Harry Potter - Series Fan Fiction ❯ When the Spirit Breaks, When Does the Body Follow? ❯ Enchantment: Drabbles X-XII ( Chapter 3 )

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Drabble X: Against the World

It didn’t matter what her girlfriends thought, anyway: Eileen was pregnant.

He was the one to suggest she was “up the duff” when she kept sicking up all hours of the day. She thought he was mad, but Eileen reluctantly agreed to see a doctor, who then proceeded to confirm his hunch. She was about two months along by the doctor’s estimate.

When Eileen gave him the news, he proposed marriage. She accepted.

The path to matrimony did not go smoothly. His parents, like her girlfriends, disapproved of them as a couple. It became them against the world. How romantic!


Drabble XI: Girlhood Dreams

They married in a civil ceremony at the local town hall. Eileen had conjured a birth certificate that showed her first name as Virginia, and her age as two years older than she was. She didn’t want to contact her parents for permission.

It did pain her to let go of the lavish wedding outfit of her girlhood dreams: the blue velvet robes with silver sash, the embroidered slippers, and the moon-pearls woven in her hair.

In the end, however, he was the man she wanted.

“I, Virginia Prince, take thee, Vernon Humperdinck Dursley, to be my lawfully wedded husband…”


Drabble XII: Bright Magical Babies

Seven months after her elopement, Mrs. Dursley gave birth to Marjorie Eileen. Two years later, she delivered Vernon Humperdinck, Jr. Whilst she adored her babies, it became clear that—in spite of the strength and purity of her bloodline—she had produced squibs.

The word slithered around in her brain; as her marriage began failing at an alarming rate, Eileen had hoped to return home with two half-blood children in tow. Her parents would still be displeased with her long absence, but bright magical babies would have smoothed things over.

Not now. Her family could never know of their existence.