Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Forgotten Race: Awaken to the New World, Child of the First Dragon ❯ Prologue

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Forgotten Race: Awaken to the New World, Child of the First Dragon
…things change, worlds fade, bodies die, souls are reborn. Remember that one thing stays the same, `'when one world ends another beings'. The changes go unknown by almost all child, those who remember are like us, a fading memory of our great mother's fruitful world. Once we thrived, then those of the dogma faith tried to shame us, destroy us, they fought to control the young. They captured many, changing them into what they wished, the vampirs, the versipells, many of the dark beings you know were changed et named differently. Only one true clan survived the wars, the Mordelo, a clan of darkness, elements, animals, dragons, and death bringers.
I, your father, write this to you, knowing that I am dead. It seams that the past as come alive again my child, you must keep our ways safe, find the others of our race, destroy the betrayers and lead our clan. I know that this is much for your to take in at this time, other letters like this will be sent to you and the familla book, don't let others scare you, you have the blood of the ancient forgotten race in your veins, you are an eternal vestal, a rare five tail, the truth of the old worlds, the dreams of the new. My child never forget who you are, do not allow the dogma to take your life.
Known, Will, Dare, the path is yours to control,
Love for eternity,
Your Father, the First True Dragon