Guyver Fan Fiction ❯ The Meaning Of Life- The Merging Of Two Evils sequel ❯ Chapter 10

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 10

A Child in Need

Ryoko screamed Denonu's name as she watched the love of her life fly away from her. She cursed before looking around. Everything around her was being destroyed. The planet was destabilizing. Lighting storms covered the sky and the earth quaked apart.

Ryoko: We got to go.

ADRyoko: Yeah I'm with you. We only have a couple of minutes

Ryoko and her counterpart both began floating upward. Goku just stood there looking upward, thinking to himself.

Ryoko: You coming.

Goku: Yeah.

He then began floating just like the two women. Ryoko and ADRyoko took off toward the dimensional doorway was fast as they could. Goku called out to Vegeta before following the girls. A moment later the ground cratered as Vegeta followed with a bright yellow aura streak trailing behind him. The energy sphere carried Denonu into space but he was fighting it every bit of the way. He regained control and the sphere dispersed as Denonu expanded his aura. Then using all of his energy he shot toward Earth, heading for the only safe place on the planet, the door. His aura flickered bright and fast as he traveled through the air. He was on the other side of the planet and on borrowed time. As he was flying he looked downward at the destruction he caused. For a moment he almost felt regret but that soon slipped his mind as he focused on his goal. It was like the planet was trying to stop him. Typhoons crossed his path as he came to an ocean. The wind pressure was no match for him and he flew through anything in his path. At this rate Denonu wasn't going to make it. He began flying even faster, pouring on more speed. Somehow he was flying faster than he thought he could. At the speed he was flying he didn't even realize he had crossed the ocean and was almost upon his destination. The earth beneath him exploded and lava pillars erupted around him. He darted through the pillars, dodging each one. In the distance he saw the dimensional portal on the ground. He flew down and entered the door without losing any speed. Upon entering the lab he fired an energy sphere from his left hand. The sphere flew towards the doorway and exploded, disrupting the portal. When the smoke cleared the door was gone and so was the danger of the dying planet. Denonu looked down and saw the others who had just entered the lab before him. He stared into the eyes of Vegeta, the one who had interrupted his fight with Sio by blasting him in the back. He slowly flew down and landed before him. Denonu never said a word but he continued to stare with an unwavering gaze. Vegeta stared back at him the same way. Suddenly he felt his anger boil, swelling inside of him until he couldn't contain it. His body eradiated dark energy and he disappeared. Vegeta was struck by a powerful blow which shook the ground. Denonu appeared standing with his arm out in front of him. A large energy wave shot from his hand and Vegeta was engulfed as he flew backward. Goku screamed and his hair grew longer as his eyebrows disappeared. He flew toward Denonu and delivered a kick to the side of his head. An audible crack was heard, but Denonu seemed unaffected. Goku then began punching at Denonu. Denonu used his free arm to block and parry all the attempts. While this was going on Goku was trying to read Denonu. He seemed to be at ease; in fact he didn't even glance at Goku or stop his attack on Vegeta. Suddenly Denonu moved dodging an unseen punch and Vegeta's fist appeared where he used to be. Ryoko watched on as the man she cared about was slipping away from her. Not physically but mentally. She sensed that his rational mind was giving way to his darker, primal side. She clenched her fists and the gems at her wrists began to glow. She flew towards Denonu with determination in her eyes. She slammed her fist against Denonu's face causing him to lose his concentration. The three fighters began pummeling Denonu with blows trying to take down. For a second he was disoriented before he lashed out at his attackers. Goku and Vegeta both were struck by a simultaneous psychic attack. His hand grasped Ryoko's throat and he began choking her. Her air soon stopped and Denonu raised his other hand. His familiar sword appeared and he stared into her eyes before shoving the blade through her abdomen. Afterward Denonu withdrew his weapon and he flung her limp body into a nearby wall. Next screaming was heard and Denonu turned to face an energy wave rushing toward him. He offered no resistance as he took the beam head on. The beam stopped as Denonu held it back. Goku poured most of his energy into the attack but it still wasn't enough. He realized that he was only wasting his time. He stopped his kamehameha wave and Denonu stood unharmed with a slight smirk on his face. Goku waited for retaliation but none came. Denonu shook violently before falling to his knees, breathing heavily. His black aura disappeared and his eyes returned to their natural color. He collapsed on the floor as his bodies' injuries made themselves apparent. Blood poured from his eyes, mouth and nose. The kick that he received earlier left him with a concussion. Goku sighed heavily and powered down from ssj3. He walked over to where Denonu was lying and looked down upon him.

Goku: Finally ran out of energy.

High above their position a dimension rift opened and a gigantic wooden ship came forth from it. Ten people appeared around Denonu's fallen form. Nine of them were wearing the same uniform while the last one was in all black. The man in black used his foot to lift Denonu's head, and then using the same foot he kicked Denonu. He rolled face up and Goku grabbed the man's shoulder. Some of the other men gathered around Goku. They carried what looked like staffs. They rapidly poked Goku with them and he received powerful electric shocks. He fell to his knees and Ayeka ran up to them.

