Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Fare ❯ Boredom-Driven ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
With a sigh, the previously sleeping vampire pushed off the lid of his coffin and sat up. He shook his head. He was so damn BORED! It had only been thirty-seven years since he had last seen his friends, and already he was greatly missing their company. Perhaps a short visit was in order? He smiled. But his smile faded when he though of what he had left behind, knowing how it could have changed. He didn't know what he'd do if Alucard had been locked away again, and if poor little Victoria had been locked away with him . . . and for all he knew, the humans he missed so much could be dead now . . . he shuddered. But the desire to see his friends again reaffirmed his desire to go back to London, and so, after carefully stepping out of his coffin and closing the lid, he left his home in Romania and an instant later, found himself on Hellsing's doorstep.

The even breathing of the person next to her made Victoria realize just how early she had woken up tonight. Her senses told her that the sun had just begun to set. And if Alucard was still asleep, then . . .
Victoriaaaaa . . . a familiar voice called teasingly into her mind, Victoriaaaaaaaaaaaaaa . . . I am coming for youuuuuuuuu . . .
The sudden cry caused Alucard to wake instantly.
Malakai? Where? His mind spoke sleepily.
Then suddenly, his senses awoke, and he felt his friend's presence at the Manor's front door . . . oh, this would not go over well with the guards . . . many of whom did not know or even remember the pale, silver haired vampire. Without another thought on the matter, he phased upstairs to where the Transylvanian waited.
“About bloody time,” Malakai called when his dark-haired friend appeared, his accent thick and reminding Alucard of home.
“Don't tell me you have spent the last forty years in Romania, old friend.”
“Oh, no. I just sleep there.”
Alucard grinned. Before anyone else could arrive to investigate, Alucard embraced his friend and released him quickly. He really did not want anyone seeing him acting that way, even his dear Victoria, who knew that he did. Malakai studied Alucard like a parent inspecting their child for bruises. Seeming satisfied that Alucard was in as good a condition as he had been when he left, he nodded. The look in Alucard's eyes said that he had been doing the same. Though neither vampire would admit it, all they had was each other, with the exception of Victoria, but she did not have the history nor the experiences that they did. Although Malakai was certainly more open about his concern for his friend.
“Have you had even a speck of fun since I left? This place is exactly the same as it was then!” Malakai exclaimed, concern for his friend's remaining sanity radiating off him.
“Not much,” Alucard said bitterly, “And you?”
“Actually, I had a run in with some vampire hunters only last night. They lasted much, much longer than you run-of-the-mill hunters. I was quite pleased by how well they did,” Malakai replied.
Envy. Oh, the envy that circled the dark-haired vampire!
“Hm. Well, anyway, how is Little Miss Victoria?”
“I am just fine thank you.”
He turned, unsurprised to see her standing there. She threw her arms around him, embracing him with such force, that his spine very nearly broke in half. He returned the hug with equal force and smiled when she quickly kissed his cheek and released him. She stood back, next to her former master, and her arms slid around his as she rested her head on his shoulder. Standing in his shadow eased the pain of what little sun there was left in the sky. Malakai smiled.
“Who the fuck are you?” a voice said from behind him.
“He is a friend, James. Now go,” Victoria returned.
“Uh, yes, Ma'am,” the soldier said.
After the rude little worm left, Malakai said, “They sure have gotten rude around here, huh?”
Victoria shook her head, “No, just the newer group. They aren't really soldiers. Mercenaries, actually. Annoying bastards, the lot of them.”
“And you have gotten yourself a dirty mouth, Miss Seras,” Malakai said.
“Oh, please. You should hear them talk.”
“Yes, I think I should!” Malakai responded with a smile that Victoria had sorely missed.
Suddenly, a voice in Alucard's head demanded that they get the hell back inside.
“My master summons us to the office,” he said irritably.
A twitch of irritation passed Victoria's face. Malakai wondered why on earth they were suddenly so aggravated. But before he could ask, the two vampires of Hellsing phased inside the office, and Malakai reluctantly followed.
But the silver-haired vampire's eyes were not met by the familiar sight of a blond woman with icy blue eyes, as he had expected. Instead, seated behind Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing's desk, was a young man. A man with blond hair, brown eyes, and an expression that did and yet did not remind him of Integra.
“What is going on here? Who is he?” the man demanded.
“He is . . . a family friend, Master,” Alucard said curtly.
“A friend of your family, I presume. What would possess you to allow this filth to enter my house?”
“Correction, Master, he was a friend of your mother's. She never had any qualms about allowing him here,” Alucard said with a highly uncharacteristic snarl.
Taken aback by Alucard's disrespect, and by the news that this was not just some piece of trash, the man did not answer immediately. His friend's aggravation seeped into Malakai's system, and he suddenly found himself hating the man who had obviously replaced his dear Integral.
“Fine then. Who . . . who are you?” the man asked Malakai with a sigh.
