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“Speech” — Thoughts — <Computerized Speech> — {Scan Text}
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She'd done it. She had destroyed the enmity that wiped out the Alimbics, known only as Gorea. Once the Oblique had self-destructed and she escaped, she found herself floating within a telepathic mindscape in her Zero-Suit, and facing three of the Alimbic elders. She was full of shock and wonder as they conversed silently amongst each other, then as one they raised their left arms in a show of peace and blessing. She smiled at their acceptance, and then she was returned to reality.
And now she is well on her way back to Galactic Federation HQ. She had already debriefed her superiors about the events that occurred in the Alimbic Cluster, and felt a little sorrow for having to report the deaths of her rival hunters—even though they tried multiple times to kill her—and was now resting from the ordeal, reliving the nightmare in her sleep, but still reveling in the joy she felt from the Alimbic's blessing.
<Samus,> she woke up as her ship's computer summoned her, <We are making our approach to the GF Leviathan. The Captain claims to have a new mission for you, but asks for your audience to help appease the Vhozon over the loss of Noxus. They still do not believe that it was by his own doing that he died, and only you have live footage of the Hunters' deaths.> She didn't blame them. <You are to proceed to the main bridge as soon as we dock. All preparations are set for docking.>
Another five minutes and a password later, Samus was standing on the bridge, along with the ship's Captain, and six Vhozon elders. He explained to her during her approach that the Vhozon Elders had been present when she reported in, and they had questioned multiple times about their best warrior. She had to clear the air as soon as she docked. Now seeing more of the Vhozon, the purple aliens closely resembled Noxus and each other, but she checked her motion to aim her arm-cannon, and approached them. Captain Aaron stood by her and addressed the Vhozon.
“Supreme Elders, once again we regret to inform you of your best warrior's death, but now we can clear our name concerning his death. Samus, if you would please.” Captain Aaron gestured to the main viewing screen, and Samus walked over and plugged in her helmet so the feed from the mission recorder could be displayed for everyone. Once Samus found the right section, she let it play and watched as Sylux, Spire, Trace, Noxus, Weavel, and Kanden all fired upon the large stone-work that held Gorea captive until their combined firepower managed to crack and destroy the casing. She paused the video feed.
“Everyone's weapon fire all corresponded to part of the Alimbic Prophecy.” She brought up her log book and read off all eight parts of the Alimbic Prophecy as it displayed on a second monitor, “`It is written that the Alimbic Power shall materialize when six frequencies shimmer in the Divine Spectral Sequence.' `In the beginning shall the darkness be torn asunder by a flash of YELLOW LIGHTNING.' That refers to Kanden's Volt Driver. `YELLOW LIGHTNING shall strike with demonic fury upon the GREENWOOD.' Referring to Weavel's Battle Hammer. `With a voice of thunder shall the GREENWOOD burst into an ORANGE BLAZE.' Spire's Magmaul. `The ORANGE BLAZE shall die away to be reborn on wings of BLUE SMOKE.' The Shock Coil of Sylux. `Tendrils of BLUE SMOKE shall weave the geometry of VIOLET CRYSTAL.' The Violet Crystal mentioned here being Noxus' Judicator. `VIOLET CRYSTAL shall shatter the heavens, leaving in its wake a RED STAIN.' Meaning the Imperialist, Trace's weapon. `When the RED STAIN shall vanish, so shall the Ancient Alimbic Power be manifest.' That last one took some time to figure out, but now I've come to realize that it meant the Omega Cannon I used to destroy Gorea once and for all.” Samus paused for a moment to admire the fire power she only momentarily used, then turned back to the Vhozon and let the rest of the feed play, revealing the appearance Gorea, and the simultaneous deaths of the Hunters as they had their life-forces drained into Gorea.
“And so, Samus, nor the Federation, had any part in Noxus' death. If it were possible to save him and the others, I'm sure Samus wouldn't hesitate to do so,” Captain Aaron spoke once Samus disconnected the video footage and approached the Elders. She stood at attention next to him, and swallowed the lump in her throat that grew from watching the feed.
“Samus…” One of the Elders spoke, in a slight gravely voice common among the Vhozon, “We apologize for the Vhozon race for holding your Federation and you accountable for the passing of our beloved Noxus. We hope we can aid you in any dire need, should you accept.” The Elder placed an arm over his chest, and the others followed suit. Samus and Aaron repeated their gesture for friendship, and the Elders all turned to leave. Only one remained behind.
