Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Nomine Patri ❯ Conclusion ( Chapter 8 )

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Father Alexander Anderson's smile widened as he saw the blinking lights on his hand held tracking device go out as van Baalen corrupted the security system. This would be too easy, a regret that Anderson had when he finally realized how well-thought out this newest plan against Hellsing had been. There would be no challenge, but at least there would be finality to this matter of Catholic against Protestant with the vampire hunting.

"Come on." He whispered to Fathers Harrison and McCallister, who obediently followed the wild-eyed blond toward the manor house. "You know your duties. I expect to see them completed in the name and glory of the Father."

No reply came from the priests as they followed- both were too frightened to object to his suicide mission.


Sir Integral Wingates Hellsing crossed her legs under her desk as she sat in the leather chair in her office, wondering where in creation her soldiers and technicians were when this widespread power outage infected every part of the manor, why they hadn't gotten the generators running after ten minutes, and most importantly, why no one had thought of telling her what was going on.

She had even called for Alucard, and the vampire had laughed about going hunting tonight, so she knew he would be distracted by the first strong scent of blood that crossed his path.

Picking up the telephone that remained on her desk, which to her surprise still worked, she dialed a familiar extension, hoping that of all people, Walter could at least come sit with her and explain what was happening inside her house and listen to her plan the ways to punish those who did not fulfill their duty to her.


Father Bartholomew Harrison, though already exhausted from the lack in endurance training he had experienced when he was moved to an intercity parish in Johannesburg, reveled in the kills as he launched his blessed blades through the hearts and necks of Hellsing soldiers that had been foolish enough to cross his path. One by one, the soldiers fell, and the priest only sustained minor injuries that continued to heal as he continued to battle, until the entire area was free of Hellsing soldiers.

"Dust to dust. Amen."

Kicking the limp body of the nearest soldier, Harrison strode toward where he heard a telephone ringing. Of course, whoever was on the other end of the line would know that he definitely should not be in the manor, as his accent was a dead giveaway in a land of British and Cockney, but he was quite curious to know who was trying to contact the person that should be in this office, and more importantly, who did the office belong to and why was that person not there.


"Walter! Where are you!?!"

Harrison smirked as he heard the voice on the other end of the line. Sir Hellsing was furious with the lack of control she was now facing at the hands of the Catholics, if she even realized what had hit her Organization in the first place.

"Walter! Answer me!"

"Walter's not here." Harrison drawled, certain that he heard a gasp from the other end of the line. "But if you'd like to leave a message, I'll be glad to deliver it when I find him."

"Who are you and what are you doing in my house." Integral's voice had become flat with her annoyance. This was turning in to a situation like the Valentine Brothers.

"I am just a simple man of the cloth, dear little Hellsing."


Integral stared down at the phone, uncertain of what she should do now. The man that was on the other end of this conversation definitely wasn't Anderson. The man sounded almost African, but why on earth would an African priest be in Britain, and more importantly, why would he be in Hellsing Manor?

Then, it hit her.

The Catholics wanted revenge for their fallen priests.

"Shit." Slamming the receiver down, Integral pulled her gun from her mahogany desk drawer making sure that it was loaded. If Alucard was out hunting, and Walter was missing in action, it was up to her to solve this problem.

She turned toward her door, moving silently in case any of the men had been waiting for her to exit the room, and with her gun in the lead, Integral Hellsing moved slowly from her office down the hall toward Walter's quarters. Whoever this African priest was, he would be sent to Hell now. No one trespassed on her property, ever.


His normally perfectly kept black hair hung around his face as he sprinted through the halls of Hellsing Manor, as Walter had been asleep when the assault began on the mansion. The batteries of his alarm clock must have run out earlier in the day, and Sir Integra must not have needed his services either.

If not for Alucard waking him up abruptly, Walter would have remained in bed, because he did not hear any commotion upstairs, though Alucard said that the Vatican had sent in a few priests to put an end to the association.

Alucard would be getting type O blood for the next decade if this was a trick….

