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Author's Note: Hellsing is owned by Kouta Hirano. Applaud him for the characters and applaud me for the comedy (if there's any suited for you). I know you probably expected I was going to do Seras, but I'm moving up to Pip, because his undies were turned into a burrito.


Pip's Chapter

"Doo-Doo-Doo-Doo-Doo" -Pip said, as he was showering.- "I-m-go-nna-fawk-ya-like-an-animal. La La- La La- La La- La La- Laaaaa"

-His Tune Fades and a sqeak from the handle is heard-

Pip dries himself and looks for his clothing. "Wha? Did I forget my underwear?"

Captain Pip Bernadotte.

His underwear is missing.

"Well THANK YOU for pointing out that out, captain obvious."-Pip.

Captain Pip Bernadotte.

He will begin to make himself his own underwear, now that it was consumed by Seras as a special burrito.

"That does NOT make ANY sense!"-Pip said to the roof. -"First of all, I DON'T KNOW how to make underwear, and second, I seriously doubt Seras would do such a thing!"

-No Response-

"Helloooo?"-Pip stopped looking at the roof.-"I should start laying off the Sherry brand wine"

Captain Pip Bernadotte.

"Or Maybe it isn't Sherry."

He isn't just the captain of the Wild Geese. He is also the captain of the Wild Buffalo, the Wild Buffalo Wings and his favorite...

The Wild Pet Walrus.

"Are you insaaane?? I'm only the captain of the WILD GEESE!!"- Pip.

-No Response-

"Fuck" -Pip said in anger.- "I need to find some underwear."

-He exits with a hat covering his crotch-

"I gotta find one quick!"-Pip.

Captain Pip Bernadotte.