“How did Noxus perform?” Samus noted this Elder sounded quite young, and if she could take an educated guess, female, “We know he is very brave and fights with the fury of our gods, but did he ever seek assistance?” Samus felt compassion for this Elder, so she spoke as gently as she could.
“He took every chance he could trying to eliminate me, but only once did we side together for a few moments to defeat Trace, but when Trace realized he would be defeated, he fled. Then Noxus turned and tried to eliminate me. I have never had a fight come so close except for my encounters with Noxus.” Samus noted that the Elder stiffened at the mention of the Kriken Empire's best, and understood perfectly. The Krikens weren't the most favorite of alien species around…
“Thank you, most would not speak against our Noxus, but I do hope his struggle did not go in vain. Go now, and may we meet again.” The Elder then turned and dashed off to catch with the others, and left Samus and Aaron on the bridge.
“Strange creatures, the Vhozon. But now, your next mission.” The Captain walked over to a man dressed in a common white military uniform. “Samus, this is Lord Hood, commanding officer over the UNSC. He has come here with a rather odd task he believes you can help with.”
The man nodded and addressed Samus directly. “I'm not sure if you know any of what I am about to tell you, but humanity has been at war for over a decade with a group of alien races that called themselves `The Covenant.' Their main objective seemed to be only be elimination of the human race. But, we have come to see many of what their true objective was…” And so, the Commander listed off and explained just about everything from the different Covenant races, to their strengths and weaknesses, the seemingly failed SPARTAN-II program, the discovery of Halo, the Flood, the Arbiter, the Covenant civil war started by the Arbiter and Elites, and the more recent events. “Now, after our war had ended, the UNSC Dawn and cleared through a Slipspace jump, but only half of it came through, with the Arbiter safely inside. The other half, the cargo hold, held the last surviving Spartan; Number 117, the Master Chief. We had presumed he was dead, but a couple months ago, we came across a weak signal beckon originating from the Dawn. We now think there's a good chance he's still alive, but it's a slim chance. Unfortunately, the location of the Dawn's missing half is well beyond UNSC or Galactic Federation control, so your mission is this; Locate the Dawn, rescue the Chief, and—dead or alive—bring him back. He holds valuable cargo with him, and we cannot have him fall into Covenant hands. Although the war is over, we fear the signal has attracted the remnants of the Covenant, so I'm afraid this may be a race to locate the Chief, and secure his return. There's no telling how many hostiles you will encounter, but take heed that you may have to face them. Good luck, Samus. Humanity's last hope for survival rests in your abilities.” He snapped a crisp salute, and Aaron followed suit. Samus returned the salute with her felt hand, about faced and ran for her ship.
“Do you think she can do it?” Aaron asked his old friend. He knew Hood pretty well, but Aaron still doubted the man's hope sometimes.
“Based on what you told me about her, she's the only one who can. Keep me briefed.” Hood said as he turned to leave. He caught just a last second glimpse of the bounty hunter before she turned left towards the docking bay. He made a left and was escorted by two ODSTs to his Pelican and left to rejoin his crew aboard the UNSC Red Wing.
Once Samus was inside her ship, she started the thrusters and taped into her ship's computer for the coordinates of the Dawn. It was located approximately 596,231 light-years from her current position. “They weren't kidding about the Dawn being beyond UNSC or Galactic control… That's almost at the edge of the galaxy!” She quickly did the math and discovered that the mission would take at least three days to complete, considering the distance to the Dawn, the time it would take to locate it, and the highly probable chance she would have hostiles to deal with, but hoped against hope that she wouldn't encounter any Covenant.