But then, standing about twenty meters from him, a man in a black trench coat holding a blessed blade stood praying over the bodies of Hellsing troops that he had killed before they could kill him.

Walter stopped, leaning against the wall to stay out of the line of sight of the priest. What was he doing to the men now? They were dead. . . .

The older man narrowed his eyes as he continued listening; the wires that he used in his fights glistened and snaked from his fingertips. The priest was praying for the dead men. The men which he had killed.

How incredibly strange!

This man was nothing like Alexander Anderson! He actually seemed to not want to kill innocents in the name of his church! Maybe, just maybe, the Angel of Death would be able to convince him to drop his weapons and leave the mansion without causing more harm.

"Father, I do not wish to harm you or anyone else in your association."

Clutching his blessed blades tight, McCallister turned to see the Hellsing retainer standing down the hall from him, and the man appeared to be unarmed. "Why should I believe you?"

Walter smiled, the gesture was sincere, before stepping forward with hands raised in surrender. "Because you are praying for the souls of those men that they may go to heaven. You don't want to kill, do you Father?"

McCallister lowered his blades, knowing that he would regret this action if he was not immediately killed, even though he believed he deserved to die for slaughtering the men on the ground around him.

"No, I don't want to kill anyone. I just wanted to be an exorcist."

Walter nodded, grabbing the priest's arm as he trotted toward Integral's office, knowing his master would want him by her side, especially if Alucard was off fighting Anderson and however many other priests were inside. "Stay with me and you'll be safe. You'll have to leave your faith for this, but how could a man such as you be able to stand the thought of the murders that you've committed in the Name of the Father?"

Keeping pace with Walter, McCallister shook his head, tucking his blades back inside his long coat. "How could you know how I feel?"

Walter didn't turn around, but continued their trek through the halls. "That is the reason why I must repent to this very day."


Anderson was furious. Alucard had not shown his demonic face once during this entire raid of the Hellsing Manor. Was he out tonight? Surely, the vampire didn't leave his home for extended periods of time.

But Anderson smirked as another thought entered his mind. Alucard was afraid of the priests, because they had done their research and would banish him back to hell this very night.

And of course, the demon would be a coward, not wanting to be returned to the fires and torment that awaited the wicked. But worst of all, Anderson could not see the look on Alucard's face when the priest finally won their feud.

Therefore, the next best option would be to take out the leadership of the Hellsing Organization, and he knew exactly where Miss Hellsing would be waiting and watching for the little event to be over while she commanded men in her name to dispose of the intruders and so-called rubbish that plagued the world. Since her vampire was missing and the female was gone, there was only Walter he had to worry about, and he was certain that the little wire wisps would not do much damage.

He quietly moved through the halls and past the place where van Baalen's body rested, not even giving his fellow Knight a second glance or offering of a prayer for the departed's soul. It wasn't time to mourn the dead.

To Anderson's delight, Miss Hellsing was coming toward him, and though her gun was drawn, she was looking over her shoulder, as he could hear footsteps coming closer toward both Miss Hellsing and him.

How bloody perfect. Harrison and McCallister would be around to witness the fall of the Hellsing Organization at the hands of Alexander Anderson.

He could take her by surprise and no one would be the wiser as to what happened to the young woman, but what would the fun in that be? No, the execution of Integral Hellsing would be public, but the capture needed to be quiet not to bring Alucard out before the time was right.

Anderson just smiled a toothy grin as he ran to Integral, grabbing her around the waist and covering her mouth and nose with his other hand, hauling his struggling victim back toward her office while keeping one hand trained on his blessed blade, ready to grab it if the time was right. She was not easy cargo to haul, as her free hand kept hold of her gun, and she shot him numerous times in the side. Though he was not as strong as a vampire, the priest finally let go of her mouth and grabbed her gun hand, twisting it around until the appendage hung limp at her wrist, the bones being shattered.

But Integral would not give that sick bastard the pleasure of hearing her scream, no matter how terrible the pain or frightening the plot against her. She would be a soldier until the end.


