Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Forgotten Race: Awaken to the New World, Child of the First Dragon ❯ Diamonds in the Rough ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Diamonds in the Rough
Seras could not believe what her red eyes just saw, the man Delgoto seamed to have just killed himself with words. She was amazed and frightened to see words scared into his handsome face, though it seamed that no one other than she and her mater saw the two letters fall from his coat.
“What would drive him to do the ultimate sin?” many of the soldiers asked one another. Many men would never guess his reasons, one being the bloodied message now in the hands of Sir Integra Hellsing, leader of the Hellsing Organization. Delgoto's and Keonie's bodies are moved to an awaiting vehicle headed to Hellsing manor.
------------------------------------A Day later-------------------------------------
“Sir Hellsing, there is something you may want to see.” Integra heard over the phone.
“What the bloody hell is it?” Her normally calm icy voice seamed to now be angry. `Why do I employ fools to do the simplest of things?'
“Sir it has something to do with the bodies you brought in last night, their hearts………..well sir it be best if you saw this yourself.” And now this is where we find sir Hellsing, headed to the makeshift autopsy room. Once arriving she saw the two bodies split open laying back down on two tables in the center of the room, the doctors peering over the male's body.
“What is it that you have to show me doctors?” sir Hellsing state, startling both of the two doctors. They looked from one to the other, a frighten look to their normally professional faces.
“Sir Hellsing we found something very strange in the chest cavity on both bodies,” the shorter of the two started motioning to the body in front of the three, “look at the place where the heart is suppose to be……notice that the heart in this boy's body seams to be made out of a purple crystal, the girl has a dark blue as well.” With amazement Integra knew by the look of Delgoto's heart that they were dealing with something more than a pagan youth that tried to avenge his `girl-friend'. “Also sir, we believe that the prayer the boy said is now scared into his back.” Sure as the vampire now standing beside Integra the picture in the doctor's hand had words scared into Delgoto's back reading `I ask that my death be now, my soul set to the Dragon's child. I pray, great Gods, allow my soul to be taken form my body this night. That it is to lie within the child's heart. I offer my power to this one. May the child know what has happened tonight.' “It seams as though this boy was part of an ancient cult…..one that has just decided to resurface itself.” The taller doctor, a professor of symbolism and the occult, stated looking to Integra uncertain.
“What makes you think that this Delgoto fellow was part of a cult `doctor'?” Integra asks, anger reappearing in her voice.
“Sir Hellsing, the professor here,” interjected the first doctor, “is the world leading expert on the “forgotten clans” as they are called. The prayer carved into this body is one of the may taught to messengers, the boy had to be a member of the clan for this to happen.” He finished, his eyes on the body.
Time seam to be still for the moment, all eyes were on the now glowing crystal inside the chest cavity of Delgoto's body. The crystal seamed to be alive with an unknown beat sounding through it, the light becoming brighter with each passing second. Then, suddenly, a scream, that which would sound from the mightiest of banshees would envy, erupted from the crystal an image forming but fading before any set of eyes could see the youth clearly.
“What the bloody hell?!” yelled Integra, now starting to believe the professor's words. No one dared to try answer, though no one really counted Alucard's remark about the sudden scream of a fallen banshee.
“Sir Hellsing, there is a book that could help with this mystery, would you like me to bring it to you?” the professor asked, unsure as to what type of response he would receive.
---------------------------Minutes later---------------------------
The first of the two letters that had fallen from Delgoto's coat was now open in the hands of a very confused an angry Integra. The professor, now sitting across from her, had just gotten back with the book he had spoken of earlier. At the present time they both are trying to decipher the said letter.
“It seams that this is more proof of his part in the clans, I don't know much of this, but this is the orders for one Delgoto to take letter no. 3 to one Keonie, strange though it gives no name of who sent the order or letter. My guess, sir Hellsing, that the second letter you have would be the one stated here.” Integra order the professor out, not before taking the offered book from him.
The second letter had many blood stains on it messing up the text on the front, though a few words were easy see, when one world ends another begins.
Letter from a Brother to a `Punk'