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Author's Note: I disclaim all content that belongs to Kouta Hirano. Applaud me for the humor or randomness you enjoy in this chapter. Sorry if it was a tad late, I had to continue my other Hellsing fic, "Oh So Majesty", before continuing this chapter.


Seras's Chapter

"P-Pip"- Seras said, with a huge red face."... I'm s-sorry but... I...ate..."

Seras Victoria.

She just had a really nice meal.

Seras looked up with a look of disgust and shaking like a leaf. "That was.... terrible....."

Seras Victoria.

She basically sucked her fingers after eating the Pip Underwear Meal.

"Can't you hear me?? It didn't taste any good!" -Seras.

-No Response-

'I didn't know eating an underwear could make you... hear voices..."- Seras.

Seras Victoria.

Seras look up again. "There it is again!"

Before becoming a vampire, she was sent with a group of koalas to steal cows from Cheddar Village.

"Whaaaaat??" Seras's eyes widen. "They weren't koalas!! And that's NOT what happened!"

Seras Victoria.

Unfortunately, when her koalas made it to the village, their brains were eaten by parasites. She survived, however, because they didn't find anything in there.

"What?! I am not stupid!"-Seras.

-No Response-

"I think I just discovered what happens when you eat underwear..."-Seras.