Halo - Series Fan Fiction ❯ Lonely wonder ❯ Chapter One ( Chapter 1 )

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Chapter 1
TenÖ.Ten long freaking years, Iím sorry name is John Sinatrio so you want to know what Iím ranting on about well here is my story.
June 1st, 1943
Day 1
Sergeant just told our platoon we would be on the invasion of Normandy. The United States has a top secret weapon coming with us and itís our goal to get it into Normandy. Iím sorry but I canít tell you no more mom or I will get court marshaled. I should not have even told you that and tell Sally I love her dearly.
June 2nd, 1943
Day 2
Wow there is so much to tell you. A guy we think is a spook (important top secret officer) just came in with a bunch of big guns and we are getting on the naval ships. So I wonít be able to talk to you till after the battle. I will be fine donít worry.