<Confirmed. You may wish to rest during the journey. Activating the hyper-drive once we clear the GF Leviathan.> Samus nodded to herself and closed her eyes as the ship's auto-pilot took over and steered the ship a few hundred meters away from the Leviathan before rotating and then easing into hyper-space for the long trip, soon falling into a tired sleep, dreaming of her home world, and an old friend she'd lost a long time ago…
1 Day, 11 Hrs, and 23 Minutes later;
Mission Day 1
<Samus….> Her ship's computer had been trying to contact her for at least ten minutes before she woke with a start, reliving one of her nightmares about fighting Ridley. She quickly composed herself and acknowledged the computer. <We are making our final approach to the UNSC Dawn. Be advised that the coordinates may be off. Exiting hyper-space in five minutes.> A small count-down timer popped up in her HUD and started ticking down from 5:00:00. <My sensors indicate that nothing has followed us, but I have reason to believe that we will not be alone for very long. Making final adjustments for hyper-space exit.> Samus checked the timer; 3:28:12 and dropping. She strapped herself tightly and braced for the deceleration at 1:02:68. <Exiting now,> was the ship's warning before the timer reached 0:00:00 and still almost threw her out of her seat from the rapid deceleration. Once all motions stopped, Samus disabled the shielding and took a look around as the metal plating folded away. <Initiating sensor sweep…> Samus double checked the coordinates, and compared them to her own, and found that the Dawn should be right in front of them, but it wasn't. Something not very far off had caught her eye, and she looked up just as her ship sounded an alarm. <WARNING! Unidentifiable attack craft found on long-range sensors. Making an approach. Threat Level; Minimal.> Samus left her breath go.
Just one… Samus thought as she got back in her seat. Hostile or not, she had to be prepared. “Engage fore cannons, prime for a retaliation strike.” She quickly punched in a few codes, and her ship's shields re-engaged, and she turned the ship to face this possible threat.
<WARNING! Additional attack craft located. Ten in all, broken into pairs. Active search pattern. Possible Threat Level; Average. Single craft still on approach.> Samus had heard enough. She quickly retyped her codes, and reset the scanner so the Dawn could be located. <Searching… Single attack-craft turning away.> Once more Samus resumed breathing. After what seemed like an hour—though only ten minutes—she was relieved to finally hear, <UNSC Frigate Dawn located. Adjusting for a stealth approach. ETA; 13 minutes.> Another count-down timer popped up.
“I hope those things don't notice…” Samus said silently, and tried to relax in her seat as the ship tilted upwards and started a slow-burn accent. She kept telling herself that the slow-burn would attract the attention of the attack craft, but she was eluding them, for now. Five minutes later, and she was certain she wouldn't be found as she neared the Dawn.
<Slow-burn approach completed. Preparing to dock.> The computer announced as the ship approached the aft section of the Dawn. Samus disengaged the shields again and saw the damage. The hole she was entering now was in fact part of the cargo hold, but the frigate had been torn cleanly in half. She dreaded the fact she would be here for a while. <Single bio-sign detected within broken frigate. Docking completed. Current objective; Confirm bio-sign, collect as much data as possible, and return safely. Good Luck.>
“And so, the hunt begins…” Samus said dryly as she checked her arm cannon before exiting the ship. She noted right away that she was going to be in a zero-g environment, so she activated her Power Suit's gravity field, and she was immediately on her feet. Activating her Scan Visor, she quickly located a map of the frigate, and compared her objective with the map. Once having confirmed where her objective was, she logged in the map and set off.
41 Minutes later;
Mission Day 2
Pushing away her uneasiness at the unstable condition of the empty frigate, she was able to go through the long corridors and small passage ways without the help of light. She got lost a few times due to dead-ends, debris blockades, and collapsed hallways, but she eventually got to a large steel door that was firmly locked. Unfortunately, she couldn't find a way through. She started scanning the door for a way to open it when her ship's alarm sounded.
<Attack craft approaching! Party of four heading towards the frigate. Group Threat; Moderate. You must return and engage any hostiles before--> Whatever was going to be said was cut off momentarily as an explosion shook the area. <Return now! Hostiles in Cargo Bay. They are armed, and have support. Hurry, and tread lightly. A group of five individual hostiles are heading your way, so be careful. Ship out.>
“Crap…” was all Samus could say before she stopped her scan of the door and made her way back to the Cargo Bay. Along the way, she heard a few noises, and quickly hid behind a broken wall panel when she spotted the shadow of something massive blocking out some light from several smaller lights, and from her hiding spot, she decided to get info before she engaged. She activated her inter-specie translator and listened carefully to whatever these things were discussing about.
“What if the Demon isn't here? It could be a trick by those meat-sacks.”
“Can't be. The human's have no clue that we are going to hit them soon,” the one in front spoke with the air of authority.
“But what about that one ship we saw? It didn't look like it belonged to the humans or those cursed Sangheili.” So she had been found. “Only thing I don't get is why it was moving so slowly if it was looking for this junk heap?” They had also followed her burn trail? What were these things?
