Harry Potter - Series Fan Fiction / Supernatural Fan Fiction ❯ Meet Uncle John ❯ Chapter 3

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Chapter 3
John lay still, not sure what had woken him. He carefully scanned the room not seeing anything out of place. The whimper coming from the other bed had him sitting up and blinking until the previous day's events rushed back. Harry was tangled in his sheets, obviously agitated and probably having a nightmare. John stood up and Harry screamed, beginning to really thrash about the bed. The adjoining door crashed open as Dean and Sam rushed in, weapons ready. John was already at Harry's side, trying to wake him.
Sam tossed his gun to Dean and joined his Dad on Harry's bed, pulling his cousin into his arms and gently running his fingers through the teen's hair. He felt his heart clench at the fear and grief Harry's screams held, was that what Dean had heard after Jessica's death?
“Harry its okay, you're safe.” Sam soothed, the last thing they needed was management showing up to complain about the noise. Emerald eyes suddenly snapped open and Harry threw himself off the bed to curl up in the corner.
“Harry? Are you okay?” Sam asked quietly, moving so that he was squatting on his heels in front of his cousin but not close enough that the boy would feel trapped. He smiled as he saw Harry finally wake up and look around.
“What?” Harry asked, obviously still half asleep.
“You had a nightmare Harry.” Sam explained softly and Harry shook his head.
“Not a nightmare.” Sam winced but moved closer, wrapping an arm around him to help him up.
“Come on; let's get you back to bed.” Sam said as he helped him back to his bed. Harry saw John and Dean and winced.
“Sorry.” He apologised softly and the older men smiled.
“No problem kiddo, you should hear the noise Sammy's made some nights.” Dean grinned and Harry smiled shyly back. Dean and John fought back laughter as Sam tucked Harry back into bed, knowing the youngest Winchester would not let that go and not wanting to deal with him in a mood, or out for revenge.
“Sleep tight, no more nightmares.” Sam whispered, brushing his fingers through Harry's unruly mop before moving away.
“Night squirt.” Dean waved and then the brother's were gone and Harry was asleep. John went back to his own bed but kept an ear out for any more nightmares.
“That was worse than some of yours.” Dean commented as they put their weapons back and crawled into their beds.
“What worries me is he said it wasn't a nightmare.” Sam told him and Dean frowned.
“What could he have seen to cause that?”
“I get the feeling we don't want to know.” Sam answered, turning off the light.
“Yeah, but we probably need to. Night bitch.”
“Go to sleep jerk.” Sam threw a pillow at him but missed.
“Morning Harry.” Harry grabbed his glasses and waited till the world was in focus.
“Good morning Uncle John.” He smiled at the man sitting at the rooms table.
“Go grab a shower; we're heading out for breakfast in half an hour.” Harry nodded and grabbed what he needed from his bag. He was out in fifteen minutes. He joined John in his truck while Dean and Sam took the Impala. Denny's wasn't too full so they got a table easily. They ordered and settled in to wait for the food.
“So what grade are you in?” Sam asked and Dean groaned theatrically.
“I'll be starting fifth in September.” Harry answered, smiling at the waitress as she gave him his orange juice. The others had ordered coffee.
“So when do you turn fifteen?” Dean asked after drinking some of his coffee.
“July thirty first.” Harry answered and Dean grinned at Sam, glad they hadn't missed it. The food arrived and they fell silent as they ate, the three Winchester's subtly watching how much Harry ate. John eventually pushed his plate away and looked at his nephew.
“We have two options for your time here and you get to choose. We can get an apartment here in town for the length of your stay or the boys can continue their road trip but with the two of us tagging along. You'll get to see a lot more of America that way but it's up to you.” Harry stared at his uncle in shock. He actually had a say in what they did for the summer? Sure when he stayed with the Weasley's he had a choice about what to do most days but such a big decision?
“I...” Harry trailed off, looking between the three older men, completely out of his depth. Sam took pity on him and placed a hand on his shoulder.
“You don't have to decide right now Harry, think it over.” Sam smiled at him and Harry nodded slowly.
Harry sat on the curb staring out at the road. He could feel someone watching him from inside the room and smiled slightly at the care that showed. A blur of movement made him look up and he smiled as he extended his arm. Hedwig swooped in and landed perfectly on the limb. Harry smiled as he stroked her feathers and Hedwig began to preen his hair affectionately. He sat in utter contentment just petting his first friend, listening to her soft hoots. He'd had to let her fly over since there was no way he was making her suffer through quarantine when she could simply track him down once he was in the country.
Sam smiled as he watched Harry interact with Hedwig, it was obvious Harry loved his pet and the owl treated him more like her chick than her owner. It was sweet but sad. What would cause him to get so close to a pet and yet be awkward around people?
“Watcha doing Sammy?” Dean asked and Sam turned to toss him a glare.
“Hedwig's here.” Dean walked over to the window and couldn't help a small smile as he joined Sam in watching the two.
“There's something odd about that owl.” Dean commented and Sam nodded.
“She's protective of Harry though, I don't think she's dangerous. And she did pass the Holy Water test plus flew through a devils trap.” Sam spoke softly, not wanting to risk his voice carrying through the open window to Harry.
“Maybe his parents use her to check up on him?” Dean grinned at that.
“Yeah if Aunt Lily was anything like Dad that's possible. As long as we don't have to go all the way to England to salt and burn them.”
“Hey Harry!” Dean called as he left the room. The teen looked up from where he was sitting with Hedwig perched on his shoulder, a book open in his lap.
“I'm going to grab lunch, want to come with?” Harry thought about it for a second before nodding and standing. Hedwig alighted from his arm and went to sleep in a nearby tree. Harry slipped inside to put his book away and then joined Dean by the Impala.
“Hop in.” Harry slid in the passenger side and watched as Dean expertly pulled out of the parking lot.
“You enjoying your holiday so far?” Dean glanced over at Harry who was watching the scenery. The teen turned to face him and smiled.
“It's great. I've never been anywhere other than England and Scotland before.”
“Been thinking about what you want to do for the rest of it?” Harry looked down and Dean sighed softly.
“Harry.” His cousin looked up slowly.
“You pick whichever you want to do and don't worry about us. We can do either one. There's loads of stuff to do in Colorado so we don't mind staying if you want to. Decide to travel and you can switch between cars, see a lot of the country and pick up souvenirs for your friends, that sort of thing.” Dean told him seriously and Harry frowned in thought.
“So if I wanted to travel a bit...?” Dean grinned at him and nodded.
“Then I'd say pick a direction and a car. Though if you're with us you'll get the back, Sammy's too tall to fit anymore.” Dean said as they pulled into the diner.
“How does west sound?” Harry asked, still a little hesitant and Dean turned to grin at him.
“Sounds great.” Dean answered.