A shiver passed through Alucard as he moved behind Harrison, for it was highly amusing to watch the priest search through the manor house for anything he could loot or study before it was time to leave with Anderson and the rest. But he now knew that Integral was in danger, for she was screaming mentally for him to come to her office, but instead of her typical annoyance or anger, the emotion that followed her cries was pure terror and pain.

Anderson must have somehow captured his master.

Harrison didn't even know what was happening as he felt a cold, hard grip tighten around his waist as he was spirited up to the office where Integral Hellsing stood with Anderson holding one hand around her waist and the other with his blessed blade against her throat.

"Ahh, vampire. You must have heard your sow squealing and decided to fly to the rescue." Anderson just smirked as he held the blade tight against her throat, threatening to move it deeper if Alucard came any closer.

Alucard just chuckled, pulling his Jackal from its holster and placed it against Harrison's temple, cocking the trigger almost playfully. "If you even split on hair of hers Judas…"

Walter and McCallister skidded to a halt just outside Integral's office doors, looking in at the horrific scene that was about to play out in front of them. The Catholic blessed himself reflexively as Walter stood dumbfounded, neither wanting to move, less they provoked the two adversaries in to harming their hostages.

Integral smirked quickly enough that her two employs would know what she was about to do before sobering and closing her eyes.

"Walter Ddollneazz, I want to praise you for the unwavering service that you have pledged to Hellsing during both my tenure in office and the tenure of Sir Hellsing before me, and I grant you your freedom from the bonds of Hellsing." Her gaze turned cold as she glared at the Retainer. "Get out of my home, you bloody bastard that was a convert to the faith!"

"Shut your mouth!" Anderson jerked his arm that was around her waist tighter, pressing his fingers in to her stomach painfully, the little Hellsing groaned despite herself at his torture, but Walter was already gone from the doorway with his hands in his pockets.

"Alucard, by my ancestor's promise, he stated that you would be free from the bonds of Hellsing when the time was right." She smirked, albeit another quick one before looking directly in to the vampire's eyes. "The seals are broken, and have been for some time now. You are free, vampire."

"I TOLD YOU TO BE QUIET!" Anderson screamed, pushing the blade a little tighter against her neck, loving that she hissed as she felt the sting of the polished metal before a trail of crimson dripped down her pale neck.

Alucard's eyes went wide upon the sight of his master's blood being shed by neither his hands nor her own. He would kill. It didn't matter who was destroyed now. Every Catholic in the area needed to die if any more harm came to Integral.

And maybe he should just start with the one in his arms. . . .

Alucard's laughter permeated the walls, causing Anderson to loosen his grip on the leader of Hellsing just slightly, though she did not move from her place in front of Anderson. "See you in Hell, Judas."

"ALUCARD! NO!" Integral's scream was cut short, for as the Jackal's bullet passed through Harrison's skull as Alucard bent to drain the blood from the priest, Anderson shoved the blade point first through Integral's neck, dropping her to the floor like an unwanted doll. In a flurry of scripture paper, Anderson was restocked with blades, and had called for McCallister to draw his Holy weapons as well so they could both finish the demon for destroying their brother in faith.

But as soon as he lunged at Alucard, Anderson found that his blade passed through Harrison's chest, the vampire having disappeared in to the shadows as was typical with his kind.

"Come on John. We've got to get home."


Walter sat at the bedside of his master, reading the daily news to Sir Integra as she lay bandaged in a hospital bed at one of the local facilities. Thanks to Walter's quick actions, the police and medical teams arrived at Hellsing Manor before Anderson and McCallister had even left the premises and were able to rush the injured soldiers as well as Integral to the hospitals nearby to treat the wounds received in the massacre by the priests.

Walter even insisted that they take Father Harrison to the hospital, for though he had suffered an injury that would most likely leave the fledgling regenerator with some sort of permanent mental injury, his body had already began to heal the wound from the bullet to his head and the blessed blade to his chest.

