Hana Kimi Fan Fiction ❯ Akiha/Umeda untitled ❯ Chapter 1

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Hana-kimi does not belongs to me. Belongs to Hisaya Nakajo.
Is she ever going to draw the story of Akiha and Umeda when they are in school? Her words in Volume 14 leads me to believe she has a backstory on them. I want~ I'm still waiting. Please tell me she will draw it, even as a short chapter in Sugar Princess!
Akiha/Umeda, un-betaed. Written at 3am in the morning because I can't sleep. Likely to have LOTS of grammar errors. I suck at tenses. T_T Point them out if you want! Review please! Thank you!
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The one dark strand of hair falls across his eyes to end near his lips drawing attention to them. His lips are pressed together. If he is awake with eyes open, it would be the look given to pests. Or to me when I am irritating him.
I walked away from the doorway towards him. Dropping my camera lightly, I sat down on the floor at the side of the bed; gently combing that strand of hair away from his face. For a moment, I thought of taking his picture. It would make good material for teasing.
You must be thinking of me! You would never make that face otherwise! Tell me, senpai, what am I doing to you? Were you dreaming of me putting my arms around you? Mmm, no! It shouldn't be that, you are no longer angry about me hugging you. Ah-ha! I must be kissing you! Oh! In public! That must be it! Senpai! You have to stop being so shy! We are in love! I have the right to show my affection for you! Anywhere!
That thought brought a smile to my face. Just the thought of the face he would make when I end that on a whiny tone. For a moment, I considered it, with a glance at my camera. Slowly, I reached towards it, taking care not to make any big moment to wake him.
“You better not be intending to use that on me.”
“Did I wake you, senpai?” Quickly drawing my hand back from the camera, I reached up and clasped his face in both hands, turning him towards me.
“I'm so sorry! You must not be sleeping well! You must be sleeping lighter than usual to be wakened! I'm sorry! I would take care not to schedule any more assignments at night! You will not have to sleep without me anymore!” Then, I quickly jumped onto the bed, snuggling on top of him. Hugging him to me, before he can react.
Then, he sighed deeply, so deeply I can feel his chest pushing out. “ You are making me hot.”
I quickly pulled his blanket out from between us, and returned to hugging him. This time, entangling my legs with his. “Senpai, you are resisting less and less.”
“Have my resistant been of any use?”
Then, he turned on his side, forcefully pulling me off on top of him. Pouting, I snuggled closer, shifting my arms from around his shoulder to his waist.
“Did the photo shoot go well?”
“Yes, of course. The models were whiney but it went well. Oh yeah, Nanba was there too, he followed instructions better than the rest. He said his mother wanted you to return home for the weekend. Family meeting or something, I am to go too.”
“… … Wake me up tomorrow at 8. I need to reach Osaka early to prepare for school checkup. You are driving.”
“Okay! And Nanba said, if we don't show after an hour, his mother would personally drive out to look for us.”
“… … Just wake me up.”
“Sure.” I snuggled closer, pulling the blanket back up.
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