Man in Black: Never touch me.

Ayeka: What's going on here?

Man in Black: Princess.

The man knelt along with the other solders and then stood back up.

Man in Black: I've been given orders to arrest and detain this man.

Ayeka: Under whose authority?

Man in Black: The royal court and a personal request.

Ayeka: What for?

Man in Black: For the destruction of Jurian property. He is now under the status of an A1 class criminal. Take him.

The surrounding solders picked Denonu off the floor and they disappeared, teleporting to their ship.

Ayeka: I command you to release him. I can vouch for him.

The man smirked before responding.

Man in Black: I'm afraid your authority is no good. Your father gave the request.

The man turned his back to the jurian princess.

Ayeka: Wait.

Man in Black: If you have any personal grievances, please take them up with the king of Jurai.

The man disappeared and the group of people who were left looked up, as the ship entered the rift again. The rift closed and vanished leaving the rest with unanswered questions.

ADRyoko: What just happened? We aren't going to let them get away with this are we?

Washu: For now we have no choice. Right now we have people to attend to.

Hours passed as the jurian ship flew through hyper space heading for Galaxy Police Headquarters. The man in black arrived at the medical deck and found his prisoner stretched out along an examining table.

Man in Black: How is he?

Examiner: Well commander, almost every bone in his body is broken and he has numerous bruises. The internal injuries are much worse. Internal bleeding, tissue damage, minor organ failures. He's been in one hell of a battle. A couple of things puzzle me though.

Commander: Like what?

Examiner: He has two organisms on his upper back which server no purpose to his body. And the other is his d.n.a. pattern. His brain doesn't conform to the pattern. It's as if he had his brain transplanted into this body.

Commander: I see. Heal him as best you can. We have one hour before we arrive.

Examiner: Yes commander.

The commander left the woman to her work and returned to his own duties. She faced monitors which were displaying Denonu's vital statistics. His heartbeat became slower and slower until it stopped. The woman was surprised at this. She began typing keystrokes on a nearby terminal, attempting to use the ships' equipment to revive her patient. However before the equipment activated, Denonu's body began to heal. The bruises disappeared, his tissues repaired themselves and his bones were melding back together. After a couple of minutes of this he was fully healed. When he was finished the woman resumed her scans and briefed the commander. Soon they arrived at GXP HQ. The ship began its docking procedures, once finished the same group of men who apprehended Denonu teleported to the station. The commander led the group followed by Denonu who had energy bonds encasing his wrists. A small squad of Jurian solders acted as an armed escort. They walked through the station passing other people and officers. Some of them stared while, many of them kept to their business. They continued until Denonu heard a voice he recognized. He looked up and found the two GXP officers who were stationed on Earth. Kiyone and Mihoshi.

Mihoshi: But, Kiyone I want this one.

Her partner was about to respond when she glanced over at the Jurian escort. She stepped ahead of group and started to speak.

Kiyone: What's going on here? I know this man?

Commander: Get out of the way.

The Commander pushed Kiyone to the floor. Denonu suddenly grabbed by the back of his neck and hoisted him off the floor. The solders behind him shocked him in the same manner they did Goku and Denonu dropped the person in his grasp. He fell on his feet and turned around. He struck Denonu with his fist and he took the blow as if it never hit him. Denonu stared at the man as he continued down the hall. One of the solders hit him in his back and shouted an order.

Solder: Move.

They followed after the commander leaving the two officers. They came to holding areas of the A1 criminals. Surrounding them were numerous cells, many of them had prisoners already in them. The cell beside Denonu opened and the solders threw Denonu into the room and an energy field blocked the doorway. Denonu sat down in the corner and stared at the floor with a sorrowful look on his face. Then the lights went out. Denonu never moved or slept his conscious wouldn't let him, so he began to think.

Denonu:/How did they find out about me. The Jurians already knew about Earth. But that just happened, they couldn't have found out that fast unless....someone was watching. But who? Why?/

As Denonu's thoughts rambled through his head, an unknown mental presence spoke to Denonu.

Unknown Presence: /Can you hear me?/

Denonu: /Who are you?/

Unknown Presence:/ My name is Xia. I work for Kronos. They have your daughter./

Denonu: /What?! When did you.../

Xia: /Please listen I don't have much time. She is being held at Kronos E.S. in New York City. /

Denonu: /Why are you telling me this?/

Xia: /Well..... I have my reasons. Look, just meet me where your relic was located, in about ten hours. /

Xia's presence in Denonu's mind disappeared and he was left with his own thoughts.

Denonu: /Ten hours, that isn't a lot of time. But first I have something to do. /

Denonu stood on his feet and stretched his limbs. He felt a little stiff. Suddenly he began powering up. His aura appeared and the walls began warping. His hair rose and his eyes faded into an emerald green. He screamed as he became super saiyan. The energy force field then disappeared as it shorted out. Denonu's sword formed with a bright light and he had a determined look in his eyes.

Denonu: Time to make them pay.