As he entered the new area he looked around. He saw over a dozen ships of varying size and shape.

Denonu: Oh this must be a sign.

One ship was apart from all the others. It was a small one-man pod. He ran to it and it responded by opening up. However before he could enter it, more GXP officers stormed into the star port. They began firing at Denonu as he jumped into the space pod. It closed. Denonu stared at the controls before him. Not knowing how to operate it he began pressing random buttons. After some laser fire shook his craft, it began to glow. Soon it jetted toward the star port exit. It flew directly through the bay doors and the air pressure created a vacuum. But before anything could get sucked out a force field blocked off the bay doors making a temporary fix. Denonu's pod flew from GXP headquarters heading into deep space. In his home dimension, Xia was lying in her new bed. Kronos Japan had relocated to the U.S. after the guyvers' attack. Xia thought of her decision to help Denonu. She'd never even seen him in person and she is risking her own life by defying Kronos. The same thought rambled through her head.

Xia: /What am I doing?/

She suddenly sat up as she realized something. They can monitor her chip. She quickly got dressed and headed for her door.

Xia: / I've got to get out of here before they find out./

She opened her door and her Uncle, Doctor Valkus stood before her. He entered her room and closed the door behind him.

Valkus: I suppose you know why I'm here. Why Xia?

Xia: Uncle, you've been like a father to me. You just have to trust me.

Valkus: You know I can't let you leave.

Xia and her uncle stared into each others eyes.

Valkus: Take the West Corridor. There aren't that many guards.

Xia ran to her uncle and hugged him.

Xia: Thank you uncle. I won't forget you.

She quickly exited the room and the doctor sent a mental command to all of the nearby Zoaniods.

Valkus:/ To all of the zoaniods present in west sector. Capture and detain the traitor, zealot Xia, at all costs. She is heading for the East Corridor./

Valkus: Xia, I hope you know what you're doing.

Xia was almost at the exit when the alarm sounded. She also heard a voice behind her.

Unknown Voice: Hey you.

The voice had a bestial sound to it. She broke into a sprint trying to make it to the exit door. The creature chased after her. She went through the door and closed it behind her. There was a security panel beside the door. She touched the panel and her eyes began to glow. The panel shorted out sealing the door. The creature on the other side pounded on the door relentlessly as Xia ran into a multilevel parking lot. She eyed her choice of vehicles and picked a fast sports car. She shorted out the electronic lock the same way she did the panel and jumped in. She placed her hands on the wheel and her eyes illuminated again. The car started and she shifted gears as she speed away from the Kronos installation.

Xia:/Thank you uncle./

She traveled through New York traffic heading southbound to her rendezvous. A beeping noise sounded as Denonu's pod hurled through space. He awoke from his slumber and yawned heavily.

Denonu:/ How long have I been out? I must've been out for a while I'm already here./

Denonu began typing in keystrokes on the pod's main console. After about two hours of experimentation he finally knew how to operate the small ship. He activated the ship's dimension drive and both the ship and its occupant disappeared. The pod rematerialize in the right area but at the wrong spot. The pod landed on the ground and opened, letting Denonu out.

Denonu: Great, the others are still far off. I'd better get going. Don't have much time left.

Denonu turned super saiyan and his ki erupted as he flew off into the distance. Xia weaved her way through traffic. She was heading for Baltimore. Traveling to the spot where another relic ship was found. Glancing in her rearview mirror she realized she was being followed.


The gas pedal hit the floor and her car leapt forward increasing speed. She was almost at her destination and she wasn't going to be stopped now. She took the next off ramp and so did the Kronos vehicle. The Kronos van however weighed too much and it skidded against the guard rail. Xia saw this and made a discovery.

Xia:/Gregoles and Ramotitihs. I'm sure of it. /

As she continued to elude her follower she looked down at her watch.

Xia:/ Only one hour left. I hope I can make it. /

The occupants of Washu's lab where silent as Denonu explained himself to his friends.

Denonu: And I have to meet with her in less than hour.

ADRyoko glanced down at the small bubbling pool that was previously Denonu's daughter.

ADRyoko: I can't believe she was an impostor. None of us even suspected her.

Washu: So why is this woman helping you?

Denonu: I don't know. She just said she had her reasons.

Washu: You should tell Ryoko about this.

Denonu: No. I don't deserve to see her after what I did. And besides I don't have time.

Goku: I'll go with you.

Denonu: No, I can't ask for your help for this matter. It'll be dangerous.

Goku: I understand.

Denonu: No you don't. Look, a lot killing will be involved and I don't think that's something your prepared to do.

Goku stared at the ground realizing that Denonu was correct.

