Harry Potter - Series Fan Fiction / Supernatural Fan Fiction ❯ Meet Uncle John ❯ Chapter 18

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Chapter 18
Dean stared out at his cousin who had been sitting on Bobby's porch for the last three hours straight.
“He okay?” Dean turned as Sam came up beside him and shrugged.
“He's been out there all morning.” Dean answered, trying to hide his concern. Sam frowned in thought.
“Something about what happened yesterday has him really concerned.” Sam commented and Dean nodded.
“You should talk to him.” Dean urged and Sam stared at him.
“You're closer to him than I am, you always have been Sammy. The what, three or so months you had together just made you closer. If he's gonna talk it'll be to you.” Dean pointed out with a shrug.
“Dean....you didn't see Harry when he found out you were dead. He loves you.”
“I know that Sammy.” Dean assured him and Sam smiled before slipping outside to join their cousin.
“Hey Harry.” Sam greeted, sitting beside him and smiling at Harry who finally looked up but he didn't smile in return.
“You okay?” He asked and Harry shrugged.
“You know Sirius didn't mean.....”
“I know Sam, it was that stupid spell.” Harry answered.
“So what's the problem? You can talk to me Harry.” Sam urged and Harry buried his head in his folded arms again. Sam sighed and then reached over to tug Harry into a hug. Harry resisted for a few seconds before letting Sam pull him over.
“Harry please, I'm worried about you.” Sam whispered and Harry sighed.
“Get Dean and Bobby.” Harry stated and Sam frowned but went to get them. Harry stood and stretched before heading inside and sitting at the kitchen table, leaning back in his chair to stare at the ceiling. He didn't want to do it and was half tempted to take the easy way out and dump them in a pensieve. He'd done that to show him his past once before after all. But with everything they'd all been through and what was happening.....they deserved to hear it from him. Honestly he was scared, yeah they'd heard Castiel use his titles and they knew he'd been in a war but they didn't know the whole of what he'd seen and done. What if they hated him because of what he could do now?
“Harry?” Sam called and he looked down, seeing they'd joined him at the table. He sat fully upright but stared at the table, not knowing where to start. Then he drew his wand and nudged it over to Sam who frowned but picked it up and then he looked at Harry.
“This isn't the same wand you had back then.” Sam commented and Harry nodded before using his left hand to remove the suddenly visible ring from his right ring finger. Finally he pulled up the tightly folded square of shimmery material.
“Have any of you ever heard the `Tale of the Three Brothers'?” Harry asked but none of them did.
“The three Peverell brothers met Death and he gave them the choice of anything they wanted. The eldest asked for an unbeatable wand, the second wanted a way to bring back the dead and the third a cloak to make him invisible even to Death himself.” Harry stated and both Sam and Bobby stared in shock at the three items Harry had placed on the table.
“Harry are you saying these are...” Bobby trailed off.
“The Elder Wand also known as the Deathstick and Wand of Destiny. The Resurrection Stone set into a ring baring the emblem of the three items. And the Cloak of Invisibility which passed through the Potter line from the youngest Peverell son. I'm the first person to possess and control all three which is why Castiel referred to me as the Master of Death. It's how I got rid of the ghost at the gas station and freed Sirius.” Harry answered Bobby softly, refusing to look at any of them. He nearly jumped when Sam reached over and took his hand, squeezing it gently. Harry looked up at him and Sam smiled at him.
“So you can get rid of ghosts, no big deal.” Dean shrugged and Harry took a deep breath.
“It's more than that.” Harry said and Bobby shrugged.
“So what?” Bobby asked and Harry stared at them all before smiling slightly.
“So what else would you like to know?” Harry asked and the three exchanged looks. Sure they all wanted to know what had happened after Harry had returned to England but they didn't really want to push.
“Just ask.” Harry grumbled.
“What happened Harry? Just what you want to tell us.” Sam said and Harry nodded.
“I got back to England, contacted some friends for help, trying to avoid Dumbledore and his friends. We headed for the Ministry but it was a trap. Voldemort wanted something stored in the Department of Mysteries....in the Hall of Prophecies. Only those a prophecy is about can remove the orb and Voldemort was laying low so he tricked me into going after it, there were Death Eaters waiting for us. There was a fight and Sirius....Sirius died fighting his cousin Bela. The orb was smashed but Dumbledore had a copy. The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches…Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies…And the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not.. And either must die at the hands of the other for neither can live while the other survives…The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies…” Harry trailed off, taking a deep breath.
“I came back when everyone kept pushing but I found...you know. So I went back. Didn't go back to school though, ended up training with ex-Aurors, anyone who had skills or knowledge that'd be useful. Sat my exams and passed everything, even potions. The war started getting real bad so they started sending me out as well. Dumbledore finally came clear about how Voldemort survived that Halloween. He'd made Horcrux's; one was actually the Resurrection Stone. Dumbledore ended up being killed by Snape but he was dying anyway so it was to make Snape's position as a spy better. We found and destroyed all the horcrux's but one.....me. I'd started putting things together after hearing the prophecy.....our link...to make him mortal again I had to die. I gave Gryffindor's sword to Neville; he was the other one the prophecy could have concerned, so I figured he would have the best chance. I walked into the forest knowing I was going to die. But I didn't take the Elder Wand into account. Voldemort had it but by then I was its Master so when he cast the killing curse....it his us both. With my death he had no more horcrux's left so he died. But there was still a war and I was given the option to continue on or return, I chose to come back. After that there were a few more battles then it settled into clean up and rebuilding. I stuck around for a while and then I came back here.” With that Harry fell silent, getting up and leaving after returning the Hallows to their usual spots.
The three hunters sat around the table, going over what Harry had revealed. Other than the explanation of the Hallows it hadn't added much to what they had already known. Didn't take a genius to know Harry still hadn't told them everything but they also knew that was all they were going to get off him.
Short but it's a filler to give the hunters some hints into what Harry went through.