“They have retreated to their home-world. We can deal with those cursed traitorous heretics later. But for now, we must located the Demon, and kill him if he's not already dead. And as for that ship, we'll destroy it when we go back. Whoever came here isn't leaving again. Split up next chance we get,” the leader of the group seemed highly certain that they were going to find whoever the Demon was. Samus suddenly recalled that the Covenant referred to the Master Chief as a demon, so she had to eliminate these things before they could ruin her mission. And she couldn't end up being stranded either, so she had to be quick.
When she figured she heard enough, she activated her Scan Visor and cautiously peered out from her cover as one of the large beasts started passing by her. She was stunned by the sheer size of just one of the aliens, and her shock grew—though it didn't last as long—when she saw the strange weapons they carried. She scanned the weapons first.
{Brute Shot; Grenade launcher sometimes carried by higher ranking Brutes. Blade attachment is as lethal up close as the grenades are at a distance. Avoid both at all costs.}
{Spiker; Commonly carried by Brutes, rapidly fires red-hot spike-like projectiles at a moderate rate. Distance affects trajectory of fired spikes. Evasion recommended.}
{Gravity Hammer; Carried by Brute Chieftains. Large and powerful, generates an electro-static field that can disrupt the Gravity Suit with each strike. Instantly deadly at close range. Able to smash almost anything in its path}
Great… And now for the over-sized grizzlies… Samus thought when she read the info about the weapons. Now she wasn't so sure if she wanted to find out about the aliens themselves. But at least she had a second option to get the door open. She moved on, scanning one at random, and then the one in front with the hammer.
{Brute Armor currently used for attack and is capable of life-support in a non-atmospheric environment. Armor can be disabled with enough damage.}
{Brute (Jiralhanae in the Covenant language); Intelligent, tough, and highly aggressive, Brutes are now the main bulk—and muscle--of the Covenant Hierarchy. Will go into a berserk rage when critically injured, or if sole survivor of a battle group. Threat Level; High}
{Brute Chieftain; The Alpha-male of any given group of Brutes. Stronger and tougher, these will attack unrelentingly until their prey dies, or they die. Highly intelligent and more aggressive than their subordinates. Threat Level; Dangerously High}
Oh boy… And that Chieftain has the hammer… Good thing I have my own. Samus thought as she switched her arm-cannon's weapon to the Battle Hammer, hoping the high-caliber shots would be enough to kill these beasts. But she thought of something that might also help—even if for only one shot; sniping. She quickly changed tactics, switching to the Imperialist for her first and only sniping shot and aimed for the Chieftain's head. She waited until the last Brute had past her before she stepped out and readjusted her aim before firing the red beam at the oblivious creatures. The beam struck dead-center in the Chieftain's head and then switched back to the Battle Hammer as the Brute fell and aimed as four remaining Brutes turned to face her. They stared at her like they had seen a ghost or something, then they all roared and charged at her, weapons firing. Samus quickly returned fire, and dodged as best as she could, but the small hallway made things a little hard. Thinking quickly, she shifted to the Volt Driver and charged up a shot—stopping the Brutes' onslaught for the moment—and shot a nearby circuit panel, causing it to burst into a shower of sparks, providing enough cover for her to turn into her Morph Ball and roll away into the safety of a ventilation shaft.
From her hiding spot, she listened for anything that might help her, but was terrified as she heard the Chieftain's voice once more. “What was that?” he asked angrily, about ready to smash whatever moved.
“It's the Demon! He still lives!” spoke one of the underlings, slightly shaken up. But at least it explained why they seemed so afraid from that one glimpse of her. “And he has new weapons now, a fine addition to our own, wouldn't you agree?”
“Quiet!” the Chieftain bellowed. “He's still nearby. Find him, and bring him to me, alive! I'll kill him myself, and reward who brings him to me. MOVE OUT!”
Samus had to move. But the only problem was that her escape route is now blocked, and if she left the shaft, she would be killed. However, she always had another option at hand. She focused and deployed a bomb, and waited before she rolled through the hole the small blast created, and was soon back on course, heading back to her objective. A few minutes later, and she was back at the door, but in the ceiling above it. She deployed another bomb, and once out of the vent she uncurled back into her bipedal form, and stared blankly at the open doors, and the corpse of one of the Brutes just a few feet away, its weapon gone. She scanned the corpse out of habit.
{Scanning indicates life-form suffered a powerful blow to the back of the cranium, caving in the skull.} She read the results again in disbelief, and noticed something on the floor by the Brute's leg, and scanned it.
