Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Forgotten Race: Awaken to the New World, Child of the First Dragon ❯ Letter From a Brother to a 'Punk' ( Chapter 3 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Letter from a Brother to a `Punk'
Hey Punk,
It's my turn now, ready for my way? You're a lot like me so you must be. I'm a bit different that mum, dad, sis an `em, you an I were (and still are) good friends. Now that being said, dome a favor, kill all who `killed' us; I can't stand thinking about much of anything else `til I wrote that and those my guys better be keepin' you out of a lot of harm.
Guess your wonderin' why I've stalled like `em, right? It's because of my love of keepin' your attention for the most. My gifts (yes gifts, hell of a lot more that sis) are bits of my knowledge that I want you to keep and my toys, both magical and non. Which do you `need' to know first? Let's start with my toys, you always loved to watch me with `em, for you dear little [scratched out] shit, I leave my collection of guns, all hand made by old man an myself, my serpent's tail, the swords an daggers, and every single one of my powers (which when this was opened you probably burned something).
Wisdom was never my forte, but knowing me I gave you all you really need when I lived, here is a bit more. Sis told you about the Vatican (I think), mum an old man [scratched out] the others, my turn to tell ya about the blood suckers and such (why I have to, hell I'm the one who was born last). Kiddo these are the things that the vamps, shadow, and wolfie won't tell ya, to them its not important and well you know how they (old ass vamps) reacted to the new breeds.
There are three types of `true vampires': the vampirs, vampyres, vampires, each are very dangerous to `normal' humans. You know of the vampirs and vampyres easily, the vampires are young to the clan, the oldest (the one you `meet') being 898 years. The [blood stain] Alucard, as of [blood] we only fought them once, at the time Alucard was [blood] The thing you [blood] Alucard is [blood] so as [blood] you [blood] he [blood] you.
The [blood]
Never forget my words during life, use my toys well. One thing though, never let them tell you what you should do, work from the heart and soul.
Brotherly love,
Jason K.K., Keeper of the Child
Guarding of the Fire of Ice
P.S. If you get ANY word bloody that word will disappear, ask and ye shall receive. The scratch outs are the cause of Army and dad beatin' me in the head.
Fire Darlin'