Halo - Series Fan Fiction ❯ Invasion of Harvest II ❯ Chapter 1

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Present day: 

900 hours;


“Good Morning Smillager, how are your crops?” asked Keillager. “I just harvested some potatoes and I will take half to trade and the other half for myself.” I replied as I was picking out which crops were ripe or not. “Good, remember to trade with colonists instead of other villagers.” I felt a bit hurt by that comment and I ignored Keilllager for the rest of the morning. By this time I had ten potatoes, one carrot, and twelve beetroots. After I counted my produce, I went to the village well, which worked as a market. The citizens of Sevastopol would come to the village to trade titanium, steel, and especially emeralds for food, daily household goods like chairs and tables, plus some UNSC weapons. As I was selling my produce, I caught sight of Lillager, the village armourer. I said hello and he waved back to me, we later talked together during lunch. Lillager told me that he got a job making armour for the UNSC. I asked him what he will be doing this evening, he said, "I am having a UNSC ODST stop by to get a set of armour that I made." I told Lillager to do his best on the armour, and he said he will. At this time, our lunch break ended and we returned to trading. As the sun was setting, I had thirty six emeralds and one loaf of bread from my trading, and I decided to head home. As I headed home, I saw a cat and that cat is now my pet, named Yam. When I arrived home, I put the emeralds in my jury rigged chest that was under my bed. After putting the emeralds away and getting Yam a bed, I grabbed my sleeping robe and changed into it, then I went to bed.