{Spike Grenade; Carried and deployed by Brutes. Will stick to any surface when primed, and detonates with a small blast radius sending metal shrapnel in all directions. Keep a distance of at least 3 meters from active grenade.}
Samus was a bit shaken still, having now accepted the fact that whatever killed this thing wasn't human, but she cleared her head and ran through the seemingly forced open door, hoping to find the Chief, but stopped dead in her tracks as she found herself facing the backside of another Brute, holding the hammer, the Chieftain! She had already aimed her cannon before the beast turned around. It must have been confused, because it took a second for the thing to draw the hammer and roar as it ran towards her. Samus quickly fired as fast as the Battle Hammer could go, back-pedaling as she did to keep her distance. A few seconds later, and she was cornered.
“So much for the Demon. Your new weapons and armor will serve us well,” the Chieftain had thought he won, but Samus was slightly faster and quickly thought up of an escape. “Now you will die with the rest of your pathetic race, and we shall embark upon the Great Journey!” he said as he drew the hammer back, and with a mighty roar he swung down, creating a thunderous crash as the hammer struck the ground, and when he looked at what should have been left, he could only manage staring at nothing, asking himself, “Huh?”
Samus was in the air in her Morph Ball, currently floating away from the Chieftain altogether and staying airborne as she lazily floated towards the vent shaft. When she was close enough, she deployed a bomb, but the blast sent her back to the berserk Brute and was smacked away, and back into the vent next to the hole she put in a few seconds ago, draining a lot of her suit's energy, but at least she could get away. Suddenly, the section of the vent she was in was ripped from the wall, but she quickly rolled away, converted to bipedal form, and got a very lucky shot with the Imperialist as the red beam struck the Brute's head again, this time knocking off its helmet! Samus noted that the beast was able to breathe still, so she assumed that there was some kind of life-supporting in the area. Then with the help of the Judicator she finished off the Chieftain as the super-cooled crystal struck the soft back-side of the Brute's unprotected head and it fell. Just as the large alien had gone silent, she got a transmission from her ship.
<Samus, the attackers in the hangar bay have left. Take heed that not all the hostiles have left, and some are close to your current location, but are currently moving away. I will deal with any other hostiles, should they return. Ship out.>
“Finally, a lucky break,” Samus commented as she read the scan data on her first kill of the mission. She was glad to read that her last-ditch attempt to kill had worked, and she made a note of it should she encounter more Brute Chieftains. She was a little amazed by how she had achieved this kill, she had to admit…
{Thermal scans indicate the target was subjected to a quick-freezing of its brain and all body fluids. Microscopic scanning determines that the subject survived two head-shots with a laser-based weapon, and a super-cooled projectile had entered through one of the open wounds causing the target to freeze from within.}
“And now, for the Chief…” Samus said to herself as she entered the room previously blocked, and stood in awe as she looked around, scanning all the inactive computer terminals and accessed the data banks. The last object she came across was a small terminal next to two large cryogenic-chambers, one sealed tightly shut and—Samus was shocked to find—currently in use. She took a quick scan and was puzzled at the fact that the source of the beckon came from the terminal controlling the tubes. “Huh… So what's in here then?” She asked herself as she stepped up to the closed tube and tried to peer through the frost-covered glass, but her helmet made that harder than she wanted, so she backed away and looked for a way to open the door so she could see why this tube had been shut and activated. Her luck had gotten better when she found the controls on the side of the container. Unfortunately, she needed a pass-code to shut-down the system and open the tube. She groaned and slammed her hand against the container, taking a good guess her objective was right in front of her, and a quick check with her ship confirmed it.
<Samus, it seems you have found what you were sent here for, but unable to retrieve it. Return to the hangar, and I might be able to send a signal to the U.N.S.C. and inform them of your mission's status. I too would not like to report a failure, but at the least this is a set-back. We should be able to get clearance to disengage the lock.>
Samus sighed and started to head back to the door, but before she could turn, several red, metal spikes embedded themselves into the panel right by her head, and she jumped away as a second volley flew past where her head just was, and she turned to find another Brute standing by the doorway, the grenade launcher strapped to its back.
