Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Knights of Hellsing ❯ Chapter 2 ( Chapter 2 )

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Knights of Hellsing - Chapter 2


“What’s our mission,” Zavien aksed.

“Simple. Clean up, level 3. You, Seras, Hiko,” Integra said, annoyed with the last part. How annoying it was to have dating within the organization.

“Sounds like fun,” Hiko said from his corner.

“Clean up, level 3?” Seras questioned.

“Code name for our missions. We deal with large number ghoul gatherings. We are to kill all-,” Hiko was cut off.

“We’re suppose to bring back a body,”

“Details, details. We’re suppose to bring back a body from one of our missions to study here,” Hiko said.

"Well, that’s rather odd,” Seras said confused.

“To defeat our enemy, we must know our enemy. To do so, we need to study a specimen,” Integra answered.

“I see. I can still use my 30mm can’t I? I don’t have to lug that one of those things around do I?” Seras asked, pointing at Hiko’s Cross Punisher.

“You can use the 30mm cannon,” Zavien answered before Hiko could make a joke.

“Now that everything is settled; you three leave at midnight. Good luck and may God and the Queen be with you,” Integra dismissed them.


“Target Location found. Moving in. Seras, guard the entrance. Blast anything other then us that trys to come out and keep anyone else from following us in. Us force if necessary,” Zavien commanded. “Your up Black Knight.”

“In the Name of God, impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation. Amen,” Hiko recited the usual Hellsing prayer.

“Amen,” said Seras and Zavien in reply.

“Okay. Lets go,” Zavien said to Hiko, walking into the building.

“Fun, fun,” Hiko said folling Zavien.


“We have a report of 3 people outside the building,” a ghoul reported.

“Only 3? They don’t think very highly of us do they?” came a voice form a dark skinned man. The man stepped out of the shadows and the ghoul got a good look at him.

He had skin and hair. His eyes were pure black. He wore a skin tight black that showed this muscles and black pants. Strapped across his back were 2 shotguns with shotgun shells front of the straps.

“Take them out. Show them how much of a threat we are!” yelled the dark skinned man.

“Sir Kalen, one of the intruders has entered the building,” another ghoul reported.

“Kill him,” Kalen said calmly.


Zavien was searching the building for the ghouls. He heard a voice.

“If ya think that only one of ya can beat all of us, you’re mistaken,” a ghoul said. Zavien looked at him. There were around 150 ghouls. The one speaking to him seemed to be the leader. Zavien grinned at him.

There was the sound of machine gun fire. 10 of the ghouls feel to the ground.

“He ain’t alone,” Hiko said, stepping out of the shadows. He dropped his Cross Slayer and pulled out his Colt.

“You bastards. Your both gonna die!” the leader yelled, commanding the other ghouls to charge forward and attack.

Hiko and Zavien both raised their guns. Each fired 6 shots taking out 20 of the ghouls charging. Hiko, having shot all his ammo, jumped back to reload. Zavien fired off the rest of his rounds and jumped back next to Hiko. They surveyed what effect they had. Except for there wasn’t one. There were no bodies on the ground.

“What the Hell? They are regenerating!” Hiko yelled, snapping his Colt back into position having reloaded it.

“Damn it. Seras, get in here! Fire an Uranium shell ASAP!” Zavien yelled to Seras. Having heard his call, Seras ran into the room, cannon fully loaded and ready. She fired the cannon into the crowd of the ghouls.

“What the Hell!” Seras said, stunned at the result of her attack.

“It’ll take more then your pitiful guns to beat these ghouls,” A dark skinned man said, walking onto a catwalk above them. “My name is Kalen, and I’m the master of these ghouls. You’re gonna burn in Hell!”

“So we’re facing regenerating enemies?” Hiko said more then asked.

“No. We’re fighting happy little flowers,” Zavien said, annoyed at his friend’s comment.

“Always with the sarcasm,” Hiko grinned.

“Not like you didn’t deserve it,” Zavien shot back.

“Not to interrupt this friendly moment, but the ghouls are surrounding us,” Seras said with worry in her voice.

“Your not worried are you?” Hiko asked, holstering his gun and pulling out his katana.

“Yea. Remember. Your with the Knights of Hellsing,” Zavien said. He to put his guns away and pulled out his knives.

“What makes you think that you blades will have any more effect on my ghouls then your puny guns?” Kalen said with rage in his voice.

“Because these blades were made of dark magic from our master, Alucard,” Hiko said as he noticed the flinch that the name of his master had caused.

“You three are all vampires turned by the immortal vampire, Alucard?” Kalen trembled.

“Well I was the original, but Master saved Zavien and Hiko when they were at the wrong places at the wrong times.

“Enough about old times though. Lets end this,” Hiko said, stepping up to the front of the three-some and sending a wave of dark energy, completely destroying all traces of the ghouls.

Kalen couldn’t believe it. This guy had just beat all of this ghouls. He pulled out one of his shotguns. He saw the black clad one with the sword fall to the ground and the girl go to help him. He was about jump down when he felt a sting in this stomach. He looked down to see one of Zavien’s knifes in this stomach.

“Fuck…. You,” he managed to say before he fell to the ground of the catwalk. Picking up the body, Zavien headed down to Seras and Hiko. It looked like Hiko had used a lot of energy with that move. He would be drinking a lot of blood tonight.


Hiko woke up in his coffin. Now that was a trip.

“Note to self,” he said to himself. “Never use that much energy in one attack.” He got up and went to the table in his room. He found 4 packets of blood. “You know me well, Zavien,” Hiko muttered to himself before opening a packet and drinking.


“Good work. We have our body to examine. You may leave now,” Integra informed Seras and Zavien.

They exited the room and head to the dungeons. It would be light out soon. Zavien and Seras bid each other farwell before heading to their rooms. Unknown to the them though, in the medical wing of the Hellsing mansion, the body of Kalen twitch and his eyes shot open.


To Be Continued…