Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Fare ❯ Conspiracy? ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
For the first time in thirty-seven years, Seras Victoria was sleeping in her own room. Wanting some time alone with his friend, Alucard had subtly, graciously, and promptly kicked her out of his.
I guess it is “grown-up vampire” time now, she thought sarcastically, knowing full well that although she was no longer his servant, Alucard still thought of her as a “baby vampire”.
Which was funny, because in every other (non-vampire-related) aspect of their lives, she was treated-mercilessly, and completely- as the woman she really was. The faintest of smiles lifted the corners of her lips. It didn't matter. In the last few years, she had learned of so many ways to take her revenge for instances like this-minor, yet offending due to the level of respect (or lack thereof) that he tossed at her as though she were still a human child-and for situations that were far more infuriating. Because over the years she had spent with him as his mate-for that was what she had become, as he had informed her-she had discovered a whole other side to him. There was the cold, arrogant, maniacal, and almost evil vampire lurking just beneath the surface. But then there was the passionate, yet still arrogant, intelligent, and unnervingly empathic man, lurking beneath that. Making it much harder to bring to the surface, unlike the vampire who could be awakened by only the sight or smell of blood. But she managed it with remarkable ease, had access to his deepest secrets. Including, but not limited to, his physical weaknesses. And it was amusing (actually, it was bloody fantastic) to know that the Great Alucard (or, Dracula, as she had learned over time) had weaknesses of his own, and that she and she alone could exploit them. His deep desire to be bitten by her, for her to drink his blood, was only one of her favorites (even after being freed from servitude, he still begged her to bite him sometimes).
“I think . . . I always knew,” Victoria mused, “that he was like this. So cold, so arrogant, and so stubborn, yet passionate, empathetic-when the circumstances were right-and so willing to compromise . . . when it meant that he could have more fun, that is. Sometimes I have to wonder,” she closed her eyes and titled her head back as she let her spoken words fade into her thoughts, “If that was the real reason that-”
You loved me? Alucard finished, voice dripping with amusement.
Hmm. Yes . . . as I have so often wondered why you love me, Victoria replied.
You aren't becoming one of those emotional, sappy creatures, are you?
Wouldn't dream of it
, she returned with a light, smiling voice that filled his mind with memories that completely contradicted her earlier statement.
So convincing, he said, his voice indicating that his body had probably raised an eyebrow and was displaying a look that screamed sarcasm.
Brief silence followed.
I love you.
Good night, Police Girl.
She knew that that was as close as he'd ever come to giving her a proper response.
Sweet dreams, Alucard, she sighed.
Sweet dreams, he murmured, sending a shadow hand ghosting through her hair before letting the conscious connection between their minds drift shut.

Malakai observed this exchange with mild disinterest, leaning back in his chair. When the conversation was over, he arched an eyebrow at his friend.
“You'll never say it, will you?”
“Why? She already knows.”
“So? Women are sentimental creatures by nature. They enjoy hearing the words, even if they already know.”
“She's a vampire.”
“She is a woman, and furthermore, she is still a very young woman at that. Barely sixty.”
Alucard rolled his crimson eyes, irises flashing red as they reflected the dim light. He really had thought that her romantic nature would have become a little more realistic over the last four decades . Not that he didn't enjoy her innocent, idealistic, naive personality (it made teasing her that much more interesting), but it was those very characteristics that amused him that could get her killed. And he really did want her alive. Or . . . well, as close as a vampire could be, anyway. It wasn't much. Both males knew that, if left on her own, Seras would be killed. Being the trusting creature that she was, she would be destroyed by the first freelance vampire slayer she came across. Although, despite having crimson eyes, a body temperature of oh, 52 degrees, and fangs, she could pass for a human with relative ease.
Bleh. The very thought, the eternally childish section of Malakai's mind said with no small measure of disgust. Let's just say that that particular fragment of his being didn't really like humans. With the exception of Integral. Oh, and Isaac.
“Still obsessing over the Hellsing? You remind me of myself, of fifty-odd years ago.”
“Ooooh, and which Hellsing would that have been, hmm?” Malakai replied, eyes sparkling as he felt that familiar itch for a fight coming on strongly, and beginning the ritualistic attempts to tempt Alucard into one.
Which wasn't hard, really. Alucard's love of violence was no secret, least of all from the man he had grown up with.
“Integra,” Alucard said, ignoring the naughty images that were being flashed like some kind of sick slide show, courtesy of the man he was two seconds away from strangling (for the fun of it).
“Master servant smut, eh? Dirty.”
No response.
“Awww, you're no fun at all,” Malakai pouted, seeing that his taunts (feeble and empty as they were) were having no effect.
“No fun?”
The very next moment, Alucard's fist had connected with, and then passed through Malakai's chest, leaving a gaping, bloody hole in its wake. The maniacal grin that graced Malakai's face then was not unlike Alucard's own, leaving a disturbing resemblance between the two. Fighting hand-to-hand was not something Alucard did often, but Walter had both his guns, and besides, it was more fun to attack someone with his own hands than with a weapon. Blood dripped from the gloved fingers, and the smell of blood overwhelmed him, filling him. But before he could blink, Malakai had disappeared, and then reappeared behind his back, twisting Alucard's arm cruelly, before inevitably ripping it off close to the shoulder. The arm fell to the floor, and Alucard spun around to retaliate, grabbing Malakai's hair (which was followed by a surprised shriek), before jerking his head so hard he broke Malakai's neck. Several sickening snapping noises followed as Malakai's body began repairing itself. Alucard's arm melted into a pool of blood, before sliding up his body and reforming into the lost limb. All the while, the two males were wrestling for control, and then Alucard kicked Malakai's shin with another sick snapping noise as the bone broke. Malakai collapsed to his knees, but continued to struggle, though it was useless. Alucard had the “high ground”, he was stronger, and Malakai's weakened leg was hindering him greatly.