"It seems you received another letter of apology from the Vatican as well Sir Integra." Walter smiled as he finished the newspaper articles of interest and began thumbing through the pieces of mail brought from home. Tearing open the envelope along the edge, he pulled the crisp parchment from its enclosure, unfolding it carefully. "Yes, that is exactly what it is. They still wish to cover up this whole incident though, because the Archdiocese that both priests belong to doesn't need more scandal."

Integral just glared at Walter. She had been lucky to survive Anderson's attack at all, for the blade had just missed her jugular, hitting instead her esophagus and trachea. She could not eat nor could she speak now, and though the doctors were working hard to give her both of these back again, Walter had overheard the men and women sighing over the futility of the project.

"My feelings exactly Sir Integra." Walter smiled kindly at her. "I think we should press charges, and perhaps a lawsuit is in order against the Vatican."

The newly muted Integral smiled and winked, assuming Walter would understand her meaning, still unable to do much from the heavy painkillers the doctors were keeping her on constantly.

"Dear me, I don't know if we can get Maxwell involved in the scandal. Section Thirteen does not exist, just as Hellsing does not exist. You of all people should understand that…." Walter chuckled as he realized how she planned her revenge. "Oh. Right. Harrison, yes, he's still in the hospital, but I'm certain he'd accidentally tell the authorities how he received those implants."

Integral rolled her eyes. His plan was all right, but definitely not what she had in mind. If Alucard were here, he could translate her thoughts in to speech. Unfortunately, it was just after noon so Alucard would be asleep.

She had been upset with Alucard when he first came to her in the hospital, asking if she felt well enough to leave or if she needed anything he could get for her, because of the fact he disappeared and left her for dead. The vampire tried to explain that she would have been even more upset if he would have given her the blood, but rationality never did seem to set well with an irrational mind.

Oh well, Integral thought as she sighed, slipping down further on her hospital bed. Walter could talk to himself for all she cared right now, for she had finally received the upper hand for negotiations with the Catholics.


Alexander Anderson sat alone in the padded white cell of the prison mental facilities, tired, ragged, and incredibly bored. He had watched his comrade Father McCallister surrender to the police at Hellsing Manor, confessing to assisting with murders, and that he was incredibly sorry for all that occurred because of him, and Anderson was certain that it was for this reason alone that McCallister was already back in America, but being transferred to a new diocese somewhere in the Midwest.

Was this to be how Father Alexander Anderson would end? The priest mused over the thought for some time over the past week that he had been alone in the cell with no more than one guard to give him meals three times a day as his company. Surely, God had better plans for his humble servant, but the days passed and it appeared that more or less the Vatican had excommunicated him already for his misactions at Hellsing Manor.

Pulling a crystal rosary from hidden in his pocket, Anderson began to pray, turning the dainty beads in his fingers as he began his repentance. He had killed innocents in his quest to rid the world of its demonic plagues, and atonement and absolution could be all he could hope for before he died, for he would go to Hell with his bloodstained hands.

As the words of his prayers slipped mechanically from his lips, he wondered if Harrison was still alive. Alucard had not drained his blood, so there could be a chance that the priest was clinging to life somewhere, if he was not fully healed by this time.

Perhaps if he had waited for Pennington and Fitzpatrick to arrive the results would have been different. But would two more regenerators have really turned the odds against Hellsing? He could only wonder as he continued the prayers.

He didn't know if Miss Hellsing was dead or alive, though that would be one of the murders he would be accused of. The aim was not to kill her though, and Anderson was certain that he did not hit any vital arteries or veins where he stabbed her. Perhaps he should ask one of the guards when they delivered his meals.

And of course, Alucard was still undead. This was by far the most disturbing fact of the matter, for now no matter where he would go after prison, the vampire would hunt him wanting revenge for harming the woman he serves.

But Anderson just smirked. Death would be better than prison and excommunication, and while at prison, Anderson did not stand a chance of escape from his undead rival.

"Amen." Tossing his rosary against the wall, Anderson just smirked as the crystal beads shattered, scattering around the room. God did not exist anymore, if he existed at all. That was the only fact that Alexander Anderson knew to be absolutely true.