Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Hopeless ❯ Chapter 3

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Rose winced, backing up slightly.

“Now now Integra...it's not my fault!” Rose exclaimed, putting her hands up in defense. Integra's eye was twitching slightly.

“ Why would I ever let you stay here!? Does it look like I want this mansion burned down as well!?” She demaned. Rose winced again.

“ Please Integra! It's just until repairs are finished! I promise!” Rose exclaimed,, almost begging. Integra sighed in annoyence, pinching the bridge of her nose from underneath her glasses. She wasn't in the mood for these types of things.

“ Very well. I'll have Walter prepare a room for you.” She replied, walking back around her desk, sitting down. Rose cheered. “BUT- If there is any damage here because of you,You're out.” Integra added. Rose sighed, nodding.

“ Yes oh mighty great one.” She replied. Integra glared icily. Rose grinned sheepishly.
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Kaden looked up at the tall mansion, as Sertas continued to drag her by her wrist. Seras seemed to be thinking of all the things they could do. Kaden looked aronud but didn't see Seras's master.

"Where'd that guy go?" she asked. Seras looked back at her for a moment.

"I don't know" she said as the two entered the building. Once inside Seras let go of Kaden's hand and kept walking, with Kaden following.

"Where are we going?" asked Kaden
"To Sir Hellsing's office" stated Seras. Kaden nodded as they came to a wooden door which Seras knocked on. Kaden looked around. 'Could I really stay here?' she thought. as an icy voice came from the other side of the door.

"Enter." it said, as Kaden released it was a female's voice.

"Sir Hellsing?" asked Seras as she and Kaden entered. Integra was sitting at her desk ,still a bit angry at her meeting with Rose and Kisami.

"Well, you see, Master and me met this half vampire girl named Kaden and well I was wondering if she could stay?" asked Seras, becoming quiet scared from Integra's icy stare.

"It's only for a few days" stated Kaden, bowing her head towards Integra. 'Not again..' thought Integra.

''Why should I let her stay?" asked Integra, wanting to get this over with fast..

"Because she has no where else to go and she could help with missions and stuff!" Seras answered. Integra looked at Seras then at Kaden. Thinking for a moment, Integra finally gave her decision."Alright." she said. Seras eyes lit up as Kaden's widened.

"Thank you, Sir Hellsing" Kaden's cold voice spoke as she bowed and lefted after Seras gave her thank you.
"Heh" Integra answered as the two lefted the room.

<( ' ' )><( ' ' )><( ' ' )><( ' ' )><( ' ' )><( ' ' )><( ' ' )><( ' ' )><( ' ' )><( ' ' )><( ' ' )><( ' ' )><( ' ' )><( ' ' )><( ' ' )><( ' ' )><( ' ' )><( ' ' )>In Seras' Room:

Kaden looked around at the room she was supposed to share with her new friend. A small smile on her face as she took her hair down. Suddenly, she stopped as her eyes widened. Kaden felt a familiar prescence from outside the mansion. 'Who could that be....' she thought as Seras came in with an extra pair of pj's and wearing her own white with red hearts pjs.

<(^_^)< <(^_^)> >(^_^)> <(^_^)< <(^_^)> >(^_^)> <(^_^)< <(^_^)>

Kisami sighed in boredom as she casually walked through the shadows in the Hellsing manor.

“I can't believe Master came here to stay, knowing she had other mansions all over the world.” Kisami muttered to herself, scowling slightly. “And plus to mention the fact that she won't even let me have a little fun.” Kisami continued walking, out of sight to others. That is, humans. A certain pair of red eyes watched her with pure curiousity. A wide grin soon followed it. Kisami stopped, looking around.

“You might as well show yourself, I know you're there.” She called out, her voice holding slight amusement. Said person stepped out of the shadows concealing him. A wide grin plastered on his face, hat and glasses of.

“Well, it seems I have been found. But the real question is, is it you that has found me, or me that has found you?” He asked, grinning wider. Kisami smirked, though you wouldn't be able to see it from underneath her mask.

“Ah, that is a good question indeed. Well then, Mr. No Name. What buisness do you have with me?” She asked with genuine curiousity. Alucard grinned more. He pulled out his Jackal from the inside pocket of his trench-coat, aiming it at her. Kisami smirked even more. He pulled the trigger, thus causing the gun to go off, hitting her right between the eyes. Kisami started falling backwords. Just inches before she hit the ground, she stopped, quickly standing straight. Alucard rose a brow, his grin faltering slightly.

Kisami started chuckeling, then full out laughing, tossing her head back as she did. Alucard lowered his gun slightly. Kisami quickly pulled her head foreward, looking at him. The bullet wound easily seen. It disappeared, and her mask repaired on it's own.

“ Do you really think that I am some normal thing that could easily get killed by such...trivial things? You thought wrong. Let me give you a clue on what I am. I am neither human nor vampire. Nor am I a demon. We are the same, Alucard. We both serve humans, we are both trapped against our will.” She stated, still smirking against her mask. With a low bow, she disappeared, leaving Alucard there, thinking. His grin got wider.

“Interesting....” Was all he said before walking off.”

<( ' ' )><( ' ' )><( ' ' )><( ' ' )><( ' ' )><( ' ' )><( ' ' )><( ' ' )><( ' ' )><( ' ' )><( ' ' )><( ' ' )><( ' ' )> Outsdie the Hellsing Mansion:

A mysterious figure stood in a tree, her orange eyes looking down at the mansion. "Soon..." Her dark voice whispered into the darkness. The figure turned and disappeared as the sun was just coming up.
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