Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Knights of Hellsing ❯ Chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 )

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Knights of Hellsing – Chapter 1

The military wasn't sure what to do. They had arrived at the building to find it filled with dead bodies. And what’s worse is that they all had bite marks on there necks. Then all of a sudden the bodies got up. That was all they got from the recon. team.

“What the heck is going on here,” General Grey said to himself. He had loss nearly half of his men to dead men.

“We’ll take it from here,” a voice came from behind the General. He turned around to see to men.

One had silver hair and eyes. He was wearing a black coat and had an 8ft. cross strung across his back. He was around 6ft. tall. The other was a couple of inches taller then his friend. He to had silver hair and a scar across this right eye. He was wearing a white trench coat.

“Who the Hell are you?” the General questioned. The white clad man’s hand went to his coat. He brought out a black gun. There was a loud bang. The General felt a cut on his face. He felt the blood run down his face.

“We are the Knights of Hellsing. As my friend said, we’ll take it from here,” The black clad man said.

They both entered the building. They both surveyed the room.

“Damn only 50 ghouls? That’s not enough for the both of us Zavien,” the black clad man said.

“I know Hiko. That will have to do though,” Zavien replied.

The ghouls in the room looked at each other confused. They were some of the most powerful of ghouls. They even had the ability to think.

“I guess we start then,” Hiko said taking his cross off his shoulder and putting it on the ground.

The last sound the ghouls heard after charging the 2 men was first one of dozens of metal clasps coming undone. The next was that of two automatic guns loading. The last was a combination of a machine gun and two Jackals firing.

“Well that was a waste of time,” Zavien said annoyed.

“You need to lighten up Zavien,” Hiko replied.

“And be like you? No thanks,” Zavien said walking to their parked car.

“What’s so bad about me?” Hiko questioned his friend.

“You don’t have Seras do you?” Zavien answered his friend, getting into the car.

“Damn you White Knight!” Hiko said grinning and getting into the passenger side of the car.

“To late for that Black Knight,” Zavien grinned starting the car.


“Your mission was very clear! You were to dispose of all the ghouls and make sure to keep one in tacked to bring back here!” Integra had just heard that her two soldiers had failed to complete part of their mission and she wasn’t happy.

“Sir Integra, we would have done so but somebody here completely destroyed the bodies with his Cross Slayer,” Zavien said, looking at Hiko leaning against the wall.

“Is this true?” Integra questioned.

“Yes, Sir Integra, it is. But I’m sure that we will have another chance to get a specimen,” Hiko replied.

“Very well, you may leave,” Integra said annoyed.


“What the Hell was that,” Zavien screamed. “You know that if I had said that, she would have bitten my head off!”

“Meh, you know Integra. She hates you. Ever since she found out you were dating Seras,” Hiko replied to his friend.

“Yes, but what does that has to with her hating me?” he questioned Hiko.

“She doesn’t like dating within the organization. You would know that if you hadn’t skipped the first meeting with her to go out with Seras,” he answered.

“Did I hear my name?” Seras said in her british accent, coming up behind the two friends.

“Oh hey Seras. We were just talking about how much Sir Integra hates Zavien,” Hiko greeted to the girl.

“She can be such a bother,” Seras replied.

“Well I’m tired. I’ll leave you two alone,” Hiko said going into his room.


Hiko went into his room and sat at his table. He took the packet of blood from inside the bucket of ice on the table.

“This is something I’ll never get used too,” he said before downing the blood and going to his coffin to take a nap.


Where am I. Who am I. What the fuck have they done to me! Those bastards! I’ll kill them all! EVERONE LAST FUCKING ONE OF THEM! THEY’LL ALL BURN IN HELL FOR WHAT THEY HAVE DONE….”


Hiko’s eyes shot open. Pressing the button to open the coffin, he got out. His head was pounding. ‘Was that a dream. What the Hell was it?’ he thought to him self.

“Your senses troubling you Black Knight?” came a voice.

Hiko’s hand went to his hip and he drew his Colt from its hoister. He brought it up to meet the voice. There was nothing there.

“Master?” Hiko questioned.

“Your senses are as good as ever Black Knight,” Alucard said calmly, materializing out of nowhere in front of Hiko’s gun.

“And what do I owe this pleasure to, Master,” Hiko asked the other vampire.

“You, White Knight, and the Police Girl are to report to Integra,” Alucard answered.

“Isn’t that usually Walter’s job?” Hiko asked.
“He’s…. out,” Alucard replied before materializing out of the room.

“I guess that means that I have to go get the love birds,” Hiko said annoyed.

Hiko walked up to Zavien’s door. His senses told him it was safe to enter but he knocked just in case.

“Come in.” Hiko heard his friend say from the other side of the room.

He saw Zavien leaning up against the wall next to his coffin with Seras in it.

“What’s up?” Zavien asked.

“Got orders to report to report to Integra,” Hiko told Zavien.

“From who?” Zavien asked, hoping to be able to keep from going.

“Master,” he answered.

“Why do you call him that?” Zavien questioned.

“Same as Seras. Respect,” Hiko said getting ready to leave. “Oh and Seras is suppose to come with us, too.”

And with that Hiko left the room.

To Be Continued…