Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Forgotten Race: Awaken to the New World, Child of the First Dragon ❯ Letters Taken ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Letter Taken
A man running faster and faster, he sees no one in his rush to deliver the letter to the next carrier. The man is tall, close to seven feet tall, well built with a hidden strength inside him. He is on a mission to take the next letter to the child of fire, a mission that is to test his faith this night. The letter is one of many that he has ran for this cause before, the first letter he ran, the second as well,
now the third is in his coat, hidden from all.
I'm so close to the place where Keonie is to meet me.” The man said, his voice low. He knew that the girl was to be here long before him, but he did not see her in the burned ruins of the church, sighing he sat to wait and see if she was coming late. `Where is that woman, she was to be here by now.'
The man felt something wrong when the feeling of dread came over him again, remember boy do not let any one other than a clansman take the letter, if you die tonight take our leader's name to the underworld, our departed lord et lady would want the child to be safe.
“Ita vero pater” the man said, rising from his seat. A man, no a priest seam to come out of nowhere, the girl's severed head in his hand.
“You mus' be one of `em sinners `ent on a little mission `for your pagan god.” The priest stated a look of malice in his eye, “They send the weak to do the work of their devil god, what fools.”
The man looks to the head of his now dead clansman, “you killed my soul sister, you bastard priest. You will pay for her death, by my magic, the gods as my witnesses you will pay for her DEATH!” the priest gave the man a strange look, seemingly not understanding him.
With out any warning the priest threw the head at the man. “Now boy, your little friend there told me nutin', but only in death did I find the little note she was to give ye.”
The man let out a sigh of relief, “Keonie did not deserve to die, you bastard, ha. Though I believe she fought you well, protecting the word.” He said in a low voice, his Australian accent coming trough, “let me guess she told you that `Delgoto will avenge me, even if we die, you will pay by the will of the Gods, you will pay.'”
The priest looked at the man, “aye the heathen whore told me that boy. Ye mus' be Delgoto then, `son of the sun.'” the man, now know as Delgoto, sorrowfully smiled, removing the hood from hiding his face.
Delgoto looks younger than his age of 22; battle wounds adorn his rather god-like face. His blue-red eyes nearly a dark purple emotions showing bright as the sunrise on a cloud-free day, his short blonde hair contrasting perfectly with his dark tan.
“I am, Xtian pig.” With those words Delgoto ran at the priest, his sear like weapons now out of his pitch black coat. `I know someone is watching us….best be careful of both the priest and whoever is up there.'
The priest drawing his own blades charged at Delgoto, aiming for his head and heart, but missing their mark as Delgoto used his own to block. `This will bee hard on me….damn moonless night. Though I know that I won't survive this night….' His mind going back to the prayer that all messengers are taught, one he may have to use this night.
High above Delgoto and the priest, a male watches the two fight with slight interest, sensing the aura of a non-human. His red eyes watching as Delgoto is stabbed to the wall by the priest blessed blades.
“Well `son of the sun' ye've lost. I'll be taking ye let….” The priest did not have a chance to finish his sentence, for the bullet that is now lodged in his head. Without another word the priest disappeared in a cloud of papers.
“it seams as if you are left to die…” Delgoto heard from above him, he stayed silent though, him mind full of worry and eyes of black. “nothing to say then….Delgoto, was it.” Eyes of black met four eyes of red.
I would never say that vampire….though you seam to be familiar to me at the present time, I now we have….” Delgoto coughed blood of black up, others seam to be filling into the ruined, blood stained area.
“Alucard is the boy alive?” a blonde, seemingly important woman states walking into Delgoto's blurred line of sight.
“Not for long,” his voice cracked, “I care not of your thoughts, woman.” He finished hearing her thoughts clear as the blood running from his wounds. His world seamed to fade as the prayer came through his bloodstained lips in the ancient tongue of the clans.
“I ask that my death be now, my soul set to the Dragon's child. I pray, great Gods, allow my soul to be taken form my body this night. That it is to lie within the child's heart.” He did not hear the words they said, his ears def to all but the night.
“I offer my power to this one. May the child know what has happened tonight.” The vampire in red held his gun even with Delgoto's head, the blonde woman stops him.
My power is Fire's, my mind at ease. Gods and Goddesses let my soul free from this body. As I finish this now, my present life shall end.” With that Delgoto's body fell limp, words scared into his head; it is done my child of the sun and stars. Two blood stained letters fell from his coat.