Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Scout and Sammy ❯ Snoozer's Dream Part One ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

“I wonder what he's dreaming about…” pondered a few of the hamsters, staring at Snoozer as he slept.
He snored, curled up so delicately as he slept, dreaming about things no one could understand.
“Sack! Wake up! We need to go!” came a cry from a young, beautiful hamster.
Sac's eyes shot open, and he got out of bed. “What's happening, Sammy?” he whispered.
“Our…parents…” whimpered Sammy, chocolate brown eyes filling with tears.
Sac clutched his blanket with his tiny paws. “What happened to them?!? What?!?” he whispered.
“I don't know, Sac! But they're gone!”
“This is terrible, Sammy!”
“Stop blabbering and let's go! We have to wake up Scout!”
The two siblings scurried toward a hole in the ground, which was covered by a few giant leaves.
“Scout! Wake up!” Sammy exclaimed, tugging off one of the leaves.
“What makes you think I was asleep?” Scout grumbled, pushing the leaves off of the hole.
“We have to go. Our parents are gone!” Sammy exclaimed.
“What?!?” Scout cried.
“You heard her, Scout! Let's go!” exclaimed Sac.
The three siblings scurried off, following some footprints left by…some one.
They ran through fields of corn, patches of grass, berry bushes, and all you could imagine, yet there was no sign of their parents…just the mysterious footprints.
Soon, after many miles, they came to a giant lake.
Its waters were clear and blue, and the water sparkled.
It was strange that such a beautiful lake could lie next to a dark, scary forest.
“We can't get across, Sammy!” Scout whimpered, grabbing his older sisters arm.
“We have to!” exclaimed the eldest, brushing Scouts hand off her arm.
Scout closed his chocolate brown eyes; finger nails digging into his tiny paws.
“I know what we can do! Look, that leaf over there may just be sturdy enough to hold up three hamsters like us!” exclaimed Sac, pointing to a giant, green leaf.
“Yeah! And that stick over there could row us across!” said Sammy, a happy, hopeful look crawling across her face.
Sammy grabbed the stick, as Scout and Sac ran to get the leaf.
Soon, they set sail.
After a long time, they were finally across and utterly exhausted. They scrambled up to the land and fell over, and soon all three were sitting there, snoozing away.
While they slept, three mysterious figures came into view.
“Lookie here, boys, twins!” laughed the biggest one, pointing to Sammy and Scout, whom were identical twins.
Both of them had dark, sandy blonde fur and deep brown eyes. Scout had bangs that fell in front of his left eye, so only his right eye was visible. Sammy had two pigtails pulled up by green strings.
The two other hamsters chuckled, putting their hands on their hips.
“Well, what are you waiting for?!? Get `em!” snapped the bossiest hamster.
“R-right a-away, s-s-s-sir!” stammered one.
The two hamsters grabbed Sammy and Scout, pulling them away.
The bossy hamster may not have realized it, but one other hamster lay there, watching as his siblings were pulled away, but he was too tired to do anything.