“Beg for mercy,” Alucard hissed.
Do it!”
Malakai's shoulder popped out of its socket as Alucard applied a great amount of force.
“Give up, Malakai,” Alucard said quietly.
“I . . . I give. Mercy,”Malakai mumbled poutingly.
Alucard instantly released him, and Malakai slumped to the ground. Almost wearily, yet with a small smile playing at his mouth, Malakai closed his eyes as his body repaired itself.
“So. Did you have fun?” Alucard's amused voice asked.
“Haha. Ha. So funny. But,” Malakai opened one eye and looked up at him, “Yeah. I did.”
Alucard grinned, “I'm glad.”
“Of course you are. You probably had more fun that I did.”
“Naturally. I won.”
“Only because I let you.”
“Ha. Of course. Of course.”
“What 'ha'? There is no 'ha'! I let you win!”
Malakai opened both eyes and cast a mock-glare in Alucard's direction. There was no further argument, because for all they knew, it could be true. Neither of them really knew who was stronger, but they did know that the only way to find out was through a battle to the death, and neither of them really found that option appealing. Well, actually, they did, but no one else was to know that each spent plenty of time fantasizing about a real, life-or-death fight. Both Malakai and Alucard found the idea “glorious”. But for the time being, they were content to play. After all, a fight with Alucard when his powers were restrained and under someone else's control wouldn't be fun or fair.
“You weren't away for very long, Malakai,” Alucard said suddenly, eyes closed, face shadowed by dark hair.
“I couldn't resist returning,” Malakai murmured, “I'm inevitably drawn to you. Consequences of our pact, as it were.”
The pact . . . how long had it been since they made it? Hundreds of years . . .
“Because of course it would have to do with that,” Alucard replied, “I'm beginning to think that you'd stay away forever if you weren't forced to return after a time.”
“No. I would still come back.”
“Would you? I find that difficult to believe.”
“I could not abandon you, Alucard.”
This was true, considering the fact that Alucard had no other vampires to associate with, other than Victoria. Malakai needed Alucard, to keep his soul, his past, intact. And Alucard needed Malakai in order to keep his sanity intact. Or . . . well, most of his sanity.
“All right then. You've convinced me. For the time being,” Alucard said, falling back into his chair and propping both legs up on the table.
Malakai remained on the floor, laying on his back with his hands behind his head and stretching out. They did not speak for a long time, hours maybe, merely soaking up the silence and watching in amusement as, in their moments of relaxation, their shadows drifted off their bodies in slow wisps and tangled, intertwining lazily.
“What has Victoria been doing, these past few years?” Malakai asked finally, speaking in their native tongue.
“The same. With the exception that Jonathan has been giving orders . . . it is rather irritating. You should see how she glares at him. The soldiers are honestly terrified of her. It's magnificent, really. She's beginning to behave like a proper vampire. But she's still such a child,” Alucard answered, glad to be reminded of home, and better years . . . certainly long before Hellsing, before his enslavement.
“She is still young, as I recall telling you before. She will improve as she grows older. We all do. And just wait till she begins to go through phases, she'll change even more. Soon . . . though I'm loath to admit it, she'll be acting just like you,” Malakai said, swirling a wisp of shadow around his fingertips.
“I can't imagine it.”“Me either,” Malakai laughed, “I wonder if she'll be as interesting as your brides.”
“I will personally send her to hell if that happens.”
“Hmm. I almost hope you will.”
They conversed softly in Romanian for about half an hour, catching each other up on details. But alas, even thirty-seven years apart did not provide a full day's worth of conversation. So Malakai retired to his old room, and Alucard phased unnoticed into Victoria's, sliding through the coffin lid and laying down next to her. The rest of the day, the vampires slept undisturbed. The rest of the day, Victoria dreamed of ways to get revenge on Alucard for excluding her, and Alucard peered into her dreams in his sleep, amused by what he saw there.
Two days passed as peacefully as was possible (when you are a member of an active vampire hunting organization and are called out to a crime scene sometimes as soon as you return from one), and Malakai enjoyed watching Victoria use her powers, and teasing her about how much she'd changed. Somehow, the conversations never led to Isaac, the one Malakai had missed most, the human cousin of Integral Hellsing. But he barely noticed. He mourned Walter's passing and celebrated Hellsing's victories, reveling in the glory as he described his own battles. In regards to that, Integra was not always too pleased with his stories. But she said nothing, and she listened, although a voice in her mind nagged at her that he was telling her about his victims, about humans he'd killed, and that she should do something. She ignored the voice. His behavior was no longer her responsibility. And besides, it sounded as though he'd been causing hell for Iscariot. And she had a personal and professional vendetta against the lot of them.
It was the third day of Malakai's stay that Integral called Alucard and Victoria for a private chat. Even though he wasn't invited, Malakai tagged along as well. No one knew why she'd suddenly asked to speak with Hellsing's two top agents, but Jonathan had a feeing he was being conspired against. Not that Integral could really do anything to him.