Denonu: But you have another job to do. Namek. While I save my daughter. You guys travel to Namek and use the dragonballs.

ADRyoko: Good luck.

Denonu: You too.

Denonu disappeared and the others began preparing for the journey. The tires screeched loudly as Xia made a sharp turn. Kronos was still on her tail, following her every move. Reaching as far as she could by car, she slammed on the brakes and leapt as her vehicle stopped. She sprinted as fast as she could into a nearby wooded area. A couple of seconds later, Kronos pulled up and four men exited from the back of the van. The four men began to change into their zoaniod forms. Two were Ramotith types, and the other were Gregole types. Afterward they resumed the chase. The driver door on the van open and a large darkskined man got out. He smiled before vanishing into the night. Xia was running wild but she wasn't scared, her plan was coming together. She knew their tactics. She also felt confident in her skills. Behind her, the two ramotiths circled around her through the rough bush and came ahead of her. Xia stopped in her tracks and waited for her assalients to make a move. They chdarge her without saying a word and she ran towards them. At the last moment Xia slid on the ground and clipped the ramotith closed to her. As the zoaniod fell she quickly got behind the other one. Her eye shined as she reached around the creatures large head. Grasping tightly she broke it's neck, by twist it's head completly around. The ramotith fell to the forest floor, bubbling in its own juices. Before the other could get to its feet, she stomped down on its back and its spine splintered. The bone fragments shot through the zoaniod's organs like tiny bullets, tearing through anything in their way. By the time she was finished the two gregoles had caught up to her and witnessed her exploits.

Gregole #1: Now its time for you to die.

Xia: I wouldn't worry about that if I were you.

Xia pointed behind the two zoaniods and they turned around to see what see was talking about.

Gregole #2: Guyv......

Before he could finish his sentence, a streak of moment passed over the two Gregoles. Their bodies were sliced along their chests, and their upper bodies toppled onto ground dripping in blood.

Xia: Looks like you made it on time.

Xia stood before the two guyvers. Guyver One and Guvyer Three. Each had been Kronos' biggest threat until another had surfaced. Neither deactivated their armor, they were still unsure of this woman. Suddenly both of the guyvers' motion sensors went off and they began searching for the unknown movement. Their sensors couldn't register a position, only the past movement of the person.

Guyver One: I don't get it. It's like they're everywhere.

At that moment Guyver One was struck from behind. He flew into a large tree, toppling it. Guyver Three sliced at the spot where Guyver One was previously standing. He felt his blade cut something slightly and a figure slowly appeared before him. The figure was a man wearing a Kronos jumpsuit. The front of the jumpsuit had been cut and the fabric hung loose, showing the man's skin behind it.

Kronos solder: That was close, I was careless. It won't happen again. This is great I get to kill the traitor and capture the guyvers.

Guyver Three: You haven't captured us yet.

Kronos solder: Oh but I will. Even with your strength enhancements both of you will never be a match for me.

Guyver Three knew he was right. He concluded that this solder must be a 'zoa', one of Kronos' new zoaniods which doesn't have to transform to become powerful. Their bodies were altered to use a latent energy which every living creature is born with. Guyver Three knew he couldn't win this fight, he just wasn't strong enough. But that didn't mean he was going to give up. He would rather die fighting than to willingly turn himself over to Kronos. Using his gravitational orb he leapt toward his opponent, and delivered a powerful kick. The kick didn't even stun the Kronos fighter and it wasn't ment to. Guyver Three suddenly leapt high in the air and gigantic energy wave passed over the kronos solder. While Guyver Three was distracting thier opponent, Guyver One had opened both of his chest plates and released his mega smasher. Guyver Three landed beside Guyver One and opened his own chest plates. His mega smasher charged and then fired, making Guyver One 's mega smasher twice as powerful. The gigaitic mega smasher tore through the forest, vaporizing the trees and anything else in its path. The two guyver's energy dwindled and their waves died down. The ground was smoking and the trees which weren't caught in the blast were on fire. Both of the guvyers were breathing heavily, because of the amount of energy expended. When the smoke cleared the Kronos solder was still standing in the same spot . The energy blast didn't seem to have any effect on him at all.

Guyver One: It can't be. He just took a direct blast from both of our mega smashers and he's not even scratched.

Kronos solder: You see its like I told you. There is nothing you can do.

As he spoke the two guyvers were talking to each other using the organisms on their backs.

