Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Forgotten Race: Awaken to the New World, Child of the First Dragon ❯ Fire Darlin' ( Chapter 4 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Fire Darlin'
“Drake I'm goin' to get that letter from them, I have to. If they figure out how to get past the blood then they'll know too much.” The child of the Dragon stated a man standing just opposite of her. The child is tall, six-foot-six in her black boots, normally silver eyes are now a cold steal color that shows all her anger but none of the fear she feels inside her heart. Her hair is black as night, cut a little over an inch to her head, a braid runs down the right side of her porcelain face. The child's dress is black leather, from corset to pants to boots; she loves the feel of it against her tattooed skin.
The man himself looked human enough, with his long black hair, cold dark blue eyes, lightly tanned skin, and attire of dark purple and black.
“Don't worry about it Fire, your brother didn't write your name or sex in the letter. Lord Dragon and your brother-in-law made sure of that.” He replies turning to face her, hair falling over his shoulder.
“Drake how can you be so sure of that, Alucard is your-” Fire was suddenly griped with pain, pain that she had only felt once before. “dle-got-o's…soul….ripped from….my-my….body” Fire wheezed in pain. “They took it from me—pain, so much pain.” She felt nothing but cold pain as the last trace of her friend's soul was taken from her. In her mind she was pulled away, over land and water, through a dark grove of trees to a place unknown.
Drake just looked on as she traveled, hoping that he was wrong about the pain and anger that was flowing like waves off of the child. As she started to calm down her eyes filled with the determination, he had to smile at this. `She always can come back within minutes of-' his thoughts were cut as a growl escaped her throat.
“What are you smiling at vampir? Is MY pain comforting to you?” her eyes, now the color of silver lighting, bore in to his. If he was human, those eyes would have killed him with that glare. Then suddenly the glare vanished, replaced by a soft look that very few souls could bring to life. “Arrow, Ginseng, I was just about to call upon you. How would you like to go away for a little while?”
Arrow, a strange name for a strange man, is the youngest brother to Drake. Skin as pale as snow, hair the color of the midnight sky, eyes of dark sliver, he is one of the few beings that the child will allow near her. He was born just a few hours before her and raised in the same home, at least that what it seams to those outside of the inner circle of the clan.
Not many know of the first worlds past, the past that the child, Drake, and many others help change to this.
---FLASH BACK------
5 years past…..
“South, how can we get past them…?” East asked, looking on at the hundreds of hunter closing in on El Dorado. There came no answer for South had used the old mage's staff to open a portal to the dawn of Damion's past, the time of the first true blood clans.
--eons back in time—
`No time to waste…I have to hurry to save my kin, to save my daughter.' Was the first thought in my mind when it cleared itself. The world around me is cold; the ground covered in inches of snow, to the east of me was mountains, to the west clear ice covered rivers, to the north a forest of ever-last, and to the south was smoke, very faint but my keen eyes saw it. `I'm at the elemental river, the place where all this started…..and where it will end.'
I ran towards the smoke, my twin dragon blade burning for the fight. “Where ever my soul takes me I shall go, I shall protect my kin; no one will harm them in my--” the voice stopped but returned with a scream, pain filled my vision. I was too late to save my past, but I will save the future.
I reached the blood-stained ground where my past lay dead. “Ah, you're here, I knew you would want to save them…though you're too late. I have control of the brothers of Darkness, your fait is sealed with this bitch's death.”
“My past may be dead before my eyes, Damion, but I can save my family and the worlds.” My face is dark, anger and hate for the man in front of me.
I fought with all my strength, I stole Damion's power from his soul, and I banished him back to Tartarus.
“Mommy! Where are we going, are all of us going? Is Uncle Drake finally being thrown to his brother...oh, I wasn't suppose to say that was I.” Ginseng, the child's five year old daughter, runs off bringing her mind from the past.
Gen is an exact copy of her mother, though her eyes are a mix of her mother's and father's, silver-green. She has her mother's will and love, believing in the ways of heart.
The child looks down at her daughter, forcing the memories of her past away. “No, Drake is going to stay here like a good little vampir.” She stated, glaring at the one she spoke of, “oh, and darlin' we're- you, Arrow, an I- are going to England. London to be precise, I believe that is where a stolen soul is and where we can find the bodies of our messengers.”
Drake glares at the girl, knowing that if he stated or even projected his thoughts he would be punished even more than before. He watched as his brother happily agreed to go, as Gen hugs her mother. “I will do as you wish my princess, but do remember that unlike Ariel” he stated using Arrow's birth name, “Dracula is unaware of who his really is and will destroy you given the chance.”
“Dracul, if the soul and bodies are near him then I will protect her, you know that-”
“Anyways,” the child interjects, “I have to get his soul back, even at the cost of losing mine.” she and the others start to disappear in a ring of fire before any more could be said of the subject of Dracula, the first name of the vampire Alucard.