Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ A Broken Balance ❯ Sinister ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Sister Marianne, the current head of the Iscariot organization, sighed in frustration as she observed the two woman in front of her who were covered from head to toe in some unidentifiable orange colored goo.
And were dripping the goo over her million dollar oriental rug.
She rubbed her temples, pleading to God that he give her an answer on how to deal with section elevens top operatives, who at the same time happened to be the throne in the Catholic Church's side.
Not only were they irresponsible, flirty, and all around completely immune to the sense of faith in God that all other Iscariot members had in abundance, but there was no one who could live up to the two in their respective areas.
Chloe Collet, the shorter of the two, (who was busily trying to clean the goo off of her glasses, using her goo covered shirt) was a child prodigy. At 17, she had already mastered and improved every form of magic she would come across. She was known in the supernatural community as The Mistress of Magick.
Erika Langley, a German brunette who had a slightly more muscular build than her blond French partner, was an expert swordswoman. She was ranked number one in the world's most competitive fencing and sword fighting events. Her nickname was The Princess of Swords. She was no slouch with a gun either.
“Tell me again…what exactly happened with the creature in Sorrento.” Both women started speaking rapidly in their native tongues. “In English!” They exchanged glances.
“I apologize Sister,” Chloe began “The creature escaped into the tourist area. We had to destroy it before it harmed any civilians. Although,” She spared a pointed, glare at Erika “The excessive force that was used by some people may not have been necessary.”
“If someone hadn't let the thing go in the first place then the entirely necessary force might not have been used.”
“Is someone had been there when her partner needed her then the creature wouldn't have escaped.”
“If someone hadn't let the thing into the city to try and capture it then her partner wouldn't have had to calm the tourists down after they saw a big orange slug crawling through the town.”
“If someone hadn't-”
“ENOUGH!” Sister Marianne yelled standing up and slamming her palms down on her desk, cracking the wood. “I don't want to hear any more of your bickering! I will just read the bloody report. Now get out of here and go get yourselves cleaned up.” Deciding that she was finished with the two women, Marianne sat back down at her desk and out her head down, as the girls left, closing the sister's door office door.
Sister Marianne picked up the phone on her desk and dialed a number that she had hoped she would never have had to dial again.
After a few rings, a groggy female voice picked up the phone.
“ `Ello?”
“Ryne? This is Sister-“
“ I know who you are. I'm not daft now what do you want?”
“Is Annika there with you?”
“What the bloody `ell do you think?”
“Don't be smart arse, Ripley. Whether you like it or not you and your lover are bound to the Iscariot organization for the rest of your immortal lives which means that your souls are under my complete and total control.” Marianne smirked as she heard Ryne growling. “ Now, back to business. I have a little job for you to do.”
Ryne slammed down the handset down so hard that it split into two.
“Not another one Rye.” Annika sighed as she came back into the room toweling off her hair. “We can't afford to keep buying new phones every other day.”
“The twisted sister has another job for us.” Annika frowned as she went to the closet and started sorting though her clothes.
“What is it?” Ryne started growling again as she flexed her claws, imagining Sister Marianne's neck between them. “Rye…” Annika said, warningly.
“Do you remember … Chloe and Erika?” Annika blanched.
“ Y-You mean the Frenchwoman and the German?”
“ The Mistress of Magick and The Princess of Swords?” Ryne sighed.
“The enemies of all who live? The goddesses of destruction? The one that even a dragon wouldn't step on? That Chloe and Erika?”
“Yes! Tha' bloody Chloe and Erika!”
“ Oh, Okay…” Annika seemed to think about it for a moment before running to the bed and leaping into her surprised lover's lap, wrapping her arms tightly around the redhead's neck. “Please say that the job has nothing to do with them. Rye, please!”
“ Why would I bring them up if it didn't?” Ryne was further surprise when Annika started sobbing into her shoulder. “Christ, Nika, what's the matter with you?”
“Every time I go near the something horrible happens. Last time…” Annika pulled back a little and looked down at her tail, which was securely fastened between her legs. “Last time my poor tail almost got eaten by… by… by PIRANHAS!” She started sobbing again as Ryne sweat dropped.
She wrapped her arms around her agitated lover and buried her face in the smaller woman's snow-white hair.
“Well last time I wasn't with you. This time you don' have to worry about getting your tail eaten off. We're just babysitting.” Annika looked up at her confused.
“Yes. Sister Marianne doesn't rust them enough to carry out the next mission she has for them without supervision she wants us to do it.” Annika let go of Ryne and sat up, folding her arms.
“That's just stupid.”
“You can't blame her. They almost cost you your tail remember?” Annika shuddered.
“Please don't ever bring that up again.”
Back at the Iscariot's headquarter in Vatican City, Sister Marianne snickered at the prospect of possibly having four of her biggest pains in the neck dead in one mission.
“Tha' was quite evil of you sister.” Marianne leaned back in her chair with her face set in a self-satisfied smirk. “Completely un-nun-like.”
“Oh, bollocks to that. Those four will be the ruin of the Catholic Church if they are allowed to carry on like they've been. You know as well as I do, Father Anderson, that unless we take some drastic measures then that damn prophecy might just be fulfilled. Where would we be then? The pope would have us decapitated.” The Priest that sat on the edge of Marianne's desk, stroked his scarlined chin thoughtfully.
“Aye, tha' he would. But who is to say that he won't anyway when he hears that you're planning to use section elevens best weapons as sacrifices in order to take some stress off of you?” Sister Marianne leaned forward on you desk.
“Would you rather be bothered with a Witch, a murderer, and two demons or have them silenced by an unfortunate accident in the workplace?” He thought about it for approximately .029 seconds.
“Who're you gonna get to do it?”
“I just told you. It will be an accident.”
“But you can't ensure that an accident will work. They might just avoid it.”
“Oh come on Alexander, put that sinister mind of your to work. Stop being so logical about it.” He stared at her for a long minute before a half crazed smile spread over his face.
“Tha' is positively wicked.”
“Why, thank you.” They laughed at their ingenious plan so loudly that people passing by Marianne's office had to stop for a moment and puzzle over the mirth that they heard from their usually stoic leader.
Author's notes: This was inspired by the mini-story at the back of the first Hellsing manga. Sister Marianne is based almost completly on Sister Kate from Chrono Crusade.