Guyver One: /Agito do you have any ideas?/

Guyver Three: /Only one. Escape. If our mega smashers failed to hurt him than anything we throw at him will be useless./

Their motion sensors went off again, only this time the movement came from behind the zoa. The Kronos solder sensed this also and turned around to face this unknown person. He saw a man with a large tail. The tail was the same length as his body. The man was dressed in a black t-shirt and pants. In the darkness he was almost hard to see. The zoa recognized the man's face. As soon as he did he took a step back as fear swept over him. Denonu stood with his arms crossed staring down, the zoa. He didn't say a word or make a gesture. This scared the zoa even more. The zoa thought of all the stories he had heard. In Kronos stories of the guyvers ran rampant and all of the common zoaniods were even scared to battle them. None of them wanted to die and if you went up against one, it was a certain possibility. But this fighter was even more deadlier. So deadly infact Kronos didn't even try to attack him by normal means. Rumor has it that even some of the Zoalords are scared of him. The zoa didn't even try to attack Denonu he just powered up a bit then shot through the air fleeing from danger. The three guyvers and the former Kronos employee watched as the zoaniod disappeared into the night. Denonu uncrossed his arms and walked up to Xia.

Denonu: Where is my daughter?

Xia: Not here. Do you have a place where we can go?

Denonu: No but I can think of one. Come on.

Guvyer One and Guyver Three deactivated their armor. Denonu and Xia saw that both Agito and Sho were dead tired. Clearly their armor drained them of energy. Denonu, Sho, Agito, and Xia left the forest returned to where Xia left her car. Denonu got in the driver seat, Xia in the passenger seat, and Agito and Sho in the back. Denonu pulled off just as he heard sirens sound. He glanced in the rearview mirror and he saw police cars pull up to the forest entrance. As he continued to drive no one said anything. So Denonu thought he had to lighten up the mood they were in. After all if they were going to trust each other, they had to be comfortable around each other.

Denonu: What's your name?

Xia : My names Xia.

Denonu: Why do you want to help me?

Xia: It's like I told you. I have my reasons.

Denonu glanced over at her and saw that she was blushing slightly so he decided not to press the issue.

Denonu: What about you guys Sho?

Sho: They got Mizuki, this woman offered to help.

Denonu: I see.

Sho: When did they take your daughter?

Denonu didn't answer he only kept on driving. Sho noticed that the steering wheel was begging to warp under pressure as Denonu's grip tightened.

Sho: Sorry.

Denonu: Don't be. Just thinking about it makes me angry. If they've hurt her in anyway......

As he spoke his last sentence Denonu's hair began to rise up and electricity began flowing around his body. Xia, and the two guyvers looked at Denonu as if he were about to explode with anger. The car radio made an audible noise as it shorted out. The electricity from Denonu was too much for it to handle. Denonu took a deep breath, and calmed himself down. His hair fell and the electric energy stopped flowing.

Denonu: Sorry.

Sho: Denonu how strong are you anyway? Judging from the way you frightened that zoaniod away, your probably very strong.

Denonu: You'll find out when we go up against them.

Denonu pulled the car into a parking lot and parked the car. They all got out and followed Denonu into what appeared to be a hotel lobby. The lobby was fancy to say the least. Everything was clean, and decorated with expensive items. The hotel probably was the the most expensive in the city. Denonu walked up to the counter and waited for the attendant to acknowledge him.

Denonu: How much for the room?

The attendant looked at Denonu and his company. He judged by the way they were dressed that they didn't have much money.

Attendant: Well 'sir', I'm afraid the price is too steep for you.

Denonu: How much?

Attendant: One room here costs, ten thousand dollars per night.

Denonu: You misunderstood me. I said how much for 'the' room? Meaning how much for the best room in the building.

The attendant began to chuckled. He began to to make another wise remark when he was cut off by another attendant, who had came in halfway through the conversation.

Attendant #2: Sir the best suite in the building is the entire top two floors. It has a swimming pool, game room, gym, and a workout room. The standard rate is going to be one hundred thousand dollars per day.

Denonu reached into his pocket and pulled out a silver card and handed it to the man.

Denonu: I'd like to stay for a week. And can you take a five thousand dollar tip for yourself and the room service crew.

Attendant#2: Yes sir. Is there anything else you might be needing?

Denonu: No that's it.

The attendant swiped the card and received the money for the room instantly. He handed the card back to Denonu.

Attendant #2: Thank you sir. Enjoy your stay.

Denonu: Thank you.

Denonu and the others left for the elevators to their right. Denonu pressed the up button and the doors opened. As they entered Xia had to ask a question.

Xia: Denonu where did you get all that money? According the Kronos database you haven't even been on this Earth to get a job, and yet you just paid over seven hundred thousand dollars.

Denonu: It's a very long story.

Denonu pressed the button for the top floor and elevator started to ascend.

Author's note: Hey i drew another pic of Denonu. This time its him in his armor with ssj3 hair. email me if you wanna see.