“My name is Malakai Dolaein.”
“Hmm . . . Malakai . . . I vaguely recall my mother mentioning you. Very well. My name is Jonathan Hellsing.”
Did I ask what your name was, whelp? Malakai broadcasted to all but the one whom it was actually directed at.
Victoria had apparently become very good at concealing her emotions. Because, like Alucard, there was no sign on her face that she had heard him but an amused sparkle in her eyes and gales of silent laughter.
“It is . . . good to meet you, at last. Where is your mother? Dead, I presume?”
“No. The queen ordered her to hand over Hellsing to me when I turned sixteen. My father . . . went missing shortly after I was born, else it would be in his hands.”
Went missing, meaning Alucard probably kidnapped him and left his filthy rotting corpse at the bottom of the river, Malakai thought.
Actually, it was Victoria who left his filthy rotting corpse at the bottom of the Thames, Alucard replied, amusement enriching his voice.
“I see. Where is she?”
“In her room, where she belongs.”
“You shouldn't speak of your mother that way.”
“She is an old woman.”
“Wrong you are, whelp. You are never truly old until your spirit fades away. Or until you die. Your mother is not dead, and I know that her fighting soul would never submit to this . . . hell you have cast her into,” Malakai growled.
Taken aback once more by this sign of disrespect he was so very unaccustomed to, Jonathan did not reply.
Wordlessly, Malakai exited the room and found his way to his beloved Integra's room, where he knew all too well Jonathan would not want him to be. Opening the door quietly, so as to show some respect to the woman who had been so carelessly tossed aside after outliving her usefulness. She was asleep. He gently closed the door. Approaching the bed, he studied the woman who had forced his respect almost forty years ago. She was not so very different from what he remembered. Despite the grey in her hair and the faint lines on her skin, she appeared almost the same as she had when he left.
Kneeling beside her bed, and reaching up to stroke some hair from her forehead, he murmured, “Good goddess, Integra, what have they done to you?”
At the sound of his voice, she woke up. Opening her eyes slowly, she instantly recognized him. He smiled at the sight of her icy blue eyes. She had aged very well indeed. She was still beautiful.
“Malakai. Nice of you to visit,” she said with a touch of playful sarcasm.
“Well, I was in the neighborhood, thought I'd say hello. Your son is a bastard, by the way.”
“I am well aware of it.”
He grinned.
“I am glad that age has not dulled your mind, my dear knight.”
“As am I. Much good it does me, now.”
“Oh, but it has more uses than you know. It has kept your son from discovering that Alucard is still under your control.”
“Hmph. Lot of good it does me. Alucard rarely minds my orders anymore. He is far too outraged by my request that he follow my son's.”
“I can imagine.”
She sat up, smiling. It pained him to see her wonderful mind and strength go to waste.
“The only solace I have left,” Integra murmured, “Is in knowing my . . . beloved husband will not be causing me any further trouble in this life. Though I know I shall suffer his annoying idiosyncrasies in the next.”
“Hmm. Yes. It seems, Dear Knight, that you are quite abandoned.”
Pain flashed across the Hellsing knight's face. He immediately remedied the situation.
“I claim you in the name of Malakai Dolaein!” Malakai declared, his eternally childish demeanor returning, bringing laughter from Integra.
“So I am your property, now, then?”
“Nooo . . . I have merely un-abandoned you.”
She laughed again. He was glad to see her younger self returning in her attitude and her behavior. The look of confidence had returned to her features, she now sat up straight in her seat on her bed. Suddenly, the door crashing open interrupted their moment.
“Step away from Lady Hellsing, monster.”
“That will be quite enough,” Integra challenged him, suddenly standing.
“Er, uh, Lady Hell-”
“That's Sir Hellsing,” Integral returned sharply, “Now, leave my room immediately, soldier! Before I-”
“Before you what Mother?” A voice drawled from behind the soldier.
Jonathan pushed the man out of the way, glaring daggers at Malakai.
Be strong, Integral Hellsing, Malakai whispered soothingly into her mind.
“Before I have him removed forcefully. And then deranked.”
“As I recall, Mother, that is no longer your decision.”
“I am still alive, Jonathan, you miserable wretch. This is my organization. I will decide what happens to my men, and how they shall be disciplined.”
“The queen has clearly ordered that-”
“The queen had no right to interfere.”
Silenced by this display of complete disregard for the queen's orders, and because of how unaccustomed he was to his mother's icy anger, Jonathan merely glared at her. It had no effect whatsoever.
“Leave,” Integra demanded, “Before I have you removed.”
As if on cue, Alucard and Victoria appeared at her side. The three vampires were a menacing presence in the room. The soldier backed out without waiting for approval from Jonathan, and then Jonathan himself left. The moment the door had shut, Victoria let out a sigh of relief, and then turned a big smile on Sir Hellsing.
“Oh, God, it's good to have you back!”
“I never left,” Integra replied.