“You've evaded us long enough, Demon! And as Tartarus' loyal successor, I, Sansagu, will take the pleasure of killing you myself!” the Brute growled out as he drew a second Spiker and opened fire at Samus, sending roughly 80 of the metal projectiles at her, a good portion of them connecting with Samus' suit and draining its energy. When both ammo clips emptied, Samus was horrified when the Brute simply dropped the Spikers and drew the Brute Shot and sent six grenades in her direction, but with only one being a direct hit, and the other five causing splash damage as they hit nearby walls or computers—causing them to explode and do even more damage—leaving Samus' suit with only a few units of energy by the time the clip was out of ammunition. She tried fighting back, but the constant need to dodge was kind of a problem for her, and she tripped on a broken cable when the final grenade detonated behind her, sending her worn-out body to the floor.
She saw movement to her left, and tried to roll away, but the foot she was trying to avoid connected with her helmet, knocking her against a wall, and then a powerful hand picked her up by where her throat was and slammed her against the wall—partially crushing that part of her armor. “This is the end for you, Demon!” Sansagu said as he turned the Brute Shot around and held the blade in the air, ready to take her head off with one swipe.
“I don't think so!” a deep voice called out from behind the Brute just before a fist slammed into the side of the Sansagu's head, causing him to stumble and drop Samus, and then he turned and took three steps back in fear.
“W-what? YOU!” Sansagu looked at Samus, then back what hit him, and Samus followed his gaze. Her eyes fell upon a being in battle-worn sage armor with a black under layer, its face covered by an orange faceplate. At first she thought it was Weavel, but she quickly dismissed the idea and used what bit of strength left in her recently near-strangled body to activate the Scan Visor and gather data on her rescuer.
{Body Armor is of U.N.S.C. design, dubbed “Mark VI MJOLNIR” power armor, designed for the SPARTAN-II project. Suit enhances agility, strength, endurance, reduces reaction time, and has an energy shield that is capable of withstanding a massive amount of damage—from weapons fire and explosions—before disabling, but can recharge if no further damage is inflicted. Unable to identify the occupant, gender, or occupant's intentions. Threat Level; Massive.}
Samus watched on as Sansagu bellowed a battle cry, then lunged forward at the mysterious solider, but was easily evaded, kicked in the side, followed with a karate chop to the side of the head, and when the Brute turned to retaliate was punched in the gut twice, punched in the chin and then was kicked back. As Sansagu staggered backward, he was then smacked in the head with a bone-crushing flying roundhouse kick, and was then decapitated by the blade of the dropped Brute Shot, spraying blood everywhere as the winner landed on its feet. Taking a few steps to her, Samus' fear had increased until the solider dropped the gun and offered a hand. She took it. With one quick motion, Samus was back on her feet, but only to fall back down—almost. She was only aware of the fact that there was one hand firmly clasping hers, and another now supporting her shoulder to keep her from falling over again.
“Are you alright?” the deep voice echoed inside her helmet. She looked over at her rescuer, and nodded weakly. It was then that she spotted the open cryogenic-tube and the small message flashing on the attached computer terminal; `OPEN THE HUSHED CASKET.' She then knew who her rescuer was; the Master Chief. “Who are you and who sent you here?” His question wasn't disarming, but he seemed to have no need to panic, he probably figured that if she was a threat, he could easily deal with her—at least in her current condition he could.
“Master Chief, sir, I've been sent by the Galactic Federation, by request of Lord Hood of the U.N.S.C. I'm here to take you home,” she struggled to get out, and with an unseen smile she added, “My name's Samus Aran.”
“Samus?” the Chief repeated half-silently, recalling a very faint, distant memory that sparked at the name. But he didn't let the thought linger for long as the woman he held in his arms suddenly got heavier as she lost consciousness and collapsed.
“We need to get her back to her ship, John.” Cortana piped up from her `hiding place' in the terminal once Samus went under. She disappeared again as John reached for her, and she was back safe and sound inside his helmet. “Problem is, her ship is in the hangar, and we have more Covenant on board. Options?”
“I though you said it was finished.”
“They must have picked up on the beacon, like everyone back home must have. However, it seemed to be only the Brutes and Drones that want your head, and the Brutes somehow convinced the Hunters to join their search. Just another day at war, right, John?” Cortana did have a good point, so he let her off the hook.
“Yeah, just another day of survival…” he scoffed and placed Samus' body in the open tube and gathered the dropped weapons, kind of thrilled to find a Gravity Hammer, Brute Shot and a couple of Spikers, all with plenty of ammo, and even grabbed an Invincibility device and set it aside with the sole Spike Grenade, and he walked around a little—still having to clear his head a little from the long, frozen slumber—while he waited for Samus to reawaken.
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