Harvest Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Live Like It's Your Last Day ❯ Prologue ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Okay, I've decided that if you all want to know the final match I've chosen for Luna, you can send me a personal message and I'll reply to it. I really don't want to spoil it, but for those of you who will stop reading if you don't find out, I will tell you. :)

I will not tell you in an authors note until the story gets closer to the time when her final guy will be revealed which wont be until the end. :) I still need drama in this story-- and love always adds drama.

But if you really need to know because you will like die if fucking Ray doesn't end up with whoever or fucking Alex doesn't get with Gina or whatever couple you happen to be obsessed with doesn't happen, then I'll tell you in a PM. :)

Remember this is my first story, so please don't be too mean. Helpful critisism is fine though. Oh and credit to Aanah for helping with mild editing; though I could still use an eidtor.

I apologize again for the ubber longess of the summary.

Okay, well here is chapter two.

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Welcome Dear Niece - Part One:

Luna sat in the moving truck nervously slipping a coin between her fingers and repeating the process repeatedly. A hand lightly touched her shoulder and her head shot up and the coin fell from her fingertips.
"You okay?" Nirvana questioned with a worried expression.

"Fine. Just fine," the girl replied as cooly as she could.

Beasty pet her head as if she were a child by reaching over Nirvana's arm from the back seat and chimed in, "Listen, I know you never met these people, but calm down. I'm sure they'll love you."

"What if they don't?" Luna growled back angirly turning in her seat to gaze into the back at her four best friends.

Dick laughed heartily, "'Ay, you couldn't love ya? You're smart, know how to cheer everyone up, not to mention the guys will fall head over heels for ya after they get one glance."

Lina rolled her eyes knowing what would happen next.

"Oh, so guys will only like me because of my looks?!" Clenching her fist, Luna closed her eyes and titled her head downward, allowing her bangs to fall together and cast shadows over her closed eyes. "Not like there's even much to look at," She continued, "But even if someone reason the did like me you're implying that it would only be for my looks." She brought her clenched fist foward, but Dick dodged the punch at him by falling back into the seat and into Lina's lap.

"Luna," Lina began in a low tone, "You're just nervous. Don't take it out on Dick though."

Sighing, Luna turned back around and in a sweeter tone responded, "You're right Lee. Dick is just living up to his name anyway, so I guess I can't get made at him for that." In the background she could hear Dick mumbling low about his name 'having nothing to do with his personality' and him just 'trying to be nice.'

'I guess I am being a little mean to him. I'll apologize later... maybe.' Giggling to herself, all conversation ceased as she stared out the window.

The scenery was absolutely wonderful. The trees grew abundantly in the towns they passed and the lakes had fish jumping out to make their presence known. Young children swam in lakes farther away from society since, from what they heard about the villiages in this part of town, it was rude to swim in public lakes or oceans unless it was a festival. Smiling at the little children, Luna couldn't help but want to stop and join them. The sparkling lakes looked so appealing and the children looked like they were having fun, so why couldn't she?!

She slowly closed her eyes and heard the soft melody of a piano; a melody her mother played every night while she was alive. It lulled Luna into a blissful sleep with dreams of the village they would now be living in.

Awakening to the sunlight of a new day flooding into the cars windows, Luna looked around to see the sleepy mover driving still with darkening rings under his green eyes.
"Oh god," Luna remarked to herself, "We slept all through half the day and all night yesterday. Wow ... it's morning already."

She didn't expect to recieve a reply; "Yep. Your friends didn't even wake up yet little Miss Porter."

"Luna please."

"What?" The man asked shooting her a quick glance before continuing to stare at the road.

"No need to be formal. Luna will do."

"Hmm." The man pondered as he made a left turn. "Luna... pretty unique name you got there."

"My dad proposed to my mother on the night of a lunar eclipse. Hence my name."

"Gawrsh Miss P-- err Luna, that's a real purdy story."

'Whoa, this dude is a total hill billy. Accent and all. Pretty odd, but I guess take a person as they are or don't take them at all.' She saw his eyes turn to her and stare at something-- two things actually-- other than her face with a lustful gaze. 'I'll go with the second option.' Luna thought with a scared expression on her face praying she soon be able to leave the car and the creepy mover soon and run into the, hopefully, loving arms of the uncle (who was her only remaining family member besides his daughter-- her cousin) whom she had never met.

What she didn't expect was for her uncle to be a chubby stout man with a potatoe nose, oh and for him to be at the gates of the village waiting to greet her.