Happy Lesson Fan Fiction ❯ Chitose again? ❯ I hate you Kisaragi ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

It was the last class of the day and probably his least favorite, Biology/Science. Chitose had that feeling again that he always get when he knows something bad is going to happen, but that was his life right? A series of “Unfortunate events” if you please, but Chitose hated the fact that the more he tried to avoid it, the more trouble he ended up in. He knew that whatever was to come, he best face it now and avoid the pain of trying to avoid it. Still, he cringed as he walked in the door.
“Good afternoon Mr. Hitotose. I can see your looking glum today, isn't that nice.”
“Gah!! *sigh* Good afternoon Ms. Kisaragi, thank you ma'am.” Now he knew for sure something bad was going to happen because whenever Kisaragi had the slightest emotion in her voice, either she was planning one of her evil experiments, or she was plotting another scheme to get Chitose into a more miserable mood. Not that she meant to or anything, it's just when Kisaragi got an idea into her head, there was no persuading her from it.
“Good afternoon class.”
“Good afternoon Ms. Kisaragi.”
“Today is a very special day today because we are going to be studying the Human Physc. And alongside that, each of you will be paired with a partner in order to see how each personality and mind work. Fortunatley for you, I will be assigning partners. Ahee ;P.” Chitose stomach churned inside because he knew something terrible was about to happen,a nd he knew exactly what is was.
“And Fumitsuki, you will be paired with…. Ah, Chitose.”
“GAH!!! What, n-no Ms. Kisaragi, please not with her!! Naything but—“
“I am sorry Mr. Hitotose, but my decision is final, no changes will be made.”
“*sigh* Yes ma'am.” Slamming his fist down under his desk her grumbled to himself about how he hated Fumitsuki and what a stuck up snob she was and Blah Blah Blah.
“OH, Huh?”
“ She said to get into our groups! Don't you ever listen? Geeze, I will not have you slacking off and getting me a failing grade, is that understood.?”
“Yes madam president.” Giving a slightly annoyed moan he scooted over and made room for Fumitsuki. As she rambled on and on about the project he let his mind wander to other things such as, what she was wearing under her shirt.
“GAh!!, huh, oh..yeh right, the human physc, hehe, what about it?”
“Grr, Chitose, you weren't listening at all were you? And what are you staring at?”
“Ah. Um, nothing, nope nothing at all, hehe.” Just at that moment a loud buzzer sounded and everyone gathered their things to leave.
“ah, well, remember Chitose…three o'clock tomorrow at the Library, Don't be late.”
“Ah-uh, will do, three o'clock.”
“Good!” she snapped her fingers then exited the doorway.
“what a priss.” He mumbled when all of a sudden he felt a cold touch on his shoulder.
“Gahh! Who—what the--? “
“See you later Mr. Hitotose.” Fuming and knowing she was getting pleasure from this, even though she didn't show it, he leered and turned away.