Halo - Series Fan Fiction ❯ Invasion of Harvest II ❯ Prolougue ( Prologue )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

20 Years ago:

1000 hours;


The colonization spacecraft landed on the hospitable planet of Harvest II. The craft was a standard UNSC spacecraft used for colonizing planets. The marines that landed behind the craft with a pelicon did reconnaissance. The planet was surprisingly similar to Harvest and after three hours reconnaissance that's when they discovered life on the planet. “Marine, are you sure that is what you saw, a village inhabited by people?” asked General Sherman Maxwell. “Yes Sir, there are people living on this planet.” replied the marine. The general knew then that the inhabitants of the planet could attack them. “Marine, are the people friendly?” “Well sir, we looked at them through binoculars and they looked friendly and also very weird. They have very long noses and dress like medieval peasants.” Sherman had heard of the game “Minecraft”, but this was very shocking. “Marine, have you heard of the video game ‘Minecraft’?” The marine was taken aback by this. “Well… I don’t know sir, I have never played the game before.” The general knew that the marine would not have had an opportunity to play a video game because of combat training. The general thought to himself, “What if I can make an alliance with the villagers, they are friendly in the game.” The general asked the marine, “Marine, can you lead me to the people?” The marine replied “I can do that General, Sir!” saluting at the end of his answer. 

After an hour of driving in a transport warthog, the marine parked the warthog outside the village. The village was like walking into a medieval world, there were dirt pathways leading to what looked like a main square, a blacksmith shop with a villager making a shovel, and a group of young villager children chasing each other along the path. The general and the marine were amazed by the village and the villagers. “Hrrr...” said a villager who scared the living daylights out of the men. The villager was a farmer, wearing a brown robe, a straw hat, and a little brown satchel. “Who are you and what do you want?” said the marine who now was pointing his battle rifle at the villager. “Hurrr...Hrrr.” The villager replied holding his hands out in an attempt to say “Don’t shoot me, I am defenseless.” General Sherman decided to step in, “Marine, stand down, he has no weapons.” “All right sir.” the marine put down the battle rifle. The villager then tried to do sign language, in an attempt to communicate. The general was dumbstruck, this villager farmer knew sign language and was communicating with him and the Marine. The general asked the marine“Marine, what is your name, I need to call you something besides ‘marine’.” The marine said “My name is John Doe, I am a private that grew up on Reach.” The general was speechless, but told the marine that he was going to communicate with the villager. The general then proceeded to talk to the villager using sign language, which went like this…


The villager; “Hello there stranger, where are you from?”

General Sherman; “I am from earth, which is a long way away from here. I am here to colonize your planet.”

The villager, a little bit worried now; “Are you going to kill us all and destroy our village.” 

Sherman; “no, my organization is not going to kill you, we are only here to get and refine resources for earth. Oh, I am sorry I forgot to introduce myself, my name is General Sherman Maxwell.”

The villager, relieved; “Oh good, thanks for the reassurance. My name is Keillager, I work as a farmer here on Minecraftia, our home planet.”

Sherman; “So Keillager, who runs your village? Also what resources are there?”

Keillager; “Jillager runs our village, he is also our village priest. For resources, I grow sheep, wheat, carrots, and potatoes. Billager makes all of our tools, Smillager is a farmer who does what I do except he grows mushrooms in his basement.” 

Sherman; “Do you have any army to defend yourself?”

Keilllager; “What is the term ‘army’ I have never heard of that word. We have iron golems to defend ourselves.” 


After the conversation, Sherman told John Doe everything he had heard. John Doe replied, “Well, that means we might have to defend this village along with our colony.” Sherman replied, “These villagers can be of use, they can be indentured servants to us, farming, mining, and weapon manufacturing.” The General signed goodbye to Keillager and headed back to the UNSC colony. At the colony, which was going to be called Sevastopol, General Sherman recounted all of the information he and his marine had picked up to a high commanding officer on Reach. The officer said, “The villagers can be used in this way but I don’t think the colonists would agree.” General Sherman replied, flabbergasted, “Why wouldn’t the colonists agree, they would work less and they would be with their families.” The officer facepalmed and said “That is tempting to a few colonists but that will not work for all of them. The colonists would think that you would make the villagers into slaves, therefore igniting a revolt.” The general didn’t think about that and told the officer, “Sir, I will ask the colonists what they think and I will report back to you.” “All right General, I hope the colonists will think about human life, signing off.”